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Sat, 06/09/2012 - 06:10 Argus Is it possible to objectively compare the attractiveness of women from different populations?


Anyway, Asian women get the dating scraps off our table and that's how it is. Deal with it.
The only conclusion one could make is that Nordic women should take pity more often on these men and that they should seek counselling and try to work out their problems with women instead of taking the easy way out and import someone who wants them primarily as a meal ticket.


I stumbled on this site while searching about feminism. Just want to comment on this one i read.

If you truly think all White men who go for Asian women are rejects then you should be happy as it's good riddance right? Why would you want to 'save' these 'weirdos'? Seems you still WANT them.

Truth is, you (as well other people) do know there's a growing trend of good catch White males leaving White women for Asian women for good reasons. You see more and more normal White males, good-looking young White males, educated intelligent White males, successful White males, good White males with Asian women. That's how IT IS. Deal with it.
Or maybe, try to compete AND win.

What you're doing is you're desperately trying hard to lie to yourself and others claiming ALL White men who go for Asian women are rejects for White women.

The pity is on White women, more and more White men are going after Asian women and being happy together. You will be left going for non-White men. Why don't White women wake up, take counselling as they are messed up. Many of the problems of men with women today are result of feminism. Yes there are many bad White men as a partner but there are many more bad White women as a partner. Most White women are not worth to be treated like a Lady because you're no longer a Lady. That's why a growing number of White men are rejecting you. You're now competing too with Latin women.

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 02:29 my name is... Part of a revamp of the attractive women section

If you really think about it, being objective and unbias, Asian women are superhumans compared to White women.

I can tell so much more but this will take a lot of postings again.

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 02:15 my name is... Part of a revamp of the attractive women section

In reality, being Blonde is not really a great thing if you're a woman with self-respect who wants to be perceived as an IDEAL WOMAN, NOT JUST EYE CANDY OR SEX OBJECT.

And it certainly not a superior trait. Read my posts about Truth about Blonde hair and Blue eyes. You surely think, even you deny it, that these are superior features, when in medical sense, these are actually disadvantaged genetic traits. The notion these are superior genetic traits is one of the greatest misconceptions ever in human history.

Even if it's true, White/Nordic women in the past have morals, very many have lost it. I doubt very many Asian women will follow that path, it's not in their nature and culture. Eastern women are the last good women on earth.

Don't even refer to Asian sex workers, that's old pathetic attempt to discredit Asian women. An ignorance about Eastern culture. (Foreigners have A LOT of ignorance and misconceptions about Asian people and cultures). Asian women, in general, have good values than Western women. That's well-known fact. Smarter too, that's another well-established fact. Actually, more hygienic and more organized women too. I can go on and on...

Quality men prefer Quality women.

Asian women are Better in school, talents, profession, household, bedroom than White women.
Asian women are the highest earner among races of women in America. Black women come second, White women and Latin women almost tied at third place.

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 02:08 my name is... Part of a revamp of the attractive women section

Chauvinist Asian men and
Racist chauvinist White men perceive Asian women as docile sex objects too.
However, it's a well-known fact Asian societies are changing, many modern Asian women are strong, sophisticated and self-respecting women.

Today, MANY Asian men and MANY men of different races/cultures perceive Asian women as Great women/humans- Sexy/Sultry/Sensual, Exotic, Classy with morals, Sophisticated, Mysterious, Smart, Sharp, Intriguing/Interesting, with many good human values. FACT.

Stereotypes? Maybe. Not totally. As plenty of Asian women are really like these.

In fact, among all races of women, it's the "beautiful" ASIAN WOMEN who ARE and are perceived as the Ideal Women, Mothers, Wives.

Many pretty Asian women are WHOLE PACKAGE. A pretty White/Nordic woman who is a WHOLE PACKAGE is a rarity. FACT.

Even Grace Kelly, probably the best blue-eyed blonde woman is not a whole package. In her bio it says she didn't get an entrance to a university as she failed the Math exam, something like that.

Continuation below...

