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Masculinized women in the 2007 Miss Universe beauty pageant

Some pictures of the more masculine contestants in the Miss Universe 2007 pageant are featured here.

It was unusual to encounter feminine women among the contestants.  Therefore, to prevent this entry from showcasing almost all the contestants, I have ignored the less masculine women even though they couldn’t be seen as feminine.

Masculinized women

Daniela Stucan Carolina Raven Carolina Raven Trinere Lynes Trinere Lynes

Miss Argentina - Daniela Stucan; Miss Aruba - Carolina Raven (a, b); Miss Bahamas - Trinere Lynes (a, b)

Jessica Jordan Burton Jessica Jordan Burton Natalia Guimaraes Natalia Guimaraes Eileen Roca Eileen Roca

Miss Bolivia - Jessica Jordan Burton (a, b); Miss Brazil - Natalia Guimaraes (a, b); Miss Colombia - Eileen Roca (a, b)

Veronica Gonzalez Veronica Gonzalez Massiel Taveras Lugina Cabezas Rachel Legrain-Trapani Rachel Legrain-Trapani

Miss Costa Rica - Veronica Gonzalez (a, b); Miss Dominican Republic - Massiel Taveras; Miss Ecuador - Lugina Cabezas; Miss France - Rachel Legrain-Trapani (a, b)

Alida Boer Alida Boer Ana Giorgelashvili Angelina Glass Angelina Glass

Miss Guatemala - Alida Boer (a, b); Miss Georgia - Ana Giorgelashvili; Miss Germany - Angelina Glass (a, b)

Wendy Salgado Wendy Salgado Puja Gupta Zahra Redwood Nadine Njeim Nadine Njeim

Miss Honduras - Wendy Salgado (a, b); Miss India - Puja Gupta; Miss Jamaica - Zahra Redwood; Miss Lebanon - Nadine Njeim (a, b)

Adelaine Chin Ai Nee Adelaine Chin Ai Nee Ebinabo Potts-Johnson

Miss Malaysia - Adelaine Chin Ai Nee (a. b); Miss Nigeria - Ebinabo Potts-Johnson

Maria Jose Maldonado Gomez Jimena Elias Jimena Elias Tatiana Kotova Tatiana Kotova

Miss Paraguay - Maria Jose Maldonado Gomez; Miss Peru - Jimena Elias (a, b); Miss Russia - Tatiana Kotova (a, b)

Megan Coleman Yoanna Henry Saneita Been Ly Jonaitis Ly Jonaitis

Miss South Africa - Megan Coleman; Miss St. Lucia - Yoanna Henry; Miss Turks & Caicos - Saneita Been; Miss Venezuela - Ly Jonaitis (a, b)

Women with the looks of male-to-female transsexuals

Naemi Monte Lisette Rodriguez Lisette Rodriguez Natalia Zabala Arroyo Giannina Silva

Miss Curacao - Naemi Monte; Miss El Salvador - Lisette Rodriguez (a, b); Miss Spain - Natalia Zabala Arroyo; Miss Uruguay - Giannina Silva

Renata Christian Renata Christian Rosemary Chileshe

Miss U.S. Virgin Islands - Renata Christian (a, b); Miss Zambia - Rosemary Chileshe

The Donald needs to buy these women some food

Natalia Guimaraes Meleesea Payne Valentina Massi Kirby Ann Basken Anna Theresa Licaros Jessica Tan

Miss China - Ning Ning Zhang; Miss Guyana - Meleesea Payne; Miss Italy - Valentina Massi; Miss Norway - Kirby Ann Basken; Miss Philippines - Anna Theresa Licaros; Miss Singapore - Jessica Tan

Miscellaneous comments

Miss Puerto Rico, Uma Blasini, has a clearly masculine physique, but I could not find clear pictures of her face.  In the following picture she does not look that masculine, but there is a masculine element to her face in some other small pictures of her that I have seen.  Therefore, I did not know where to place her above.

Uma Blasini

The pictures of Miss Croatia, Jelena Marcos, either suggested that she be ignored in accordance with the note in the beginning or that she be classified as a masculinized woman.  Therefore, it was not clear whether I should address her.

Jelena Maros Jelena Maros

The pictures of Miss USA - Rachel Smith - made her look anywhere from a masculined woman to a male-to-female transsexual, and hence I could not place her in the right group.

