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Elle MacPherson vs. Monica from FTV girls

Some people may try to argue that the masculine looks of high-fashion models are a by-product of selection for tall women. These people have apparently either not seen tall and feminine women or are lying to argue against the notion that the gay domination of the fashion business is responsible for the masculine looks of high-fashion models.

In this post, famous fashion model Elle MacPherson (Eleanor Nancy Gow) is compared to glamour model Monica from FTV girls; both women are 6-feet-tall.

Here is a description of Elle MacPherson from

RÉSUMÉ: Known as "The Body", Elle has been decked out in all varieties of bikini for her own calendars, Victoria's Secret catalogs and Sports Illustrated. Was on David Letterman Show (talked about Fashion Café). Appeared in movies 'Sirens', 'If Lucy Fell', 'Alice', 'Batman & Robin' and 'The Edge' - where she had a small part playing Anthony Hopkin's wife. Elle has her own calender and exercise video. Has own lingerie line called Elle MacPherson Intimates which is Australia's #1 best selling lingerie line with a yearly turnover of $30 million. Founded The Fashion Café with fellow supermodels Claudia Schiffer, Naomi Campbell and Christy Turlington. Appeared on the cover of Playboy. Her face appears on the front of 8 Caribbean postage stamps.

KNOWN FOR: Being the biggest Aussie supermodel.

OTHER: During the 80s she appeared in every issue of Elle magazine for six straight years (big surprise.)

Here is a description of Elle MacPherson from

Why we like her?
Elle is an acronym for an elegant, lovely, luscious, and extravagant woman. Corny, we know, but it's true.

Overall rating = 85
Elle MacPherson is one of the most beautiful creations ever to be put on this earth.

Body rating = 92
One of the finest pair of legs in the world belongs to her.

Facial features rating = 80
She has dimples, but she still manages to look gorgeous; not just cute.

Sexiness rating = 89
Imagine arriving from work and seeing Elle lying naked on your sofa, with nothing but a tie and a smile. Sexy is a mild word to describe in this situation.

From the descriptions above, the uninitiated would guess that Elle MacPherson looks like some beauty goddess. However, Elle MacPherson is masculinized from head to toe, though her face is not as masculine as in many other high-fashion models out there.

As can be seen below, Elle MacPherson has finer facial features than Monica, but this should not be assumed to result from greater feminization; Elle’s finer facial features reflect her being genetically more closer to Northern Europeans than Monica is; Elle clearly has a face that is more masculinized than Monica’s.

In the two pictures below, Elle is shown first and then Monica.

All pictures shown below can be clicked for larger versions.

Elle MacPherson

Monica from FTV girls

In the pictures below, Elle MacPherson is shown to the left.

Elle Macpherson and Monica from FTV girls

Elle Macpherson and Monica from FTV girls

Elle Macpherson and Monica from FTV girls

Elle Macpherson and Monica from FTV girls

Elle Macpherson and Monica from FTV girls

In the photos above, is there any doubt as to which of these two women has a more feminine body?

In the picture below, Elle MacPherson clearly looks like He-Man with breast implants.

Elle MacPherson

In the picture below, Elle MacPherson could be easily mistaken for a transgendered male with breast implants.

Elle MacPherson

Elle “The Body,” right?

Elle MacPherson

Two more pictures of Monica:

Monica from FTV girls

Monica from FTV girls

Now, which of these two women is more deserving of the title of “The Body”?

Model type: 


Monica -- definetly!

Monica, no doubt; the broad shoulders and too-narrow hips do make Elle look like a man.... :/

From these two I would give "the body" name for Elle.

I think the optimal solution would be between these two. Maybe 2/3 Elle and 1/3 Monicue.

elle's body projects a more assertive type of woman.

Monica has my vote for both body and beauty. What a delicious woman.

Elle has got an exquisite face, whereas Monica's features are just... conventional and average. Elle also has an amazing rear end and overall body image. The only thing detracting from her beauty are wide shoulders and it is a flaw, but one which can be overlooked due to her facial features. I stick with Elle, despite shortcomings.

definately elle go aussie go oi oi oi!!!