Sat, 06/09/2012 - 01:40 my name is... Part of a revamp of the attractive women section

Just read comments by the blue-eyed blonde woman Emily.

Emily, you seem to be a proud human.

I have serious question for you. Being a Human being, what's your thoughts and feelings about "Blue-eyed Blonde" women being desired and idealized by men as merely or mostly "sex objects".

Blue eyed blonde women were never and never will be perceived as "Ideal Women" by most men around the world. In the past, women are seen as inferior to men- souless. In
this modern age Feminism in Western World, many women have become very liberal- morally loose shallow women you can hardly respect.

Blonde women usually are perceived as brainless, souless and morally loose shallow women you can hardly respect.

There's big difference between what men perceive as "Sex Objects" and "Ideal Women".

This maybe hurtful but we cannot deny this harsh reality.

Blue-eyed blonde women are desired and idealized for being or being perceived as:

Barbie dolls, Prissy Princessess, Sex kittens, Blonde bombshells, Dumb blondes, Dull and boring, Blonde bimbos, Easy sluts, Playboy bunnies, Queens of Porn, Shallow Airhead cheerleaders/prom queens, etc.

Beauty with no brains and character.

Stereotypes? Yes. But men have associated BLONDENESS with these images, unfortunately. It is also because too many blondes (natural and dyed blondes) DO portray these blonde images.
These women are content, happy and proud being perceived like these images of a woman.

Just compare the Idealized Blondes to Idealized Brunettes.

Brunettes are desired and idealized for being or being perceived as:

Sexy/Sultry/Sensual, Exotic, Classy, Sophisticated, Mysterious, Smart, Sharp, Intriguing/Interesting, etc.

Brunettes are much more respected and admired globally by different races/cultures. Being taken seriously. Perceived more as Ideal Women, Mothers, Wives. Brunettes come from different backgrounds too- East Asian, Southeast Asian, Indian, Latin, Arabs..

Continuation below...

Fri, 06/08/2012 - 13:58 Pure Whites Is it possible to objectively compare the attractiveness of women from different populations?

Emile said:

"Nordics stand better on their own and more often than not a mixing of genes actually destroy our looks,..."

I bet you find pure Asians to look like aliens, fish, or have down syndrome.
Other races to look repulsively ugly or weird too.

Seriously, pure White/Nordic women look like freaks of nature too they look like albino, vampire, monster, Neanderthal, cold corpse, ghost, sickly creature. Moreso when left with their natural state- no make up, no tans, and just their natural bad hair.

Fri, 06/08/2012 - 13:01 bursting the No... Is it possible to objectively compare the attractiveness of women from different populations?

"No, Asian's do not improve the looks of whites. Rarely a racially mixed Asian/Caucasian will look attractive, but not usually. There is bookworm again, who has an Asian fetish, as well as ghfghfghf/Violet Corpus. The Swedish girl is accused of being a Nordic fetishist, but I think that Asian fetishism is far more rampant."

Another ignoramus Eurocentric as if he knows what he's talking about. (just like Emily lol)

Really? How many Eurasians have you seen?
To settle this.

Check out a lot of mixed celebrities in the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam. Also, Russians, Eastern Europeans with Mongoloid admixtures.

The women are convincingly more feminine, gracile, fine featured, attractive, lovely, unique looking than any White woman/Nordic woman- Face/Body/Manners.

The Nordics that look feminine are closer to the features of these women because they have Mongol ancestry.

Fri, 06/08/2012 - 12:46 Sorry to burst ... Is it possible to objectively compare the attractiveness of women from different populations?

Where's Emily?

Emily said:

"There are beautiful women in all ethnic groups, but genereally speaking most of them will need white/Nordic blood in order to become even more appealing, whereas the white, Nordic woman does not need to be mixed with other ethnic groups or races. She is often more beautiful in pure form. That is the difference, and it has angered other women throughout history, who feel they don't measure up to the ideal that men prefer."

