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Welcome to this site!  This is an educational site that aims to promote feminine beauty.  This site mainly focuses on the nature of feminine beauty, especially by contrasting it with masculinization in women, but women interested in making themselves more attractive will also find some useful information here.

Feminine beauty is underappreciated in contemporary Western culture.  This is easily observed in the looks of high-fashion models, i.e., women having the highest status among female models.  High-fashion models tend to possess multiple masculinized features and are typically skinny, thereby often approximating the looks of adolescent boys,(1, 2) and this negatively influences a number of women.  This site explains the reasons behind the typical looks of high-fashion models.  It also addresses the effects of sex hormones on facial features and the physique for a better understanding of the significance of feminine beauty.  It is hoped that the information provided reduces the use of skinny and masculinized women in advertising and elevates the status of feminine and attractive women.

Please read the FAQ for a better understanding of the goals of this site.

Other site-related information

This site is best viewed in a standards-compliant browser, i.e., avoid using Internet Explorer (especially version 6 or earlier) and older browsers in general.  This site is image-intensive, and is best browsed via a high-speed internet connection.

The pictures shown here often feature partial nudity, which should generally not be considered work-safe.  These images have been taken from miscellaneous internet sources, which are cited where possible.  The images are displayed under the fair use provision of Title 17 of the United States Code.

Site structure

The major sections of the website are linked to from the navigation bar on top and the navigation column at right.  This website has a few hundred pages, and it is not possible to prominently link to each page.  Hence, visitors should read around before judging, leaving comments or asking questions.

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