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Attractive women

Charlize Theron

Note: This part of the site is not work-safe.

This purpose of this section is to show examples of attractive women clearly distinct from high-fashion models, including top-ranked sexy high-fashion models.  Most of the women shown are feminine, and the non-feminine or somewhat masculinized women shown are typically much more feminine than most high-fashion models and usually have characteristics to compensate for the lack of femininity, such as fine facial features.

It is necessary to depict women in this section partially nude or scantily clad for a proper evaluation of body proportions and contours, obviously to educate rather than to titillate.

The names of the models should generally be assumed to be pseudonyms, and are provided for the convenience of those who may want to obtain more pictures of the models/see their uncensored pictures.

Many of the women in this section are nude models because the homosexual domination of the fashion business is so extensive that there are few alternatives presently; see detailed explanation on the FAQ page.  However, attractive women who are as good looking or better looking than the women shown within this section can submit their non-nude pictures for possible publication; see guidelines for picture submission.