You're Ignoramus.
Pure Nordic women features are pasty pale, thin hair fiber, thin lips, prominent browridge/sunken eyes, high nose bridge, light eyebrows/eyelashes, bony facial and body structures, flat ass, no hips.
Close to albino.

The "Nordics" that do not possess this typical Nordic features are mixed with Mongoloid or other ethnics.

Typical Nordics possess too many flaws. Most men find some color more sensual on women too.

The "Nordic Idealism" you were referring was founded on White racial superiority propaganda throughout history.

That's why in Today's time, across cultures, a lot of non-Nordic features are coveted by women including Nordic women and desired by men.

Thu, 06/07/2012 - 19:15 Roy The transsexual parade otherwise known as the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show: part 1

First of all this is a very biased article, fashion designers tend to pick models with somewhat androgynous features, why? because it is much easier to make them look somewhat manly or give them a really feminine look, which comes in extremely handy when modeling certain things, a high fashion model should be able to portray numerous looks not just girly
And regarding how she has wider shoulders, from my point of view this helps to give them a more defined waist, aside you saying the other models have no cellulite is a big lie, i can tell right away they have excessive makeup + photoshoping
I will also like to point out that if you look at all the victoria's secret models you will see the huge diversity they have, some are somewhat manly looking, but there are also some that are extremely feminine, such as candice, miranda, and adriana, and sure even thou most men will prefer a voluptuous hourglass body in a women, women themselves want a toned slim body, and lets not forget women are the ones who buy this lingerie products not necessarily men, aside they want to motivate women to buy their products not to let them know they are not voluptuous enough to fill in the cups
One more thing i dare you to do is to get a pic of just their faces without make up then will see which one is the prettiest one

Thu, 06/07/2012 - 03:35 will Satoshi Kanazawa on the physical attractiveness of blacks

Looks like political correctness ruled the day no objectivity.

Mon, 06/04/2012 - 13:14 Staci A clarification on the minutiae of physical attractiveness

The World Map of Breasts compares breast sizes in each of the world’s countries. The study, also known as the Atlas of Cup Sizes, concludes that women in the northern European countries of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia average the largest bosoms. According to the data the average woman in these Scandinavian and eastern Slavic countries has larger than D cup sized breasts. However Erik Holland said that Northern European women tend to be smaller breasted than Southern European women!this is contradictory!

The U.S. was not much further behind with American women averaging in the D cup range. Women in parts of Asia, Africa, and Central/ South America reportedly average the smallest A cup sized breasts.
It is unclear how the survey was conducted and itself questions the data’s validity. One would think that the data would vary greatly from region to region in large countries like the United States or Russia. Also, it is unclear how breast reduction or enhancement are calculated in the data. The map is below.


Mon, 06/04/2012 - 09:24 EMM Satoshi Kanazawa on the physical attractiveness of blacks

... This post seems okay, in general. Only a few points:

First, you seem to imply that there is an objective criteria for beauty and going off on this, your implication is that blacks are objectively less attractive. This is despite the fact the study was about the "perception" of attractiveness (which is really all you can measure), which is an entirely different thing. Despite the reams you have written, it will not change that fact.

Now, perception. This can easily be explained by one factor, familiarity. You mention that in Rome the northern women were known for their beauty. But how different *really* are (what i assume to be) anglo saxon women compared to their roman counter parts? For one, they broadly share the same skin colour, which is the most visually arresting factor. That is the most significant similarity when making comparisons of this nature. They also share virtually the same face structure. In fact they are close in looks that a woman who is considered beautiful in one culture has a high chance of being considered the same in the other. They share so many features that their aesthetic standards mesh.

Familiarity. How close was the contact between the two cultures? The Romans were well aware of Anglo Saxons, even conquering Gaul later on. Germanic tribes who lived alongside the Romans also shared the similar if not the same features (to anglo saxons). Essentially, the Romans had assimilated these two cultures. The same way that more people would rate african american women as beautiful now than they would've done at the beginning of slavery, over time assimilation broadens
perceptions of beauty.

