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Beauty pageants

Tara Conner (Miss USA 2006) vs. the average North American white female

Tara Conner (Miss USA 2006) and the average North American white female


Weep Donald Trump, weep!

Why is the Donald smiling?

Donald Trump and Zuleyka Rivera

Miss Universe 2006: beauty pageant par excellence!

Male impersonators pretending to be or maids representing the contestants from U.S. Virgin Islands, Slovenia and Belgium, respectively?

JeTaime Cerge (U.S. virgin Islands), Natasa Pinoza (Slovenia) and Tatiana Silva (Belgium)


Masculinization in the 2005 Miss World beauty pageant contestants

The 2005 Miss World beauty pageant has once again featured plenty of masculinized contestants, and some comments in this regard are relevant.


Facial masculinization in beauty pageant contestants: an example from the Miss Germany 2002 pageant

This article illustrates an example of how morphing different faces leads to a composite face that is better looking than the individual faces comprising the composite. Also, the individual faces considered here belong to the contestants in the 2002 Miss Germany pageant, which implies that the composite face reflects the central tendency among these contestants.



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