I vote for the female. He-Man (LMAO) turns me off.

This site explains to me why I have never been turned on by superman models like Elle. Thanks for the explanation and articulation.

They both have beautiful bodies, but Elle's face is definately better. And "glamour" models really isn't the right word. More like "cheap porn" models.

no contest hear elle is the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be.

I've always thought Elle looked like a man. Thanks for confirming I'm not crazy.

People who are picking Elle as more feminine are seeing the polish and skill of posing and photography. They are missing the key features.

If you look at the photos of Elle in the black swimsuit, notice that the tops of her pelvis (hip bones) are nearly even with her navel. If you look at the 2nd to last picture of Monica and draw a mental line across the top of her pelvis, you will see that it is several inches below her navel. Also, Monica's rib cage tapers in towards the waist, unlike Elle's, which is clearly seen in the shot of her on the beach in white jeans. This is why Monica has a smaller waist and presents a more feminine appearance.

Also, Monica isn't underweight, the way that Elle is in these photos, so she actually has buttocks. The extreme dieting also has a lot of effect on the faces of models. Their cheeks become sunken, making their cheekbones and jawlines very angular. Elle is better than many in this regard, although her brow bone is a bit more prominent than normal towards the outsides of the eye sockets. It's difficult to see because models and makeup people get so skilled at using cosmetics to fool the eye, unless you know what to look for in the underlying bone structure.

I do confess I like Elle's slim thighs though :)

Elle definitely looks masculine. Hands down on that. But her facial beauty is superior to that of Monica.

Hmmm, I took a second look at the photos and it now seems to me that Monica, aside from having a better physique than Elle, is prettier.

Why the comparison between high coutoure models and white trash? I apologize for using the term, but a trailer trash wench with chemically dependent hair, with a nice ass is still not the height of beauty. All of the "glamour" models used on this site are mostly hideous, with the exception of a few, who are "cute". A nice ass, or nice tits is still not going to take away from the fact that the face, itself, is ass. Granted, I agree that fashion models do have extreme proportions, and that they are not the norm in our culture, but society in general (meaning the Wal-Mart grazers) still enjoys seeing difference, extravagance, and creativity. If I want to see "Candy", or "Misty", I'll drive by the town trailer park. If I want to see interesting make-up, accessories that I could never dream of pulling off, and clothing styles that I could never wear out in public (at Wal-Mart), I will continue to keep abreast (or a flat chest) on the fashion world.

o: The domination of the fashion business by homosexual men has made it difficult to find more mainstream feminine models for contrast purposes. For this entry I had to come up with a 6-feet-tall feminine woman, and I didn’t come across a more suitable alternative. Your use of “white/trailer trash” is unwarranted. Hair dyes are not unusual among fashion models. This article does not address clothing or related accessories. It addresses physical appearance. One could easily use feminine women to sell designer clothing and expensive accessories. There is no reason why high-fashion/high class need be associated with masculine looks in women.

'Hair dyes are not unusual among fashion models.' Yet another misinformed generalization. It's actually more prized if a model has 'virgin' or undyed hair.

Elle is statueseque and facially striking. Monica is trash

Kris: You haven't seen plenty of fashion models with dyed hair? The more prized condition is that a model naturally have a desired hair color.

There is no question as to Elle's having a much more masculine physical structure than Monica.