What i would like to know is not if they considered northern european women beautiful, but how the Romans rated northern european women in comparison to *Roman* women. I can almost guarantee that they preferred Roman women. Or how they perceived women from the far east, who more significantly differ in appearance.

It is no great insight to see that caucasians (or anyone really, at least before colonialism) have always preferred cultures who look like them. In Rwanda they used the Tutsi's as house slaves because they were lighter and had more caucasian facial features for example.

Now, how does all this affect the perception of african women? How about this, if we made a spectrum comprising of the different appearances that one finds, one would place the sub saharan african at one extreme, far away from whites, yellows and browns respectively. I.e. black people look significantly different. I am certain that if you were to make a list of the countries an American for instance finds attractive, you can roughly predict the order by how closely the country matches the inhabitants of the ranker's country. No doubt scandinavian countries would feature highly the reasoning being "they look like us, but with even more caucasian feature!". Dark indians (even those with european features) will be ranked lower, so will arabs and persians, depending on how light/dark or caucasian they look. And so on.

This difference is without doubt the significant exhibited by any of the "races". So unlike northern europeans and Romans, there is a genuine difference in appearance. Add the facts of slavery and colonialism, the relative backwardness of africans especially when europeans first conquered the continent, that human condition where one is always biased towards one's features and the perception of blacks can easily be explained.

(And i get it. I hate the PC brigade. I think the article and all articles like it should be published. I have zero problems with hearing the most races consider blacks to be the least attractive. Trust me, i already *know*. It is not a big deal either. It is maddening when studies about race/gender/sexuality are subject to the PC brigade. My only quarrel with you is that you try to imply that it can somehow be scientifically said that blacks are less attractive when in reality such a thing can never even be measured objectively. But by all means, they're perceived as the least attractive)

Sun, 06/03/2012 - 07:05 Milos Masculinized women among Miss USA 2007 contestants

Since 1996 Hooters has held Miss Hooters International Swimsuit Pageant, a competition of Hooters Girls from around the world; Hooters does not have an official maximum weight or size limit, however the average is bra size is a 36C and most of them have breast implants. Anyway there is great variation among the physical features of the contestants, different waist-hip ratio, different bust size, and different facial typologies. I've seen some very gorgeous faces but others contestants don't have a very feminine face, maybe in this kind of competition it is more important have a sexy body that high facial beauty. In my opinion many of the models have a stunning body.

I would like if Erik could give some pointers about this pageant. We can see some contestants in the photographic examples:


Sat, 06/02/2012 - 00:26 bendaria The face of a Neanderthal woman

I live in europe and never have seen a white women look closely to the feminine women on this site. even among the dutch or german. most of them (only the women) are just as big or fat as the american women, robust brow ridge, uneven eyes and big nose especially the mediterranean women. the only feminine-looking white european are white european from slavic origins and some scandinavian with saami blood. for example, latvian lithinian, estonian etc.
I know many of the glamour models from this site are either northern scandinavian or russian women. technically those have some asiatic blood so they have up-turned nose, weak jaw and high cheekbones - I have never seen women with such a look in western europe that much. the ones who look like women on this site are always say they come from poland or russia or scandinavian women who have finn origin. by the way I got a lot of friends who are 100 percent western european like dutch, german or british and they are all can tell the difference between their people and the slav or baltic people and they don't find those women to be attractive at dutch girl I know is almost tall 187 cm. she tried to act and look like angelina joli. she would get angry if the foreigner like me mistaken those girls ( baltic girls) in netherlands as dutch people. she finds them unattractive and look stupid eventhough they can speak fluent dutch. she said she can tell the difference. the baltic and scandinavian women have smaller child like upturn nose and boarder face. the western european women have long big nosril, boney small face, and more masculine in shape which she finds it is attractive and those traits to her are a symbols of what white women should have.

