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Helen Mirren says that the tail wags the dog

Who, according to Helen Mirren, is to blame for pushing teenagers into eating disorders and an obsession with wearing size zero clothing?


I blame my own sex vehemently on this. It is women who run the magazines and women who editorialise and women who make the decisions. I think it is completely iniquitous to have incredibly skinny girls on the runway. A lot of the girls are horrifically thin and of course they have a problem. Mostly the fashion industry chooses to turn a blind eye.


I don’t think Helen Mirren is trying to mislead others and genuinely believes that the female editors of fashion magazines are to blame.  She sorely needs an education.

Ms. Mirren was shocked when she took her slim, flat-bellied, normal and over 6-feet-tall 17-year-old niece, Natalie Fitzgerald, to fashion modeling agencies.  All of them said that she needed to lose weight.  And, Ms. Mirren still didn’t get a clue!