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The strange death of Ruslana Korshunova: likely murder by an organized crime group

Ruslana Korshunova

When I heard that a fashion model fell to her death in New York City, apparently committing suicide, the first thing that came to my mind was murder even though I didn’t know who this model was and the exact circumstances of her death.  This is a reasonable a priori assumption.  After all, New York City, one of the headquarters for organized international crime, has a very large number of criminal lowlife.  After reading about how Ruslana Korshunova died, I’d bet she was murdered.

Ruslana Korshunova’s friends did not report her as suicidal before her death; she was fine/normal

(source 1)

“She’s one of the sweetest, nicest people you’ll ever meet,” said a friend, who did not want to be identified by name. “I’m still in shock. The world lost a great person.”

The lithe looker has been a mainstay at Fashion Week in the Big Apple and London, working with all-star designers Jill Stuart, Betsey Johnson, Rosa Cha, Lela Rose and Libertine. The pal said that Korshunova had just returned from a modeling gig in Paris and seemed to be “on top of the world.”

“There were no signs,” he said. “That’s what’s driving me crazy. I don’t see one reason why she would do that.” Korshunova, who had been sending money back to her parents in Kazakhstan, was in love with the city. “She really liked New York,” said the friend. “People made her feel comfortable here.”

(source 2)

A former boyfriend, Artem Perchenok, 24, told the New York Post he had dropped Korshunova off at her apartment in the early hours of Saturday morning after they had watched the Demi Moore film Ghost together. “She was a good person,” he added, simply. A doorman in the building confirmed seeing her return and said that there was nothing to suggest she was unhappy.

A friend, Kira Titeneva, rushed to her apartment late on Saturday, still unable to grasp the tragedy. “We were talking on the phone last night,” she said. “She loved life so much. She was an angel.” A friend from the city in Kazakhstan where they grew up, she added that Korshunova “wasn’t wild. She was never on drugs or anything.”

The second source, being part of the mainstream media, came up with the following lame reasons for a suicide motive.

But there were signs on her blog. Not everything in her life apparently made sense to her. Her entries were alternately in Russian and English. Some seemed optimistic, while others were bleak. “Life is short, Break the rules, Forgive quickly, Kiss slowly, Love truly, Laugh uncontrollably,” she offered in a short poem. “And never regret anything that made you smile.” But in January she made this tormented entry: “It hurts, as if someone took a part of me, tore it out, mercilessly stomped all over and threw it out. My dream is to fly. Oh, my rainbow, it is too high.”

Korshunova belonged to the internet generation for whom social networking sites such as Facebook and MySpace can substitute for clubs, confessionals and therapist chairs. “I am so lost. Will I ever find myself?” she wrote on one site three months ago. “I’m a bitch. I’m a witch. I don’t care what you say.”

We also get the following, from a single individual, and spread by the mainstream media.

Vladislav Novgorodtsev, Korshunova’s life coach, described the young model as heartbroken, lonely, and homesick. According to statements made to the media by Novgorodtsev, Korshunova revealed to him that she was suicidal in the past, having tried to kill herself using various methods at least five times before, beginning when she was 15 years old. In January and February of 2008, she visited the Roza Mira Training Center in Moscow. Novgorodtsev revealed that the model had once confessed to him she was in love with a young man from Moscow, but that nothing could come from the relationship because he was married. Further, Korshunova was also having financial troubles and was asking friends for $400 ten days before jumping to her death. Most of the money Korshunova earned, which was reportedly modest despite being an in-demand model, she sent back home to her mother. There was “no one who was really dear to her, except for her mother,” the New York Daily News quoted Novgorodtsev, as saying.

The criminal/stupid police investigators have quickly pronounced Ruslana’s death as suicide whereas one should start with investigating Vladislav Novgorodtsev and his associates.  A woman who really cared about her mother and likely had a mother who doted her successful daughter would commit suicide?

If Ruslana Korshunova committed suicide then she did so in an odd manner

Women usually attempt to kill themselves in not so violet ways such as overdosing on pills or cutting a vein, but Ruslana jumped off a high rise building.  Note that Novgorodtsev claimed that Ruslana attempted suicide at least five times previously.  Why did she not select a similar non-violent way to kill herself?