Thu, 05/31/2012 - 12:48 Fran Aesthetic surgery of women’s genitals: reduction of large labia minora

I agree only with medical reasons for labiaplasty because of constant irritation in tight pants and discomfort when engaging in sports or other physical activities. In many of these instances, women are born with large labia—others may develop this condition with childbirth or age. Surgery of the labia represents a relatively safe solution to most medical reasons. I can understand why for some women with overdeveloped winged labia can be a curse than a blessing. Their lips get pinched in tight pants or get squeezed when riding a bicycle. They slip out of their undies at the worst moments or make an "embarrassing" bump in a bikini.

And why are there an ideal size for the labia minora and majora. They worry that their partner isn't happy with the length of their pussy lips, or that their lips might be either too large or too small to be esthetically pleasing.

But I do not agree with aesthetic reasons. Is there such a thing as the ideal labia size? While some men and lesbians may prefer inner labia that stick out past the outer ones, trying to describe the "ideal" dimensions of the vulva would be a wasted effort.

Some vulvas with smaller inner lips can still be very pretty to many men. Others men prefer a meaty vulva with thick and round outer lips and a fleshy and protruding clit is surely exciting. Large inner lips would simply be a great bonus in such case.

Even the vulvas with large inner labia vary in size and shape from woman to woman. Sometimes the inners are longer towards the front than towards the back, or vice versa. Some are round when spread open while others are pointy. With so many men liking so many different vulva styles, it is impossible to decide upon an "ideal" labia size or shape.

Size preferences can also vary for the same person depending on his or her age. Younger and less experienced men tend to care much less about labia size and may have no preference at all. As they grow a little older and get more experience, it seems that quite often they acquire a taste for larger and more sexually developed labia. For most of them large lips mean nothing more than a welcome novelty, although for others their love for large vulvas may evolve into a true labia fetish.

I think that smaller inner lips can remember to child vagina, so maybe most of men would prefer a slightly meaty vulva to display more sexual maturity.

Thu, 05/31/2012 - 12:12 Fran Why is physical attractiveness more important for women?

I think that female mate value is actually less dependent on physical beauty compared to male mate value. At a quick glance all we can see as women are choosier than men, specially younger girls.

In a research of Leonard Lee, George Loewenste and Dan Ariel in Journal Psychological, they found science alogistic regression model was run with members’ decision on whether or not to accept another member’s meeting request as dependent variable and a bunch of predictor variables. Results showed that males were much more likely to accept a dating request implying men are less selective than women. Further in probability terms, males were 240% more likely to say “yes” to potential female dates, than females were to say “yes” to male dates.

In a series of recent studies, researchers investigated the matching hypothesis with actual online daters (Taylor, Fiore, Mendelsohn, & Cheshire, 2011) Cheshire also found that women:

-with higher beauty tended to communicate with more attractive men on the site, with popular men who received high levels of inbound communication.This women are less apt to be responsive in general.

-with low beauty prefer contact and be contacted by handsome men but they are able to accepted to communicate with men in their league behaviour and never lower of their league.

-all women are focused mainly in highly attractive men on the site, irrespective of their own attractive.

However they found that men communicated with beautiful and uglies women irrespective of their own attractive. Researchers found when initiating contact, men and women both contacted people who were more physically attractive than themselves.

Women high in beauty were found to communicate more with men who were also more socially attractive (measured by more initial contacts on the site); women lower in beauty were more likely to communicate with those who had who have an similar level of physically attractive. This pattern did not apply for men.

Tue, 05/29/2012 - 14:36 A Pakistani Male The transsexual parade otherwise known as the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show: part 6

