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Miss Universe 2006: beauty pageant par excellence!

Male impersonators pretending to be or maids representing the contestants from U.S. Virgin Islands, Slovenia and Belgium, respectively?

JeTaime Cerge (U.S. virgin Islands), Natasa Pinoza (Slovenia) and Tatiana Silva (Belgium)

No, these are the photos of the actual contestants.

An East Asian and an African?

East Asian, African, Lia Andrea Ramos (left), Ismenia Junior

Yes indeed, but these women also happen to have been the contestants in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant.

A male transvestite and an eunuch posing together?

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza, Elisabeth Reyes

No, these are the [presumably] women who represented Puerto Rico (left) and Spain in the Miss Universe contest.

This is just the tip of the iceberg.  It is time to consider the manliest women of the bunch.

Women looking like male transvestites, male-to-female transsexuals or eunuchs

Miss Angola - Ismenia Junior

Ismenia Junior

Miss Belgium - Tatiana Silva

Tatiana also represented Belgium in the 2005 Miss World contest.  Having a woman who doesn't look like one represent a nation twice in a row in high profile beauty pageants has to be a special kind of disgrace.

Tatiana Silva

Miss Cayman Islands - Ambuyah Ebanks

Ambuyah Ebanks

Miss Chile - Belen Montilla

Belen Montilla

Miss Ecuador - Katty Lopez

Katty Lopez

Miss El Salvador - Rebecca Iraheta

Rebecca Iraheta

Miss India - Neha Kapur (top 20 semifinalist)

Neha Kapur

Neha Kapur

Miss Nigeria - Tienepre Oki

Tienepre Oki

Miss Panama - Alessandra Mezquita

Alessandra Mezquita

Miss Philippines - Lia Andrea Ramos (designated Miss Photogenic!)

Lia Andrea Ramos

Miss Puerto Rico - Zuleyka Jerris Rivera Mendoza (Miss Universe 2006)

Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza

Miss Slovenia - Natasa Pinoza

Natasa Pinoza

Ms. St. Lucia - Sascha Andrew-Rose

Sascha Andrew-Rose

Miss Trinidad & Tobago - Kenisha Thom (top 10 finalist)

Kenisha Thom

Miss Turks and Caicos Islands - Shaveena Been

Shaveena Been

Miss Venezuela - Jictzad Vinna

Jictzad Vinna

One should also address less manly but nevertheless masculinized women.

Masculinized women


The classification of Miss Spain -- Elisabeth Reyes (shown above) -- is problematic; she looks like an eunuch in some pictures but less manly in others.

The contestants not listed above are not necessarily particularly feminine or attractive.  However, it is obvious that the majority of the contestants in the 2006 Miss Universe pageant happened to be masculinized women.  Curiously, the following women were also among the contestants.

Miss Universe 2006 contestants

Figure legend - Shown clockwise from top-left: Miss Denmark Betina Faurbye (top 20 finalist), Miss Australia Erin McNaught, Miss Ukraine Inna Tsymbaliuk (top 20 finalist) and Miss Turkey Ceyla Kirazli.  Erin McNaught is not that feminine, but there is a difference between slight masculinization and what is seen in the pictures above this collage.

This pageant reeked of the direct and indirect influence of male homosexuals.  Miss Universe Inc. continues to set up a façade of a beauty contest.  Donald Trump seriously needs to think about setting up a separate beauty pageant geared toward the tastes of homosexual men.  This pageant will allow homosexuals to have all the manly women they want without needing to make the pageant borderline palatable to the general public by having some feminine women thrown in, featuring some women with breast implants and periodically letting more feminine women emerge top ranked (see following image).

Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera (left) and Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova

Figure legend - Miss Universe 2006 Zuleyka Rivera (left) and Miss Universe 2005 Natalie Glebova.  Although the attractiveness of these women cannot be compared objectively because they are of different ethnic backgrounds, it is obvious who is more feminine.