If Ruslana Korshunova committed suicide then she chose an odd time

Why didn’t she wait for night?  Why jump to one’s death in broad daylight?  The mafia/organized crime groups commit brazen murders in broad daylight to send the message that they will kill their opponents anywhere, anytime, and the police wouldn’t get them.  For instance, Sweden’s about-to-be Prime Minister, Anna Lindh, was stabbed to death by a professional assassin, which is easily inferred from the way her internal organs had been cut up, in a mall with other people around and CCTV (closed-circuit television) units all over the place, but we don’t have a video and the investigation went nowhere.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Ruslana had decided to expose some high-profile sexual perversity that she had come across or was forced to participate in, and talked about it to friends, thus sealing her fate.  Ruslana didn’t have the looks of a typical high-fashion model as seen above and in this picture of her physique.  She was only about 5-foot-8.  With her looks, she would surely have attracted a large number of wealthy men, and it is a reasonable suspicion that her death was sex-related.

Anyway, high-profile call girls or others who plan on exposing sexual deviants, pimps/procurers and their rich and powerful clients had better heed the following or they will get the Deborah Jeane Palfrey treatment.

Tips for call girls who plan on exposing high-profile sex traffickers and their clients

Take these seriously.

Do not threaten an exposé or tell anyone that you are planning an exposé

…or you will soon be found dead of an accident or suicide.

Collect evidence

Collect evidence such as pictures or videos, as discreetly as possible.  Your pimp already does this because the pictures will come in handy if the crime network needs to blackmail the client.  Collect the relevant body fluids of the clients and store them in sterile vials in your freezer or any convenient place.  Obtaining the body fluids is an easy job.  After the client ejaculates inside of you, head to the restroom, scoop out the fluid (doesn’t matter that it is mixed in with yours) and store it in a small container.  If the client insists on a condom, you can obtain his seminal fluid via fellatio since most would not insist on wearing a condom during fellatio.  The seminal fluid of the clients can be DNA analyzed.

Get access to a new computer

You will need to do some computer work.  You will either need a new computer or do the work in a café/store where you can rent computers.  Don’t even think about doing this work on the computer you already have at home because your bosses have put a keylogger in it to record your activity and passwords.  All you need is a cheap laptop, and since you are a call girl, you can easily buy a $500 laptop, and pay for it with cash.

Get a new bank account

Go to a credit union (preferably) or bank with a few hundred dollars in cash to set up an account and get a debit card with a visa/mastercard logo (these can be used as if they are credit cards).

Sign up for a VPS (Virtual Private Server)

Using your new debit card, sign up for a VPS.  A VPS is used by people to run websites, and you are mainly doing this to get SSH (Secure Shell Access), which comes with a VPS.  Buy the cheapest VPS package you can get.  An example is the base package offered by swvps (less than $10 per month; month to month contract).  It is also possible to obtain free Shell access.

SSH establishes a secure channel between two computers that others cannot eavesdrop on.

Learn to use Psftp and Plink

Psftp and Plink are Putty-related tools (all open source).  Putty is an SSH client.  You will use Psftp for secure uploads to your VPS, i.e., prevent others from eavesdropping on what you are uploading.  You will use Plink to establish a secure tunnel between your computer and your VPS server and then do your websurfing so that no one, including your internet service provider, has any idea of what websites you visit and what you do on the internet.  You can even use public and private keys to use SSH without having to type in a password.

SSH is the way to go.  Whereas you could block http referrer forwarding in your browser configuration settings and use open source tools such as Tor and Jap to disguise your IP, a secure SSH tunnel is far superior.  An alternative tool for secure file transfers/tunnels is bitvise tunnelier.

Start uploading incriminating evidence

Using a secure tunnel between your computer and your VPS, courtesy of Plink, you will set up some free email accounts.  Try to avoid gmail, yahoo, hotmail and other big providers.  With your new email(s), you will set up free blogging accounts at, blogger,, and equivalent.  You will also set up accounts, if needed, with free file hosts such as,,,,, etc.  Now you are ready to upload.  You should blog with the post-at-a-future-date option, set to a month or more in the future, upload all necessary pictures to the blogs, and upload archives of all materials to the free file hosts.  You will also be uploading all materials to your own website that you set up when you got the VPS. 