A couple points:

Firstly, I don't buy this whole homosexuals dominating the fashion industry notion. It seems clear to me, speaking as a male, that the real culprit is our still highly patriarchal society. Many aspects of our society have stepped back from patriarchy, but it is in the business world that patriarchy remains most strongly entrenched. Not surprising, since this is the arena where the priviledged have the most to lose. When comparing two persons and being asked which is likely to be more successful in business, the more masculine person is overwhelmingly chosen. This website clearly does its reserach well, and effectively, since it is now undeniable that fashion models are more masculine than the average woman. I'd appreciate seeing the same rigour applied to my above statement, a detailed physical comparison of sucessful business persons, both male and female. The preferential treatment afforded masculine persons in the business world explains why men, regardless of their sexual orientation, dominate the fashion industry rather than women (which would make, oh, let's see, about a thousand times more sense!) Men aren't allowed to design much creatively satisfying fashion for other men because patriarchal business attitudes are infused with the patriarchal notion that we aren't supposed to make men look fancy, we're supposed to make our (female) property look fancy. Ergo, the men that want to design fashion, and have the advantage over women who want to do the same, are constrained to design women's fashion.

But way beyond the preferences of the designers, at every stage of the business, photography, publishing, marketing, the same goal is clear: make money. And the same question, which of two alternatives will be more successful at making money, will be asked. And the answer, in the business world, will remain the same: the more masculine alternative.

Secondly, reading the above comments, it absolutely amazes me how many men fine Elle attractive. I find her about as attractive as a bean pole. Two factors influence this: one, we are all highly influenced by marketing, and when strongly encouraged to find a particular individual attractive many of us will allow our sense of what is attractive to be altered rather than feel like we are abnormal. Secondly, how to put this delicatly, some men are attracted to masculine features. I'd strongly recommend that any guy finding Elle attractive seriously consider exploring expanding his idea of what is attractive to potentially include other guys.

>There is no question as to Elle’s having a much more
>masculine physical structure than Monica.
>A couple points:
>Firstly, I don’t buy this whole homosexuals dominating the fashion
>industry notion. It seems clear to me, speaking as a male, that the
>real culprit is our still highly patriarchal society.

Let me get this straight ...

"Our still highly patriarchal society" decided, all of a sudden, to drop its standards of female beauty without a fight, just for fun.

What a genius, this whilom "guy"

Whilom: When people refer to patriarchy, they have heterosexual men in mind, and this is why some describe it more specifically as heteropatriarchy, which is what you are referring to. Heterosexual men clearly have a preference for feminine-looking women. So why would heterosexual men adopt masculinized women as the epitome of beauty when it comes to modeling? Your answer is because it would be more successful for business given that businesses favor men or the masculine. There are problems with this notion.

I am sure you would agree that wearing women’s clothing and being photographed in them is not a male-typical activity. Why would patriarchy desire that something so unmasculine be performed by masculinized women?

Elle MacPherson and numerous masculinized women like her have been used to pose provocatively for heterosexual men. Is this supposed to increase sales?

You have stated that the more masculine or men are treated preferentially in business, and also that the goal of business is to make money. Therefore, if men are treated preferentially, then it needs to square with the need for making the most money, i.e., this choice must maximize profit. But if this choice maximizes profit, then something about masculinization should be intrinsically related to greater odds of success with most businesses. To back up your argument, you must show that the male domination of the top ranks of businesses is explained by preferential treatment of men that is not related to an intrinsic advantage that accompanies masculinization, and also explain why men dominate the bottom rung of society -- homeless people, people working the worst and most dangerous jobs, prisoners, drug addicts, etc. If patriarchy favors men, why are men overrepresented at the bottom?

The male domination of the fashion business is not explained by patriarchy or else you would see the industry dominated by heterosexual men, not homosexual men.

Are designers being less creative with men’s fashion because “patriarchal business attitudes are infused with the patriarchal notion that we aren’t supposed to make men look fancy”? Well, generally speaking, it is acceptable for women to wear pants, but not for men to wear skirts. Women thereby have a greater choice of clothing and the designs available to them will be more diverse than those available to men. But why would patriarchy restrict male choice and allow greater choice to women when it comes to clothes?

Elle’s appreciation by many is not exactly an example of people allowing their sense of what is attractive to be altered by marketing forces, but an example of how some people can be duped by high-profile marketing, posing tricks and airbrushing, especially if there is a dearth of feminine beauty in the media.

Monica has the better body but her face is less symmetric then elle's. Also Elle as well as other high fashion models tend to have a more "hard" look while this Monica exhibits a "soft" look. That is to say a bit more toned body.

