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04. The cheekbones of high-fashion models

The cheekbones of high-fashion models are often not feminine-looking.  They are disproportionately robust and usually placed high on the face, both of which are consistent with above average masculinization.

It appears that many people are not clear about what are high cheekbones.  High cheekbones refer to cheekbones that are placed high on the face, not cheekbones that are more sideways protruding.

The robust cheekbones of many high-fashion models (left column below) sharply contrast with the more population-typical regressed cheekbones of a number of glamour models (right column below) that have not been selected for being feminine; the galmour models range from feminine to slightly masculinized.  The sampling below is biased to exaggerate the differences between the two groups for clarification purposes, but the directionality of the differences -- namely flared, higher and more robust cheekbones among high-fashion models, on average -- reflects reality.

The high and robust cheekbones often seen among high-fashion models contrasted with more regressed and lower cheekbones.