If one is to have beauty pageants at all, then there should be at least one high profile beauty contest that focuses on what most people prefer, i.e., feminine beauty, and this contest needs to be natural, i.e., major cosmetic procedures such as nose jobs and breast implants should disqualify a potential contestant.  Other suggestions for improving international beauty pageants have been addressed elsewhere.



Dear site,

How dare you say that women who show facial features typically and inappropriately seen as "masculine", are unattractive.

You may think your site is showing that women who are ultra fem are truly beautiful and that women should aspire to look like them, but you fail to realize that your beliefs would be causing most women on the planet to feel ugly for having slight signs of masculinity. Not one woman on your site could honestly be confused as male. According to your disturbing search for the most feminine people, 99 percent of women look like men. All those little "signs of masculinity" apply to nearly every woman I have ever seen.

People are more than female and male. 1 in 100 people are born inter-sex. Should these people believe themselves to be hideous? People like original, symmetrical faces. Androgyny is something that all people can't help but be attracted to. Maybe they don't see it as what they aspire to look like or what they want in a mate, but it is something entirely natural and beautiful.

I find your site terribly offensive and disturbing.

Paul: There is overwhelming consensus in the general population that masculinization decreases the attractiveness of women. Some people like masculinization in women, and this would not be a problem if there were at least some mainstream outlets for the appreciation of feminine beauty, but there are none. This is the reason that this site is needed.

You express the concern that my beliefs could make most women feel ugly. This would only be possible if my portrayal of beauty happens to be what most people are intrinsically oriented toward. For instance, if I were to fill the attractive women section with broad-nosed and morbidly obese women, then in Western societies, most women couldn’t possibly be made to feel bad about their looks after going through this section. On the other hand, my argument is not that unattractive equals ugly; ugliness refers to physical defects and abnormalities, and is uncommon.

It is true that only a small proportion of women qualify as feminine and attractive, but then beauty is among the least egalitarian attributes.

This site has nothing to do with how women should aspire to look like. It addresses models and beauty pageant contestants, and the goal is to end up with at least one mainstream outlet (not this site) for the appreciation of feminine beauty.

You are mistaken about the prevalence of people who are intersex; they are about 0.015% of the population. Most intersex individuals would be uncomfortable with who they are, regardless of this site.

Do you not find any actresses sufficiently feminine. Or anyone in the entertainment industry?

Paul: The actresses would need to be both feminine and attractive, and such women are few in number. One problem with an actress or other entertainment personality is that whereas it is easy to find pictures of her face, finding sufficiently informative pictures of her physique, especially her backside, will typically not be an easy task. Sometimes paparazzi pictures help, but one is more often disappointed than pleased with how these women look like in bikinis. Nevertheless, I have featured the face of Charlize Theron, but her physique is not feminine and cannot be used.

There happens to be an actress whose face, as seen from the front, I found to be good looking, and I was curious how she looked like from the side and how her physique looked like, but I couldn’t find relevant pictures of her. Therefore, I got a movie in which she starred and got to see her from multiple angles, only to learn that the woman is neither feminine nor attractive. I would much rather avoid having to go through this trouble with other actresses since I strongly dislike romantic movies, which is where you would expect to most extensively see the more feminine ones.

Additionally, since I am focusing on models and beauty pageant contestants, they are best compared to women specifically selected for their looks, i.e., some kind of models, and these happen to be mostly nude models at present, but if I am successful, then there will be plenty of mainstream models that one could use in the future.

So in your opinion, a woman must be an exaggerated hourglass shape in order to be classed as feminine? You say Charize Theron does not have a feminine body...why is that? Just because she has smallish curves, it doesnt mean that she lacks femininity. Less than 10% of the female population are classed as having an hourglass shape. You complain that there is a lack of "feminine" looking women in the public eye but this is purely because not many women have that type of body shape in the first place. Maybe you should develop some more realistic goals to avoid being disappointed.