While working on your materials, avoid storing materials on the laptop harddrive.  Use a secure USB Flash drive with hardware encryption (or at least software encryption) for work-related files; it will also have a portable version of numerous applications such as a web browser.  This is important because when you delete a file from your regular harddrive, it doesn’t go away.  The space occupied by it has to be overwritten 7 times to prevent the file from being recovered or the harddrive has to be passed through a degausser to destroy all data in it.

Take a vacation to Norway

After you have uploaded all incriminating materials, you are ready to take a break, and you need to do it to save your life.  Head to Norway.  If you approach American Police, the FBI or the CIA with the incriminating evidence, you will soon end up dead of an accident or suicide.

Now you are ready to have the evidence go online.  Start spreading the word.  If you are intelligent enough to have figured out a few things about the nature and membership of the international crime network you are dealing with, you would know which bloggers/webmasters to target to spread the message like wildfire.  At the same time you will apply for political asylum in Norway.

No guarantees

I cannot guarantee that you will avoid death by accident or suicide, but if the above steps seem to be too much, ask yourself what is your life worth to you?  And, what is it worth to you to help destroy crime networks that make the vast majority of humans miserable?

Molestation, rape and forced prostitution as potential problems facing some fashion models

The problems facing a number of fashion models go beyond mere forced starvation.

Take a look at the following girls, ranging from barely 14 to 16.  They were some of the contestants in the 2006 Models New Generation competition, held in Ecuador.  Why would people be flying in, from around the world, girls so young for a modeling competition, and one that is supposed to select models that will be used to market clothes to adult women?

Hanna Rosqvist, Paula Magyar, Emmeline Knudsen, Viktoriya Maksim, Mariya Kalasnikova, Ginta Lapina, Jenny Sinkaberg, Jandra Dziaugyte

Listed left to right per row, starting from top. Row 1: Hanna Rosqvist (14, Sweden), Paula Magyar (16, Sweden). Row 2: Emmeline Knudsen (Norway), Viktoriya Maksim (barely 14, Uzebekistan). Row 3: Mariya Kalasnikova (14, Uzbekistan), Ginta Lapina (Latvia). Row 4: Jenny Sinkaberg (Norway), Jandra Dziaugyte (Lithuania).

The answer would be partly clear by looking at who is funding this.  I lost the link, but it appears that billionaire Jeffrey Epstein or one of his associates had something to do with it in part.  Jeffrey Epstein (Palm Beach, Florida) has molested and raped many teenage girls (including 14-year-olds).  The girls were brought to his mansion on the pretext of modeling or giving a massage to Epstein.  According to sworn statements made to the police, Epstein had them pose in underwear and massage him.  Epstein would insert his finger into the girls’ private parts and have intercourse with some even though they didn’t want it.  He also made the girls make out with each other or a female assistant while he masturbated.  Epstein also used a vibrator on some of the girls.  Police investigation confirmed that Epstein was sexually involved with underage girls and in possession of nude pictures of them.

Since Epstein belongs to the special crowd, justice involving crimes by such individuals would be a farce.  The State Attorney’s Office offered him a plea bargain that would require him to plead guilty to one count of aggravated assault with intent to commit a felony, be placed on five years’ probation and have no criminal record, submit to a psychiatric and sexual evaluation and have no unsupervised visits with minors.  Epstein declined, but guess what charge he faced by a grand jury?  Merely one count of felony solicitation of prostitution to which he pleaded not guilty.  Last I heard (a few days ago), Epstein agreed to plead guilty and accept a plea bargain, but I don’t know the details of the plea bargain.

Jeffrey Epstein made his riches by managing the money of wealthy New Yorkers and one can only imagine the depravity of the criminals he associated with and how many of them would be salivating over the idea of being massaged by the girls shown above.

Now let us look at a different case.  Last year, fashion designer Anand Jon Alexander was indicted on 40 counts of criminal sexual acts, including forcible sodomy, by a New York grand jury; 54 felony counts of criminal sex acts, including child molestation, in Los Angeles County; received similar indictments in Texas, and was under investigation in Massachusetts and Florida for molesting and raping many girls and women ranging from 14-27, all associated with the fashion industry.  He faces growing old gracefully behind bars.

One wonders how heterosexual Anand Jon is given the typical masculinization of fashion models and his indictment for forcible sodomy.  I don’t have pictures of his victims, but on a related note, Jeffrey Epstein was sued last year by Maximilia Cordero, a male-to-female transgender model, accusing Epstein of forcing him into a sexual relationship when he was 16.  Let us see what comes out of these cases.  At least one point can be said, namely that given the less curvaceous bodies of girls compare to women, it should not be surprising if many men attracted to underage girls have a homosexual component to their behaviors/attractions.

