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5 resolutions to transform the fashion and beauty industries

5resolutions.blogspot is the blogging location for the insidebeauty site, created by fashion model Magali Amadei and writer Claire Mysko.

These authors offer 5 resolutions to transform the fashion and beauty industries:

1. Educate our audience

We recognize that our industry sets trends and influences millions. We take that power seriously. We will celebrate the true spirit of fashion and beauty with healthy messages and images. We are aware that girls are especially vulnerable to the idealization of thinness and the drive for perfection, and that it is critically important to set positive examples for future generations.

2. Educate ourselves

It is imperative that we learn from tragedies like the recent death of Brazilian model Ana Carolina Reston, who succumbed to anorexia. We will align ourselves with trusted experts to ensure that all members of our industry are prepared to recognize the signs and symptoms of eating disordered behavior.

3. Take responsibility

We are deeply troubled that eating disorders and poor body image have reached epidemic proportions around the world. While we acknowledge that these are complex issues with no single cause, we will do our part to respond proactively because we know that some sufferers are young models and many others are our consumers.

4. Take action

We understand that eating problems do not always appear in the form of skin and bones, and that every sufferer should receive support and referrals. We will reach out to those in need. We will also participate in the creation of ongoing industry-wide programs, events, and awareness-raising campaigns rooted in honesty and compassion.

5. Stay connected

We believe the best way to bring about change is to bring the most passionate, open-minded, and creative people together. Therefore, we will form a network of professionals dedicated to holding the fashion and beauty industries to the highest standards of integrity and social responsibility.

Amadei and Mysko shouldn’t kid themselves that these 5 resolutions will work.  A disease is not cured by ignoring the cause.

I will offer my own 5 resolutions to tackle the negative influence of the fashion industry:

1. Educate our audience

 about the gay/sodomite influence.

2. Educate ourselves

...about the nature of anorexia.

3. Take Responsibility Assign responsibility

Stop wasting time blaming the media.  There are people behind the media.  Hit the bull’s eye: pin the blame on the homosexuals in the fashion business. 

4. Take action

Force the homosexuals, via legislation, to prove that their skinny models are healthy and not dieting.  Don’t waste time with awareness-raising campaigns targeting fashion industry professionals.  The homosexuals know fully well why they select skinny models...if the models weren’t skinny and masculine teenage girls, they wouldn’t come close to looking like boys in their early adolescence.

One should also preferably avoid banning skinny models.  Some girls/women are naturally skinny.  Why should they be denied an opportunity to model if there is a demand for them among industry professionals?

5. Stay connected Bring together people with...

...passion, open-mindedeness, knowledge and the guts to say the truth.  This team can do better than try to hold the fashion and beauty industries accountable: help set up an alternative fashion industry and give the homosexuals some competition.



You're terrible. I almost think this blog is a joke.

First there's the blatant homophobia, "sodomite influence," that's just stupid. You, like a lot of people who fear the scary men that love men, seem to believe that what they're all really into is little boys.

You should really look at some gay porn. the ideal is more along the lines of rippling muscles and huge dicks. Sure there is a market for twinks but there's also a market for bears.

Also, these scientific ideals you like to talk about? They're very instinctive, gay men would be as aware as anyone that a woman has a classically desirable body.

I'd say if gay men do choose which fashion models become successful they choose them less on the lines of who they're closest to having some depraved, pedophilic urge towards and more along the lines of who makes the damn clothes look good.

Your vaguely creepy obsession with tiny upper bodies and general attitude towards women doesn't really bear writing about.

Martha: I am not scared of men who love men; I just don’t find their sexual behaviors palatable. What homophobia have you encountered? Facts cannot be homophobic. I have never stated that “they're all really into” little boys. Sexual interest in underage children just happens to be much more common among homosexuals and bisexuals than heterosexuals, and a preference for adolescents isn't pedophilia.

Gay porn would be a poor source for judging the age preferences of homosexual men since under-18 males cannot legally participate in it.

If gay men choose models to make them look good in clothes, the general public certainly disagrees, i.e., the homosexuals aim to please themselves rather the general public.

What do you mean by my general attitude toward women? How can you infer it from this site?

Erik wrote: "Sexual interest in underage children just happens to be much more common among homosexuals and bisexuals than heterosexuals".

Where's your reference for this?

> Where’s your reference for this?

Why bother?

- Homos = Sexual Proletarians
- Kids = Age Proletarians

And under-Dog doesn't eat under-Dog

Therefore -> The references MUST BE homophobic (counterrevolutionary)

It Follows By Definition

Therefore -> Why bother giving references?

Ashley: Here is the reference for sexual interest in children being much more common among homosexuals and bisexuals. I will come up with a better reference in the future.

To Martha your comments are biased and uncalled for, you need to address the arguments in a rational detached way and come up with counter arguments, refute facts with facts, not attack the writer just because you don't agree with his findings. He is NOT homophobic, just because not everything he says is PC doesn't make him so- nor does it make what he says untrue. Coming here and calling him names just reflects poorly on you and doesn't prove anything YOU are saying is true.

He is NOT attacking people who happen to be gay; he IS saying that gay DESIGNERS who domnate the FASHION INDUSTRY are RESPONSIBLE for choosing moelds who are unhealthiy skinny and sometimes anorexic because they find the adolescent boy look appealing. What he says makes sense and is logical -even if it's not PC- because not only does he back it up with research, but also online there are models and insiders from the industry who back up what he's saying. And they have no reason to lie.

You should either read things from a scientific standpoint without attacking just because it's not politically correct or not bother commenting. Coming here attacking the writer and/ or ppl whose viewpoint you don't like rather than discussing the matter rationally without getting 'het up' just makes you look lame.

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