H: A woman needs to have an hourglass figure in order for her physique to partly satisfy the requirements of feminine beauty. Charlize Theron has a woman’s physique, but with shoulders on the broad side, small breasts, a large rib case, etc., her physique is not an example of feminine beauty, and she is less feminine than women with hourglass physiques and more feminine faces.

Yes, most women do not have hourglass physiques, but modeling in general and especially beauty pageants are not supposed to represent the general female population. Beauty pageants are about aesthetics and are expected to emphasize feminine beauty, but what one observes is that they lean toward the tastes of homosexual men. There is nothing unrealistic about demanding that at least one high profile beauty pageant be about feminine beauty.

I really see nothing wrong with any of the ms. universe contestants. erik, you're looking wayyy too much into this whole thing. most of them are beautiful

Jen: I agree that there is nothing wrong with the looks of the masculinized contestants. It is just that they don’t belong in a beauty pageant that, by virtue of it targeting the general population, is supposed to honor feminine beauty.

Have you ever considered the fact that these women are in the pageant because they have been voted for by judges and on some ocassions, the general public? and don't tell me all these judges are homosexual because that's bollocks.
I agree that one or two look a bit too man-like to be considered beautiful as a woman but most are very attractive, especially miss albania and miss sri lanka (but thats just my opinion.)

H: You are right that it is unlikely that all the judges are homosexual, but consider the following. Given the high status of high-fashion models, the looks standards in beauty pageants have leaned toward the fashion model look over the years, and this is undoubtedly also related to homosexual men working behind the scenes in pageants. This has corresponded to more manly women placing better in beauty pageants, which in turn has drawn more slender and manlier entrants in local beauty pageants, and prompted judges to more frequently chose women leaning toward fashion models in looks in order to maximize the prospects that their picks will go on to win the big titles. If you look up the biography of the Miss Universe 2006 contestants, you will note that a good number of them have some kind of fashion modeling background.

Therefore, there is something close to a vicious cycle that has taken place, but this will not translate to all beauty pageant contestants looking like high-fashion models in the future. High profile beauty pageants market themselves to the general public, and viewership concerns will translate to some feminine participants and occasional feminine winners. However, it is best for Donald Trump to set up a beauty pageant specifically catering to homosexual men, where they can have contestants who look like adolescent boys, transvestites, transsexuals and eunuchs. Given its grand title, the Miss Universe pageant should focus on feminine beauty.

The contestants from Albania and Sri Lanka don’t look bad, but they don’t look feminine. I debated whether I should flag Miss Sri Lanka because from what I have seen of Sri Lankan women, Ms. Fernandez doesn’t look like one, and I don’t know what norms to compare her with. Given her European name, she may have a large European component to her. In such cases I use the default European reference standards, and Ms. Fernandez looks masculine by these standards.

It is truly disturbing to note that the vast majority of these women are from ethnic backgrounds.

I believe you hide behind your 'smoke and mirrors' scientific reasoning, but for the most part are clearly biased and utterly prejudiced.

If you have a problem, which it seems you do, with the way the top winners of these pageants look like, then why don't you start a pageant of your own and quit hiding behind a computer cowardly criticizing people you don't know? Do you even know how many people these women had to "beat" in order to get to the universe level? Do you know who the other contestants who didn't win look like? Do you know the area or "pool" of women where these contestants come from look like? Do you know each judge at local, state, national level? Have you judged a pageant? Have you been the executive of a pageant? Well, then, you're just blowing hot air. Bark up another tree that is short enough for you.

Vee: The ethnicity of the women is not an issue; their masculinization is. Most contestants in the Miss Universe contest are from “ethnic backgrounds.” There were plenty of masculinized white women in this contest; see the list of names. White women just happened to be underrepresented among women looking like male transvestites, male-to-female transsexuals or eunuchs.

Alexa: Most adults that have seen enough people from around the world would know that more feminine women will be found among the respective ethnic groups of the flagged women. Therefore, there is clearly a problem with this pageant and others like it. Setting up a beauty pageant focusing on feminine beauty is one of the goals of this site, but it will take time. Give me your blessings.

