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Amber Laura Heard

Amber Laura Heard

Amber Heard is not very feminine, but she looks great in my opinion, especially when her hair is dyed black.  She is added to the attractive women section.

Model type: 


i really like the wrinkles under her eyes. gorgeous

I like her too...but you forgot to add that she is a lesbian...ooowww! Your changing...didn't expect that from you.
Also its interesting you noted that you like her better with dyed black hair. Do you have a preference for hair color? I like her better natural :)
Good choice!

Peter (the Indian one, na?), you're back! LOL! Hopefully Emily or any others doesn't ever join your reunion! Otherwise, this site will once again have to deal with bullshit comments and arguments which brings the site's credibility down. Actually, it was better when the Admin had closed down the comment section... Tsk, tsk, my view of the site was higher despite nude models being used. Before the opening of the comment section and the previous comments being seen by everyone, the site felt more academic than afterwards, after reading those comments it felt like a minor deviation from Stormfront and Majority Rights. :-/

Amber is pretty, admin. Good choice!

Jee na, main hi hoon na LOL

I am not really "back"...I just keep getting mail from this site for some reason...and decided to see what was going on. Also i missed Erik :P (Il est vraiment un garcon extraordinaire!)

Oh really! you thought i was making bullshit comments and arguments? ok...I'll behave.

Ah, so you're legit, LOL! I don't think you made bullshit comments and arguments, only Emily (and/or her various other names and/or true followers) did that. I agree with most of what you wrote, but I didn't like that you kept giving her "hawa," man. Posters like Emily are best left ignored, she seemed delusional, paranoid, dishonest and fully hateful. Arguing with her would be useless and just result in getting 20 more cherrypicked photos of Swedes from or along 5 more of the same cherrypicked photos of people who were probably weren't even Indian. Not to mention her parroting utter lies about our features (What was with her goddamn obsession with everyone's noses, Holy crap. Anyone with eyes and anyone with access to anthropological studies knows that Indians generally have much smaller and upturned noses than Swedes/Northern Europeans themselves, geez).

Peter: I have repeatedly told you that you need to stop commenting here. Your comments are unwelcome. Do not comment at this site, including under other pseudonyms. If you are getting mail from this site, then you have subscribed to the comments threads associated with one or more articles. You need to unsubscribe the next time you get an email from this site and repeat this for all threads you have subscribed to.

Its unfortunate that you have a set opinion of me and don't seem to be "forgiving". Don't understand what you have against me since i have been "behaving".
I only posted under Peter so i don't know what your talking about?
I subscribed to threads way back but only started getting e-mails this year so wanted to investigate but i will unsubscribe.
Nice to hear from you again :D

Hey can you put april scott i think she is feminine?

Could you look at this girl to and tell me if she is feminine and Sienna Guillory?I am trying to see if i am getting what is feminine or not.

nicegirl: The model you linked to in #9 is feminine. Sienna Guillory appears about average in so far as masculinity-femininity goes. Whereas Sienna looks feminine in some pictures, this would be the northern European element in her giving the impression, a case of pseudo-femininity, not true femininity.

Thankyou very much Erik:)

So i bet kate beckinsale is about the same as sienna guillory Right?

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