I think another good comparison would be Adriana Sage vs. Adriana Lima. Porn career aside just looking at Ms. Sage you can tell she stands out compared to most women considered beautiful, but she's no Victoria Secrets model! At best a Hollywood starlet (based on looks alone).

Elle is definatly more attracive, so what if her shoulders are broad and her face are what some my consider "masculine"....Elle has a look which is more striking and the other girl look just like any other chick you see on a daily basis.

Not all women are super curvy, some womens bodies are more regal than others and I find elles body to be more firmer and athletic.

Whilom, you were making sense until you got into the “men who prefer masculine women” thing. You are extremely ignorant, sweetheart. Straight guys who like masculine women like WOMEN. Even if the woman is masculine, she is still a woman (By the way, Elle is CLEARLY a woman. A masculine woman, but a woman nonetheless. If you can't tell she's a woman, you have horrible eyesight). They are not going to include guys in their list and they don't need to. Please don't mouth off about stuff you have no idea about. A straight man who likes a woman, whether she is feminine or masculine, likes WOMEN. You can't date a man, if you don't like a man. Men and women are very different. Thanks for showing the world how close-minded and ignorant you are.

Oh, and I find both Elle and Monica beautiful in different ways. Monica has a more "feminine" beauty while Elle has a more "androgynous" beauty. I don't see why they both can't be considered beautiful. And I don't understand why Ella has to be a "he-man" because she has a more angular body. How childish and mean.

Monica can't hold a candle or a lighter next to Elle. omg she isn't nearly as attractive as her. Sorry Monica while you are a nice looking girl you can't compare to the body no way no how.

"The male domination of the fashion business is not explained by patriarchy or else you would see the industry dominated by heterosexual men, not homosexual men".

Erik, are you suggesting that homosexual men would come in under matriarchy? Here are some noted :homosexuals from history

Alexander the Great
*Macedonian Ruler, 300 B.C.
*Greek Philosopher, 400 B.C.
*Roman Emperor, 1st-2nd c.
Richard the Lionhearted
*English King, 12th c.
*Sultan of Egypt and Syria
Desiderius Erasmus
*Dutch Monk, Philosopher
Francis Bacon
*English statesman, author
Frederick the Great
*King of Prussia
Lord Byron
*English poet, 18th c.
Walt Whitman
*U.S. poet, author, 19th c.
Oscar Wilde
*Irish author, 19th c.
Marcel Proust
*French author, 20th c.
*French author, 20th c.
Gertrude Stein
*U.S. poet, author, 20th c.
Alice B. Toklas
*U.S. author, 20th c.
Federico Garcia Lorca
*Spanish author, 20th c.
Cole Porter
*U.S. composer, 20th c.
Virginia Woolf
*English author, 20th c.
Leonard Bernstein
*U.S. composer, 20th c.
Pope Julius III
T.E. Lawrence
*English soldier, author, 20th c.
Jean Cocteau
*French writer, director, 20th c.
Charles Laughton
*English actor, 20th c.
Marguerite Yourcenar
*Belgian author, 20th c.
Tennessee Williams
*U.S. Playwright, 20th c.
James Baldwin
*U.S. author, 20th c.
Andy Warhol
*U.S. artist, 20th c.
*Italian artist, 15th c.
Leonardo Da Vinci
*Ital. Artist, scientist, 15th c.
Christopher Marlowe
*Eng. Playwright, 16th c.
Herman Melville
*U.S. author, 19th c.
Horatio Alger, Jr.
*U.S. author, 19th c.
*Russian composer, 19th c.
Willa Cather
*U.S. author, 19th c.
Amy Lowell
*U.S. author, 19th & 20th c.
E.M. Forster
*English author, 20th c.
John M. Keynes
*English economist, 20th c.
Ludwig Wittgenstein
*Australian mathematician, 20th c.
Bessie Smith
*U.S. singer, 20th c.
Noel Coward
*English playwright, 20th c.