I have read your site and i personally feel beauty, femininity and sexiness are
complex issues and to some degree overlap each other. I agree with you that you can measure femininity objectively however the concept of attractiveness is a whole different issue. I am unsure what you mean when you say attractiveness but i take it you mean with respect to finding the person overall physically beautiful/being attracted to them physically. On this note it would depend on what your defnition of physical beauty is and if beauty for you is subjective or objective. For me beauty is overall subjective and can only be subjective and in this respect what is feminine is not necesserily beautiful. I recognise/acknowledge beauty by that which stirs up an emotion/s inside ,beauty causes you to feel something,beauty moves a person and it is objective only in the respect that you have no control over what or who will stir up such emotions inside.I can say with all honesty the women you posted in the attractive women site did not stir up anything inside of me but i wholly agree with you that they are more feminine looking than the women you claim look masculine throughout your site and only on this basis i.e that they are more feminine looking (objective basis)that i agree with you that they are more attractive than the masucline looking women but not on any other basis (subjective basis).
Some of the more masculine looking faces of the models stirred up more emotion inside me than any of the pictures that you posted under the attractive women and this entirely because i percieve beauty to be overall subjective. Despite how objective you try and be about it all we are only human beings at the end of the day and we are affected and do affect others and do feel and express emotions. I am not saying that masculine women are more beautiful than feminine looking women far from it, but they are if i am to compare them to the ones you posted under the attractive women whom are far from beautiful in my eyes and from my perspective of seeing the whole beauty issue. The point I am driving at is if beauty is overall subjective then we really have no control over whom we classify as beautiful because we have no control over what someone will make us feel inside so with this in mind i am made to wonder that even if it may be the case that if overall feminine looks are more desirable than masucline looks where does beauty fit into this because your argument only allows us to come to a general agreement/consensus of what is and what constitutes femininess and although it may be more desirable than masucline looks the bottem line is we all come in different shapes and sizes and so you may find some extreamely beautiful feminine looking women who are ten times more beautiful then the most extreamely beautiful masucline looking women but you can also see it vice versa if you look at it from the perspective of the man who prefers masculine looking women. You can also find the most feminine looking women but judging overall looks and ones perception and final conclusion of weather you classify that person as beautiful or not will always be and remains subjective so in this respect even the most feminine of the feminine might loose againt even the least masculine of the masculine lookign women. I hope that you have understood the point that I am trying to bring across. Yes you can measure femininity objectively but beauty remains subjective. So if we do agree beauty is subjective then what guarentee is there that even the lifetime hetrosexual man will desire the feminie looking women over even the least masucline looking woman? This is something that baffles me and Im sorry but i dont buy your aregument that a hetrosexual man woouldnt find even the least masucline looking woman less desirable than the most feminine looking women because i percieve beauty subjectively.

femininess is relative to some degree i.e for all the women you have classified as feminine looking in this site there may be women out there who are ten times more feminine looking than them and in comparison to these women they may even "look" masucline even "very" masucline and even vice versa with the masculine argument. There may be women who are ten times more masucline looking than the ones you have posted here that these may even "look" very feminine in comparison to them. Where do you draw the line?

Ambreen: You are right that the extent of femininity can be relative. For instance, a masculine woman is more feminine than a very masculine woman in spite of having below average femininity. Therefore, where does one draw the line about the extent of femininity that is relevant to feminine beauty? In a previous discussion on the importance of femininity to beauty in women, you will find a summary of various correlates of beauty. Note that both having average features and above average femininity are correlates of beauty in women. Now, the greater the femininity, the greater the deviation from the average. Therefore, the averageness correlate of beauty places an upper bound on the extent of femininity that will be considered attractive. In other words, the extent of femininity that is relevant to feminine beauty is to be somewhat more feminine than average compared to the population norm. One could quantify this if one wished, but a visual examination of European women and the women in the attractive women section, except those shown on the pages featuring somewhat masculinized women, will easily reveal above average femininity among the showcased women that is nevertheless not so great so as to make these women notably deviate from the norms among women of their ethnic backgrounds.

