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Height in women and its relation to femininity and attractiveness

This is a response to a commentator, Kimberly, who has repeatedly insisted that tallness in women is a masculine characteristic.  Some other individuals have also left comments along the lines of beauty pageant contestants looking masculine because they are tall or that fashion models look masculine because tall women are needed for fashion modeling and hence the models look masculine.


Micro-fat grafting: more evidence for the relationship between waist-hip ratio and attractiveness

Micro-fat grafting surgery involves removing fat from one part of the body and implanting it elsewhere.  For instance, a woman could remove fat from her abdomen and have it added to the backside.  Singh and Randall obtained pre- and post-operative pictures of the side or back views of 15 women that had undergone this procedure and had their attractiveness rated by men and women, one example of which is shown below(1, zip).


The attractiveness of eyebrow form as a function of face shape

This is a follow-up on a previous entry on eyebrow aesthetics.  Baker et al.(1) morphed the faces of 5 women into oval, square, long and round faces; digitally removed the eyebrows, and for each morphed shape, came up with two images: one with an added eyebrow conforming to Westmore’s ideal and another with an eyebrow added by a make-up artist to suit the face shape.

Attractiveness as a function of eyebrow position and shape in women

The following image shows three types of eyebrows: high positioned with maximum height in the middle, high positioned with maximum height in the lateral third and low positioned with maximum height in the lateral third, respectively.


Earlobe proportions and attractiveness

Mowlavi et al.(1) assessed the relationship between earlobe proportions and attractiveness in a sample of white North Americans.


Nasion placement and attractiveness

The nasion is shown below, and can be roughly regarded as the indentation of the nasal bones around where the nose meets the forehead.  It may also be referred to as the radix, sellion or the soft-tissue nasion, though the radix is better conceptualized as the region centered at the nasion and extending to the eyebrows above and mid-eye level below.


Mandibular profile and attractiveness

The mandible is the lower jaw.  This article addresses how attractiveness ratings vary as a function of the extent to which the mandible is protruding among individuals of European ancestry.


Sexually antagonistic selection

This article clarifies part of a previous discussion addressing discrimination against unattractive women.


Rhinoplasty in Stockholm, Sweden: comments on the fine, straight and chiseled Nordic nose

Igor Niechajev (I.N.) and Per-Olle Haraldsson (P.O.H.), two of the most active rhinoplasty (nose jobs ) surgeons in Stockholm, Sweden, described the ethnic profile of their aesthetic rhinoplasty surgery patients from 1985-1995(1).  The patients were residents of Stockholm, Sweden.  The ethnic breakdown is shown below.


Attractive nose profile in white women

In a study(1), the authors took 12 white women with no history of nasal trauma or nasal surgery and morphed their side view photographs to come up with the following profile, representing the average among them.



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