Rachel Smith Rachel Smith Rachel Smith

Before someone jumps to the conclusion of bias against colored women, take a good look at the following contestants.

Sadina Alla Sadina Alla Sadina Alla Annelien Coorevitz Annelien Coorevitz Lucie Hadasova

Miss Albania - Sadina Alla (a, b, c); Miss Belgium - Annelien Coorevitz (a, b); Miss Czech Republic - Lucie Hadasova

Kimberley Busteed Kimberley Busteed Kimberley Busteed Tjasa Kokalj Tjasa Kokalj

Miss Australia - Kimberley Busteed (a, b, c); Miss Slovenia - Tjasa Kokalj (a, b)

These women, leaning toward North European norms, are not feminine, but their finer facial features don't render an appearance that is masculine enough for inclusion in the two masculine groups above.  Even the two North European-types classified under masculinized women do not have as masculine-looking faces as many of the non-European contestants.

See also the following contrast between a white and a colored contestant. The difference with respect to masculinity of facial appearance is not solely a function of sex hormones, but ancestry is also playing a role, which once again illustrates the difficulty of objectively comparing the attractiveness of individuals from different ethnic groups.

Miss Slovak Republic - Lucia Senasiova (left) and Miss Brazil Natalia Guimaraes.

Miss Slovak Republic Lucia Senasiova (left) and Miss Brazil Natalia Guimaraes.




Given afew masculine features is there such a thing as one feature being more masculine than another. In other words is the masuclinity of features relative for example you have square jaw and broad shoulders so which would be seen as more masucline or does it just boil down to personal preference depending on which feature you prefer over the other

Sam: I am not sure what you are trying to say. In the same person, one body part can look more masculine than another because factors other than sex hormones are shaping the body, too. It is for this reason that overall looks need to be taken into account when it comes to how masculine or feminine someone is. This entry focuses on facial features for is more time consuming to also find clear pictures of the physiques of these women.

Of course, the same configuration will be more or less pleasing to different individuals, though most will broadly agree with respect to what they like.


I am saying will one physical charcteristic make a person look more masucline than another i.e a square jaw compared to broad shooulders even though both features may look masculine.

Sam: Features that are more commonly observed, if masculine looking, will play a stronger role in making someone look masculine. For instance, a masculine-looking nose will be more commonly observed than a masculine-looking backside. Therefore, if both the nose and backside of a woman are of comparable masculine looks, then the nose will usually play a stronger role in making the woman look masculine to others. Of course, people vary as to what features they are more particular about. Therefore, other things being equal, one may prefer broad shoulders with a normal-to-feminine-looking chin to a combination of feminine-looking shoulders and a normal-to-masculine-looking chin, whereas another would prefer the opposite.


What do you think of the winner-Miss Japan?
Where does she stand in your assessment



Mishelle: Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, isn’t feminine, but I am glad she won rather than one of the more masculine women above. Slight masculinization is a correlate of sexiness, and Miss Japan looks sexy in a number of her pictures.

Tell me what you thought of Honey lee miss Korea and Micael Reis miss angola. they placed 4th and 7th

ALBi: Both these women look good to me, especially Honey Lee, and are not masculine.

How is slight masculinization a correlate of sexiness?

Also I don't think that Miss Colombia is that masculine, her eyes are spaced wide apart.

Joshua: The sexual appeal of a woman to heterosexual men is partly dependent on the inferred ease with which she is beddable. Starting from a feminine woman, an increase in masculinity suggests greater ease of beddability, but there is obviously an upper limit to the masculinization that will be appealing to heterosexual men. This is how slight masculinization is a correlate of sexiness.

Whereas Miss Colombia doesn’t have narrow-set eyes, she has a narrow face, regressed cheekbones and broad nasal bones, all contributing to a masculine look. Her overall face shape is masculinized though not greatly.

Erik : I really nerve with your biase erik, U seem to like small eyes woman and board fat face. but I don't hate that u know and I get very angry when you state that Daniela Stucan is masculine. she got beautifull eyes and not the narrow eyes that u like.

LOL, i think u are just wishing they were trannies.
Stop fantasizing and wasting time online--go find some tranny hookers instead.

I love the term "masculinized women". I'm going to use that one. :)

I think you are confusing masculine with awkward. To be sure, many of those women have awkward features? Masculine? I don't know. I think you are being too picky.

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