And you can also include the male population of Sparta.

Debra: Patriarchy usually refers to heteropatriarchy since male homosexuals are regarded as victims of patriarchy and hence are not among men who oppress. For any notable homosexual in history, there are many more notable heterosexuals, and I don’t believe your list is very accurate. To the best of my knowledge, Alexander the Great and Leonardo DaVinci were bisexual. The male population of Sparta wasn’t mostly homosexual. Spartan male elite tolerated pederasty, more so the notion of boy love than the physical act, but the pederasts were typically married to women.

Even the best of your knowledge is still not the definitive so that would be a non argument. It is not possible for anyone, including you, to put an accurate figure on the number of male homosexuals who held positions of power or influence in the history of civilisation. This would put them in the patriarchy. To say patriarchy usually refers to heteropatriarchy would be similar to saying feminists usually female. That is just a majority fact. Sexual orientation is and often was kept private, for obvious reasons. The Spartans were indeed married to women. The notion of romantic love between man and women as a primary factor in union is a relatively new one. In ancient Greece the sexual act with the wife was primarily a reproductive pursuit while sex as recreation was often with another man.

I think its has a lot to do with social status. Previously, most people in Europe were undernourished. A wealthy person could afford to eat more and therefore was proud of his/her extra pounds. A heavier frame indicated wealth. Thus, heavier women were more desirable. Now, cheap, fattening food is becoming more and more available, and the lower class is teetering on truly obese. It seems that society reacted to the fat=poor equation and automatically began associating body-fat with fast food and trailer trash. So the skinnier a woman is, the richer she seems.
Women mutilating and abusing their bodies in order to please men (as well as to impress other women) is certainly nothing new. In China, footbinding was a sign of beauty and wealth. The feet were the most sexual part of a woman's body. It's sick to imagine it now, but the more mutilated a woman's feet were, the more attractive she was. This seemed normal at the time. Bound feet indicated that a woman was wealthy enough to be (literally) incapable of walking. Only the wealthy women could afford to be carried around all day. This extremely erotic trait was a display of wealth and social status.. at the woman's expense.
It wasn't long after the Western world rejected the corset (which was truly dangerous and hazardous to a woman's health and absolutely a form of physical mutilation) that this bizarre self-torture ritual was replaced by another: thinness to the point of looking like a little boy. Being so skinny that you look helpless and weak is not all that different from being so crippled that you can't walk. Strangely, society as a whole has a pattern of seeing suffering women as the ultimate attraction.
Most of us would like to believe that we determine what we find beautiful, ugly, desirable, weird. But we don't. We are a product of the society in which we live, and the sick expectations that are "in vogue" at the time. Even the body parts which we associate with sexuality are relative. It does not help that the fashion and advertising world feeds off of this vulnerability.. but it's nothing new. Healthy was apparently never all that interesting. Perhaps this is patriarchal. A lot of men like a skinny woman for the same reason they hate Hillary Clinton or any other woman who is capable of fulfilling a man's role. Female beauty comes in many forms. Unfortunately, humans love to keep things as simple as possible. Both of these women are beautiful. Elle is definitely not a role-model for the average teenage girl because she has a very unusual body type. She does not look anorexic or ill in these pictures. But other than her face, I think she looks a bit strange. (I was a baby in the 80s so I kind of missed out on the whole muscle mania.) But I'm sure that if I was a teenager during the time that Elle was hugely popular, I would have worshiped her just like everyone else- shoulders and all. I don't care if they put a giraffe on the next Calvin Klein Ad. I just hope she's healthy. Making women want to buy clothing by making them feel ugly and inadequate is not only cruel, it's lazy. The most beautiful, well made clothing doesn't require a three-breasted wonder woman in order to sell. Why is it that our society can only handle one "official" form of ideal beauty at a time? If I saw a lovely 5'5 130 lb model on a Calvin Klein ad, I'd be shocked.. but my shock would quickly be replaced by relief and admiration. Why not beautiful women of all body types.. big boobs no boobs big bum thick thighs. I'm not saying truly overweight women should be applauded for heaviness. Being too fat is extremely unhealthy as well. No woman should be encouraged not to care for her body. But there is a good 120 lb difference between the average woman walking down the isle at walmart and the average girl walking down the runway at Gucci. Why not fill in the gap a bit? The more types of beauty we are encouraged to appreciate, the more beauty we'll see. In ourselves and in others.

