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Fashion models

The 2006 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue

Drop-dead gorgeous women?

2006 Sports Illustrated Swmsuit issue cover models.

Fig 1. Shown from left: Elsa Benitez, Veronica Varekova, Elle MacPherson, Rebecca Romijn, Rachel Hunter, Daniella Pestova, Yamila Diaz-Rahi, Carolyn Murphy.

Lingerie modeling: Rebecca Romijn or Layla from W4B?

If a top-ranked lingerie model has the facial features shown below, who is most likely directly or indirectly responsible?

Rebecca Romijn

Fashion models like this woman can obviate the need for this site

Blonde and beautiful model


Elle MacPherson vs. Monica from FTV girls

Some people may try to argue that the masculine looks of high-fashion models are a by-product of selection for tall women. These people have apparently either not seen tall and feminine women or are lying to argue against the notion that the gay domination of the fashion business is responsible for the masculine looks of high-fashion models.

In this post, famous fashion model Elle MacPherson (Eleanor Nancy Gow) is compared to glamour model Monica from FTV girls; both women are 6-feet-tall.

Model type: 

Backside comparison: Daria Werbowy vs. Cindy D.

At the time of this posting, high-fashion model Daria Werbowy has been ranked #1 among the top-50 fashion models in the World by What kind of backside do you think she has?



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