The page linked to above talks about numerous objective correlates of beauty; see also this page. Therefore, it is simply not true that beauty is subjective. Since there is individual variation in preferences, people will not mutually agree all the time about who is beautiful, and some people will be notable outliers, but there is broad agreement in the population.

I do not understand what you are trying to convey by writing, “i dont buy your aregument that a hetrosexual man woouldnt find even the least masucline looking woman less desirable than the most feminine looking women.” I have pointed out that slight masculinization is a correlate of sexiness in women and there are also two pages featuring somewhat masculinized women in the attractive women section. Therefore, slight masculinization in women is not a problem from the perspective of lifetime-exclusive heterosexual men.

What I meant by that line " I dont buy your argument that a hetrosexual man wouldnt find even the least masculine looking woman less desirable than the most feminine looking women" is bascially in relation to where do you draw the line as to what is masucline and what is feminine a question which you have already answered and the fact that femininity can be relative so what is masculine may be percieved as feminine on a different scale a point on which you raised the issue of average femininity. I do agree with you the women you have put forward as masculine looking are masculine looking from an objective point of view if one is to go by your argument of average femininity.

dude, you are clearly a white supremacist, veiling your beliefs with questionable photos of women from "ethnic" backgrounds. Be a white supremacist, just don't use such nonsensical propaganda. Some of your "attractive women" are very average and boring looking. Some of your points are reasonable, yes Gisele is very manly, in fact the high fashion models do kinda look like how you described them. However, when you try to pretend that white women are the only beautiful women out there, you completely ruin your credibility and come across as a foaming at the mouth KKK/neo-nazi freak. Seriously, you probably have never been to Africa, Asia or the Pacific. Until you have, and have seen a substantial number of women from these regions with your own eyes (there's a whole psychological implication in that), then you can start preaching about who is beautiful and who looks like a man.

grrrforgotten: How exactly is white supremacism being espoused here? And how have you inferred what parts of the world I have not been in? There are no white supremacists affiliated with this site. Based on your two other comments elsewhere, it is confirmed that you are mentally challenged. There is no pretence here that only white women can be beautiful. Attractive women exist in all populations, but this site is targeting the general Western public, not catering to your aesthetic preferences, and hence non-white women are generally not addressed. However, to illustrate the point that there is a large presence of masculinized women in high-profile beauty pageants, it is necessary to point out the masculinized non-white women, too.

The person writing the above is a liar at best, and has his eyes in his rear end. I suggest he see a reputable optomatrist and fast.

Paul Rugerd: Optomatrist? Learn to spell before accusing anyone of being a liar. It is unclear what lie you are specifically referring to, but if it concerns the masculinization of the women labeled masculinized, which should be obvious, then you need to understand what feminization is about; read the “feminine vs. masculine” page, and if this doesn’t help you then you may need to have your vision examined by an ophthalmologist.

Mr. Holland,

Perhaps you would like to include a picture of your wife, girlfriend, mother, or sister on your website...and let all those who visit comment on their 'femininity or masculinity', or are you brave enough?

I didn't think so!

Tropp: What is the need for me to post pictures of my female relatives or female intimates? None of them have participated in beauty contests, including the one being addressed. Talent scouts wanted my mother to participate in a beauty pageant, but her parents were conservative and she did not get their permission. Anyway, this entry is not about the masculinity-femininity/attractiveness of random women, but contestants in a high profile beauty pageant, and their participation implies that they have consented to have their looks evaluated by others. Therefore, I can address their looks without being obligated to also address/have addressed the looks of my female relvatives/intimates. I cannot post a picture of a female relative/intimate without her permission or I could get in trouble with her, but there is no need in the first place.