Sorry I stumbled onto this blog. Just goes to prove that any fucking moron can have a blog.

why the fuck did this dumbass that wrote this article put "transgendered male" they obviously have no idea in the slightest about transgenders or what they're talking about. a "transgendered male" is a ftm "female to male", while a "transgendered female" is a mtf. Get your facts straight idiot and stop posting ignorant shit.

Elle MacPherson does not have breast implants and there is no way that Monica girl is as tall as Elle is...look at the picture of her next to the car, no way! Elle's face is much prettier also, and she can actually model without looking like a deer caught in the headlights.

It admits Elle has finer facial features. She's best described as handsome rather than pretty.

I noticed something about the posing in the swimsuit photos of Elle, it accentuates her already very masculine shoulder breadth. Why exaggerate this of all things, if not because it's the very thing MacPherson brings to the table as a model - masculine looks.
In every photo (except the paparazi beach) Elle is darker or golden whereas Monica looks pale. Why do the photographers pay for dedicated make-up and lighting personel? Because their subjects wouldn't look sexy enough without a tanned appearance. What impression do pale looking models make "like a deer caught in the headlights" as Kristy put it.

I have a masculine body and a masculine face and I am considered very sexy.

Both women watch their weight and excercise.

They are beautiful.

Yay! Monica is a beautiful young lady, her face is so pretty and shes got much more woman curves. I don't care what she is doing or where she is from, it's all about bodies here, right? So she is my choice. Elle wtf. never liked her, shoulders like arnold schwarzenegger + no back.

Erik, your judgment is definitely flawed in this one. As a lifelong heterosexual male, I definitely think that Elle is more attractive than Monica. Elle is deserving of the title, "The Body", in this scenario. Elle's legs, frankly, steal the show. Monica's legs, while long for a girl, are not particularly long in proportion to the rest of her body; Elle's legs are long even in proportion to her body. Elle's butt is also still ample, even in comparison to Monica's. While Elle's hips are not as wide as Monica's and Elle's shoulders are wider, these features do not detract from her overall attractiveness. Elle's shoulders are not even that wide to begin with. Finally, Elle's face is unequivocally more feminine and prettier. Look at the first side-by-side photos. Elle's face is prettier, her eyes are bigger, her lips are thicker, and her jaw/chin is less defined. Monica's face is simply plain and dull--very average looking.

I think both of them are pretty :)

fashion is elitest, as such it prefers things/people that are elite, or rare. the homosexual thing actually doesn't totally hold out. i know alot of gay men and most of their female icons are very femine, very jessica rabbit. think about drag queens, big boobs big ass big hair the full nine yards. and there is plenty of fashion for men with male models that male fashion designers could drool over. but they aren't sex maniacs, is it not possible that they can seperate their art and careers from the need to get off???
i think it is much more about snobbery, the bizarre the strange the unusual. they want to set themselves apart from the ordinary and every day. like kings and queens they are above mere mortals, the lumps and bumps that come with it. further proof, take a look at high society. heiresses like jemima goldsmith, skinny has been 'in' for a long time. where i live we get a lot of rich kids from upper class families, the norm for the girls here is skinny leggy and flat chested. they are like clones of one another.
but i agree that beauty comes in every kind of shape and size and i do wish that mgazines and mainstream brands and fashion retailers who ARE all about appealing to the everyday women would have the brains to realise this and diversify in their adevertising. television aswell has no excuse.

The "feminine" woman needs to shave. haha

Monica does not have a pretty face, but she beats out Elle in terms of physique hands down.