I agree with all Eric is trying to prove..
I tell you why because the self/body overly conscious media has made a 13 year old kid today is totally unjust, forgetting the real values of life our teens are wasting their energies... Every person has its own ***worth*** (like there is no one else) and comparing or judging on that, whether its facial/bodily beauty, intelligence, health, finances, family backgrounds, ethnicity etc is causing distress and wrong expectations in the hearts of innocent people.. to every man there is woman and to every woman there is a man who can fulfill his/her desires. It is only untrue if we are too much stuck into media/false glamour/attraction values causing an adverse effect where by every man starts seeking for a barbie doll or every woman wants a superman .. LOL i cant find better words.
Now say we regret why our planet is so small and vulnerable in this universe? why my car/house is smaller than yours? why my father left so and so not that much as compared to your father setting up for you a new business altogether? Universe is all about diversity, where there is even a rule of big fish eats smaller and dies later of food poisoning :) (big fish also meets its fate one day). SO! like wise.. if you start comparing which females looks better and why you will definitely see the differences there.. hell yes I say Adriana has a specialty face...good for her and type of business she is into, but I will want my choice of partner to be something different, it might be closer to what Eric has depicted as more feminine etc well..
So please stop comparing yourselves as believe me there is no one like you, you are unique and one of your kind, equally important as Adriana or any one else. :) but if you start comparing in that dumb way then all those differences might not provide you anything useful and also waste a lot of your valuable time (which you can spend to cherish your most beautiful in the world partner) and stop looking at those distractions in magazines and all.. they are unreal and make your life hard.. a burden without any cause...

Mon, 05/28/2012 - 13:34 Kathy Kestner The face of a Neanderthal woman

The laugh is on you. In April this year it was proven that all European and Asian and South Pacific/Australian gene pools have Neanderthal DNA. Only the African gene pool does not. Now that's a reversal for you

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 12:47 inspiring What are the requirements for becoming a top-ranked fashion model or supermodel?

ok, sleeping with your agency, and selling your soul?!!?!
and getting breast implents! thats just a lie! maybe some do but
im sure u dont need to!

Sun, 05/27/2012 - 04:53 Visitor Gisele Bundchen slams skinny fashion models

Can I just say that in the beginning before she was even a model, so many people turned her down. they told her that her face had too many curves, and was too manly, and that she'd never make it as a top model and that she should just quit. She persevered so hardcore and forced people to see her beauty (albeit not feminine) and this is when they started using her. I guess you could say she metaphorically cast a spell on people. However, the use of very tranny looking models is quite common in high fashion. As a woman, this pisses me off. It's like women don't realize they're being pushed off the face of the planet! Even what is supposed to be "female" beauty is becoming masculine/female as the ideal woman. WTF women. Be offended, seriously. There is nothing wrong with being feminine and being powerful and successful at the same time. We are so being brainwashed. Lord knows I was. thank you for creating this site to at least try and inform people.

Tue, 05/22/2012 - 15:16 Visitor Nasion placement and attractiveness

Hi, This woman in the picture has beautiful nose. Her name is nikki case, check her out on peachyforum.

Mon, 05/21/2012 - 14:58 Truth Seeker Ekaterina Joukova: Why do modeling agencies not book me?


If you are reading this - and I believe that once in a while you come over here to see what's being said - then please, disregard Emily's attacks on your appearance. She's a Swedish chauvinist, meaning she belittles other ethnicities for no reason other than said ethnicities not being Nordic. As a nationalist, I find her attacks on the diverse white ethnicities disgusting.

You didn't have to attack Swedes, though, as having “pig noses”, because just like Swedes, many Russians also have small, upturned noses. You must keep in mind that no woman is going to be 100% on all counts. That girl with the “perfect nose” may have a flat backside, a masculine jaw, wide shoulders, etc.

You also attacked people with supposedly big teeth when you left an image and made an expression of disgust, I think it was “ew”. Those teeth are what most people have in their mouths! Small teeth are pretty, but those teeth you posted are also pretty - and the most common.

Emily was able to make you have an outburst, in which you attacked an entire group. “Pig-nosed Swedes”, which is patently untrue; and “ugly big teeth”, which are neither big nor ugly. I didn't expect that from you, it was low.

The Swedish girl Emily is obviously a nationalist who's sad that her people are going to disappear in the next century due to the massive colonization of Sweden by non-whites. Your native country, Russia, is a tough one. Russians are strongly nationalist and in the coming economic crash and peak oil - which will transform society as we know it to a more primitive [i.e. less complex] form - they will be on advantage to avert the very real possibility of racial demise, namely the invasion of Slavic territories by Central Asians and people from Caucasus. The solution, as you may guess, is to kick the parasitic races incapable of living among their own back to their racial homes. Russians have a long experience in dealing with such details.