I see what you are saying about masculinization, but disagree about your picture of Miss India. She's drop-dead gorgeous.
a 35 y.o. white, heterosexual female

hey, I find Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Spain very attractive.

and they were right at picking Miss Ramos as Photogenic.

yes, she has a certain amount of masculinity, and that's why I classify her as sophisticated, if you ask men here (Philippines), a lot of them would agree that she is beautiful.
I see your point that there is nothing wrong with attractive-looking masculinized women, but you think that they are not suited in these kinds of pageants, but I think they were picked because of their sophisticated, somehow exotic looks.

The Horror, the Horror ...

This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
This is the way the world ends
Not with a bang but a whimper.

I like your concept of beauty Erik but why the personal attacks? Dont call the poor girls eunuchs.

Elizabeth: Don't look at it as a personal attack. If some of them barely look like a normal female, let alone one who would be considered attractive by most people, then I believe it needs to be explicitly stated. These women did not select themselves; the fault is with those responsible for their participation, and these are the individuals being critiqued.

This loser claims that in his faqs some cockamaime reason why women of color are not included in his "attractive women" section . He really should save his breath and just call this site : "The White Women I THINK are attractive versus Ethnic women". But if you notice he's more than willing to put women of different ethnicities in the sections for "masculine" and "unattractive" sections.
WHY DON't YOU COME OUT AND SAY YOU THINK WHITE WOMEN ARE MORE ATTRACTIVE THAN OTHER RACES?? Because your too much of wimp to come out and say you're a bigoted idiot. Enjoy living in your sick fantasy world of comparing women who would never look in your direction. Enjoy!!!

Sidhatzer4ever: There are no “masculine” and “unattractive” sections within this site unless you count the sections on “sexy fashion models” and “top fashion models,” the former being all white and the latter close to almost all white. This article addresses an international beauty pageant and hence it will naturally have a lot of non-white women; there is no bigotry on my part.

This is you ,women with strong,ethnic, or unusual pictures ,are all "masculine" and therefore "unatractive".
While women with softer ,more classical features are favoured by you as "femenine" and "atractive".
I agree with you that "femeninity" or typically femenine feautres can be determined with a sort-of "clinical" or "cientific" criteria.
Atractiveness ,on the other hand, cannot ,and will never be explained by any mean ,be it scientific or comercial.
There are women who have those ultra "femenine" feautures ,and that does not make them automatically beautiful.Example,that woman from turkey is not beautiful to me by any means, tho ,she is indeed very femenine.Same with that woman from turkey ,who in my opinion is boring and plain ,simply vulgar and ordinary.
On the other hand ,the women from puerto rico,spain,phillipines,bolivia among others, might not be "ultra femenine" but are somehow much more striking.
That is exactly my point, u can identify those "ultra fem" features , but beauty cannot be defined.You do not own the magical key to the "beauty" enigma.No matter how scientific you want to get.
That would be like saying vanilla should win the best ice cream flavor pageant instead of chocolate,just because you like it better.

*typo* it should be "feautures" on my first line, not "pictures".Same with all the caps missing from the name of the countries,I just dont care about caps.

Ok i have looked over this site and according to you every womman should be concerned of being ugly, in one way of another.
What you are saying is that every woman is masculinized in some way.
Either its her face, chest, back, or something else that you came up with.
There are over 20 "masculinized" models as you call them on this site and each one is a trasvestite, transexual, male to female sex change.
Really now

all i have to say is that i feel genuinly sorry for your partner, because i dont think that anyone will ever satisfy the likes of you.
offcourse there is always going to be something going to be wrong, and the poor woman will turn grey before she can ever be femininly beautiful.