Elle's finer features are further accentuated by better lighting and makeup. Monica's face is more feminine but lacks those advantages, making her look a bit pudding-faced. Also, Elle is better at posing for the camera, not surprisingly: whom do you expect to wear a more interesting expression on her face, a highly experienced top-billed model, or an inexperienced girl getting paid $100 to pose nude? (Various comments on this site say that the top models look intelligent and fascinating, while the nudie-girl ones from eastern Europe look moronic and boring. Sheesh! It's called acting, and the higher-priced models have to be good at a very limited subset of that craft.)

Elle is more fit and tanned and skilled and experienced, and has better lighting, makeup, direction, and perhaps Photoshopping. Monica is in merely okay shape, pale, and seemingly inexperienced, and has mediocre lighting, makeup, and direction -- and might not be Photoshopped at all. Monica's face and body are unequivocally more feminine and to my taste more beautiful.

I'd love to compare interviews of top fashion and swimsuit models with interviews of these feminine no-name eastern-European women who strike people as bovine, weak, excessively submissive, or imbecilic. I'd bet money that the poor no-name women tend to be better-read, more intelligent, stronger, and more independent-minded.

Another thing: I recently took a test meant to determine one's masculinity or femininity (it's on a BBC web site). It includes pairs of pictures (women for people who find women more sexually attractive, men for people who prefer men), one picture in the pair a slightly altered version of the other, its features doctored to be slightly more masculine (if of a woman) or more feminine (if of a man). I usually found the masculinized versions of the women just marginally more attractive, to my surprise. Now, I am a tad on the androgynous side for a guy, but is it that, or is it that so many of the women whose images I've been presented with as the epitome of beauty are somewhat masculine?

Tchaikovsky was not gay. Get your facts straight.

Elle does indeed look like a man, Monica's body is much more attractive.

But super-feminine faces (like Monica's) have a blank, vapid look. (Otherwise known as stupid.)

Wow, looking at Monica's body actually makes me feel better about myself. I look way more like that than I do like Elle.

I've noticed that many commentators here use the word "symmetry" in reference to facial structure without even knowing what the word means. In a symmetric face, one half of the face visually split vertically through the very center will closely match the other half. Simple as that. Monica's face is no less symmetric than Elle's, merely softer and gentler-looking. Symmetry is not a function of angularity, as some seem to think it to be.

Are you saying that stupidity increases with femininity? Because then I'd have to disagree with you. I've know plenty of women who are ultra-feminine & intelligent. The glamour models Erik uses look stupid because they most likely ARE stupid. After all, with their above-average looks, they wouldn't have to pose nude on obscure internet sites for a few bucks if they had the mental resources to do something better. This doesn't imply that feminine women are as a group unintelligent. Keeping in mind that truly feminine women are shyer with their bodies and generally don't relish the idea of "baring all" for strangers, the FEW feminine women who do nudity (remember that Erik mentions that truly feminine women in the adult industry are quite rare) most likely do so because they didn't have another choice; that is to say, they didn't have the intellectual capacity to make a living by another outlet.

This is Julie Cox, an English actress who's one of the very most feminine women I've ever seen. There's nothing, absolutely nothing blank or vapid about her. In fact, she has very bright and intelligent eyes. Notice that she doesn't do nude pictures or porn . . .

I forgot to specify -- My comment directly above was to "Silver," in response to:"
"Elle does indeed look like a man, Monica's body is much more attractive.

But super-feminine faces (like Monica's) have a blank, vapid look. (Otherwise known as stupid.)"

Monica has the most desirable female body. It is beautiful, feminine, curvy, and soft. Now with Elle, I'm sorry but she looks like a tall man pumped up on steroids. She has incredibly broad man-shoulders, and absolutely no curves. Her body is not feminine at all. She has a pretty face but it doesn't match the body. Maybe some people are into the whole man thing, and if you are a man who think Elle has an amazing bod.. well who am I to judge that you like and/or prefer masculine features? I am a female who has very feminine proportions and features, and I am so proud of it!!

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