We know that homosexual designers prefer thin and masculinized teenage girls as fashion models because they come closest to approaching the looks of boys in their early adolescence.  Homosexuals are more prone to crime because of higher rates of mental disorders and diminished social acceptance, and they are indeed found to be more criminal.  And, the homosexual designers are concentrated in the crime den of New York City.  Girls such as the ones shown above would be prime choice meat for hebephilic (attracted to teens) men and organized crime looking to acquire control over government and law enforcement officials interested in underage girls.  It has to add up to bad news for many fashion models.


i agree. in nyc, i regularly see/meet obscenely wealthy/old/ugly russian men with stunning. super thin companions.
also---this model does nto look like a high fashion girl. i don't see how she would get much work.

Its a sad thing that this young model was probably killed. She looks very pretty...kind of unusual for high-fashion models.

A program about models, average age 15, in Milan (MacIntyre Investigates) revealed the "chaperones"(young men!)were suppying girls as young as 12 with drugs and using them for sex. They were the main atraction in clubs packed with businessmen old enough to be there grandfathers,they were being pimped basicaly. A follow up article about milan said that many of the less suitable models are there as "seed girls" to sleep with men in the industry.
Wrongdoing tends to be more banal than scenarios with large criminal organisations making threats, ingratiating by supplying drugs is a more common M.O. All too often the "mark " commits suicide, she is a victim of criminals but their methords are more subtle than the article suggests.

Men are predatory shit that need to be exterminated.
It doesn't matter how good/kind the woman is, they're only into rooting around!! They will try to disguise it, but it's true. It's always their goal to root and shoot through as many women as possible, like those poor girls above.

The sexual revolution is a failure - it lead to a lot of girls being used and tossed out like rubbish by dirty lecher men.
At least before the sexual revolution their perversions were more controlled.
Now the birth rate has dropped off.
And my generation (GEN Y) is going to bear the brunt of the ageing population.

Casual sex is not 'An equal opportunity pleasure for women', it hurts and stings like hell!!
I'm so sick of men, the only ones I ever meet or approach me are the dirty lecher kind, they hook girls in - by whatever deceptive means they can - then fuck them and when they are finished using them they toss them out like trash.
And I would rather die than be used and tossed out by another dirty rooting lecher man.
If men are going to treat me like a whore, they can at least pay me!!

Ruslana was murdered, it's so obvious.
Erik, why don't you do a new post on how men have 4X the rates of psychopathy and antisocial personality disorder compared to women, - (Biology and hormones are the basis for the gender imbalance). Thats your things isn't it Erik?
The gender imbalance is controlling for differences in upbringing, socio-economic status, education etc etc. - no loopholes there Erik.

And yes Erik, it's true, sexual selection has enabled men to more easily pass on their genes whilst maintaining repulsive, even psychopathic personality traits, all they have to do is have sex - by whatever deceptive means they see fit - even rape. As always the woman, providing she survives childbirth, is left to look after the dirty psycho lecher mans babies and his sons who turn out to be psychopathic like him with his male sex linked psycho genes.

And Erik, why don't you write about the biological and behavioural differences between the sexes, specifically mens comparative sexual promiscuity/sexual aggression, shallow affect and lack of conscience - which is why it's more likely to be men, not women, that have a tendency toward violence, sexual abuse and rape and any other antisocial behaviour which plagues society.

angry gal:

And Erik, why don't you write about the biological and behavioural differences between the sexes, specifically mens comparative sexual promiscuity/sexual aggression, shallow affect and lack of conscience

Enjoy your "liberation", hun.

RE "Wrongdoing tends to be more banal than large criminal organisations making threats" (and carrying them out).
On the other hand she was from a former Soviet state and Russians (mafia included) think the cracking of nuts was what sledgehammers were made for.

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I actually agree Erik.

Yeah, I wonder what Ruslana would have thought had she seen herself as an example of an ugly masculine high fashion model in your "The Shoulders of High Fashion Models" section?

It is a world problem... There, where the big money and popularity - prostitution and violence always take place.

Hello.This post was extremely interesting, especially because I was browsing for thoughts on this issue last Saturday.

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