Usually, when whites immigrate, they immigrate to live among other whites, in white countries. Non-whites on the other hand like to force themselves upon us, which is reminiscent of parasitic behavior.

Whites, who made up about 30% of the world population a century ago, today makes about 9% and is going to be a race of the past soon if whites' living space is not secured.

We are likely to see Germany, NATO's major force in Europe, shifting away from American domain and teaming up with Russia, because of Germany's interest on Russian energy, and Russia's interest on German industriousness. If Russia goes nationalist, changes could occur rapidly in the European scenario. One thing is certain: collaborators (either by breeding with the enemy or aiding their invasion) in this giant genocidal scheme are going to pay dearly for their crimes. The byproduct of racial treason, namely mongrels, along with non-whites, will have to find somewhere else to live, possibly South America or Africa.

As Western societies will be lagged behind with the petty, backwards concept of white racial genocide, Russia, as a progressive country, will likely implement something similar to the Charter of Racial Rights, proposed by Richard McCulloch:

Back to your nose, Emily is wrong as to what constitutes a hooked nose. Your nose is not hooked at all, this is a hooked nose:

Your nose is the feminine version of SWEDISH illustrator John Bauer:

Emily will of course call it a bump instead of a hooked nose as she does to yours. Bauer being Swedish makes all the difference for her, silly Emily.

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 22:37 Sara Fashion models with and without make-up

I agree with most of your comment, but feminine looking women do not look all the same. Isn't it like saying that women with skinny bodies and bony facial structures also do, which destroys your whole theory? And how exactly are skinny women and manly looking women more classy? For higher tastes, because they are different? A woman's worth is judged by her behaviour, stop acting so superior. You're not, at the end od the day doctors, lawyers, singers, teachers, engineers and architects, people with real jobs are still feminine looking and incredibly more classy than half of the models who do nothing for society but strip when asked and snort coke. At the end of the day even if I have curves and I fave full lip, big eyes and a less prominent nose I still study, and a virgin. Pretty women are not trashy, you just sound incredibly jealous.

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 21:28 nicegirl Satoshi Kanazawa on the physical attractiveness of blacks

I would also like to ask is Ashley Judd Feminine?I know that she is kinda crazy about the whole femininst thing and that you may not like her for this.On the other hand besides her brow bone area she seems to me to be feminine.I only ask this because i watched her in that Eye of the beholder movie the other day and i thought maybe she is.

Sat, 05/19/2012 - 17:08 Kathryn Leg-length to height ratio and attractiveness

I absolutely agree with your comments. Women don't actually possess proportionately longer legs than their male counterparts, when going strictly by inseam. However, if leg length is based on their measurement from heel to hip or waist, women often are proportionately longer than men. My conclusion is that "attractiveness" (which is very generalized and often skewed by media) is realistically based more upon the length of the leg up to the waist. This would make more sense because a woman with a longer crotch-to-waist length would appear to possess more room to bear children, which strictly from a biological standpoint, would be seen as a good thing by men.
I too have noticed that men tend to have longer eyelashes, yet lashes are considered a feminine trait. Very bizarre. I think centuries of mascara use (or similar techniques) to try to make eyes appear larger accounts for that perception. Men typically like women with long necks although I think in reality the preference is for slender necks, because when a neck is thinner, it looks longer. Men most likely appear to have shorter necks because of the increased thickness they possess.
In many regards, it's not just biological or primitive perception that attracts one to another. Many women possess so-called emasculated traits but are considered attractive, and the same goes for men carrying more feminine traits. For the most part I think it's a matter of personal preference and balance. Too many masculine traits on a woman could take away from her attractiveness, but having a few masculine features can add interest or strength to an otherwise average face and make the person unique, either in a good or a bad way...but then again, it's all based on perception.