Erik is the most Idiot guy that I have ever heard of in this planet.
a lot of pictures he posed and said negeative things on those women and fashion model are lack of knowledge, YOU GOT THE PICTUREs only some airbrash one, such as The miss India. as that women promoted herself as the ambassdor from her country, India?? so the photographer and makeup artists tried to promote her beauty into her own nationality style. by adding tanned fillter, brush the cheeksbone to look more prominent, make up the dark small eyebrow. those women pictures can say nothing that they are really beautifull or not. the women are look most pretty when they are without make up. and you know the makeup cosmetic and photoshop can do everything even to change the skin color. if you have never seen them face to face. you'd be the idiot to mention that someone is musculine or feminine. u know? those women you got a few of their pictures on internet that the photgrapher tried to make it up to promote those women to look bautifull in natureal exotic way which all male (except YOU) that find it's aborigin or underdevelope. I live in asia, my dad is Denish and my mom is Thai. I watched a lot of oriental movie, Indian movies and mexican. I seen those women like celina jaitley, aishwarya and mexican , korean and japanese actresses. what'd you say if I said on the maving picture I watched their films more than 100 movies. all of them look WESTERN for me not different from Marillyn Monroe, Natallie Gelbova, Vivien Leigh. even look more modest and lovier than your nudity whores. and I could proof that your materials are FAKE by post their different kind of pictures or movie on here but I know the stupidity like you will never open your narrow mind to accept anything!

Ho ho ho, Erik, you ARE a racist! AND a complete fuck up! I was suspicious of your constant postings of only milky white blondes in your 'attractive women' section and the above postings only prove my, and several others' suspicions correct. Plus, I read the first twenty or so pages of your idiotic book published by iUniverse as a PDF. I cannot believe anyone actually gave you a high school diploma, much less a publishing deal. YOU CANNOT WRITE. Your syntax is more confused than your sexuality (and fuck me if it isn't!) and your jargon-filled text is absurd, disguising the most laughably simplistic assumptions on sexual identity under a flimsy blanket of unconvincing verbiage. You sad, screwed up, self infatuated little no talent. You resemble an academic like Jesse Jackson resembles a Klansman (and you should know what THEY look like, Grand Dragon!) And let's face it, no one who posts here actually holds you in any regard. You, of all the perverted, sexually stunted little cunts on Earth, calling ANYONE else 'mentally challenged'?! For sexual dysfunction, you make Jack the Ripper look like Casanova! You're mentally, emotionally AND erotically challenged! Poor, poor Erik... BTW, pal, we all know what's really going on in the heads of poor bastards like you who prate on and on about the 'homosexual agenda'. You probably consider those busty blondes no more attractive than your grossly stereotyped fashion designers would. Fess up, you sad case. And enjoy the rest of your life.

Do anyone think Nadine Chandrawinata miss Indonecia look masculine? I don't think so. and the least two, miss germany natalie akkermann and miss paraguay are look quite like Melisande as well.

z :

Do anyone think Nadine Chandrawinata miss Indonecia look masculine?

Errm... nopes.

But she doesn't look Indonesian either.

And the point is?

Look, bud. I told you so before:

You need to look at the Bigger Picture.

De wanderer : Indonesian are hybrided populations just like the mexican. the native people in indonesia are Polynesians, more than 2000 years Hindu people and buddist people from India prilgrimed there, By the end of the 13th century, Islamic kingdoms had also been established, and over the next few centuries Islam slowly spread through the islands. In the 16th century, the dutch people took control Indonesia came to be called the Dutch East Indies. then after world's war 2 the sigapore's chinese traders began trading influence, so there are a variety of people's face. Oh and I haven't tell u yet that I also have seen indonesian-muslim's arab girl look pretty quite like european as well.

and moroccan muslimah in morocco.
I don't see the different between them and european women.

These women belong in a horror show, not in a beauty contest.

Is it Halloween already ?


I've just come across this article and find its to be annoying. I believe in the theory of feminine women of this site but I want to admit that you can't tell which women verify masculine just by using a few pictures which photoshoped them, in order to fit the sporty model cristeria. on the pictures they look so masculine but in reality probably different?.....take a look at this fantasy movie where miss silanka (Jaqueline Fernandes) get a role in her first film.

A bit mean, but oh so true.

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