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2-year roundup

This site has completed two years.  A brief comment on what it has achieved and what it will aim for in the immediate future is pertinent.

This is the 180th blog entry.  The blog is the largest part of the site.  There are a few dozen other pages that constitute the rest of this site.  So this is a small site, yet over the past 8 days it averaged approximately 2962 unique visitors per day.  Not bad for a small and young site.   

This site started out as a hobby of mine.  During the first year I updated it infrequently; even let over a month go by without any updates.  However, by the end of the first year the site was attracting close to a thousand unique users a day, and I decided to step up the frequency of updating the blog because more content means more readers and wider dispersal of the message.  But I have not been able to work on this site as much as I would like to.  I am hoping that I will have comparatively more time to work on it in the future.

Attracting more readers has a downside though: more comments and emails that I need to respond to and more delays in my responses.  Eventually I will have to say that whereas I read all emails, I am unable to respond to them all.  I will also be unable to respond to all comments posted at the blog, though this problem could be lessened if I make people register with the site and log-in in order to comment.  This will reduce absurd, trivial, frivolous, hit-and-run and abusive comments as well as queries that waste my time since they have already been addressed but the reader has not bothered to read enough of the site to find the answer.  However, this is a last resort option.  Allowing anonymous commenting is fine with me.  It hasn’t created too much trouble as of yet.  I have had to ban only one person from commenting so far and repeatedly warned two others to leave after their obstinate refusal to behave (one left and another came back minus the vitriol).

Regular readers would have noted that I usually ignore profanity.  There is a reader that has posted many absurd, moronic, useless and profane comments, and I have asked her to behave or leave on many occasions, but she hasn’t been banned.  On the other hand, the only banned person so far didn’t use any profanity.  His sins were to debate me ad nauseum on scientific matters where he was clearly misinformed/little informed, acting as if I had not previously addressed his concerns, resorting to foul debating techniques such as ad hominem and not stopping in spite of repeated requests.  What bugs me is people having little to no knowledge of the scientific matters under consideration debating with me and using, to boot, foul techniques such as assigning malicious motives to the opponent.  Of course, these individuals will accuse me of being the one who is scientifically misinformed, but the reader can see for himself who has been extensively backing up his arguments by citing data from current peer-reviewed journal articles to support his contentions.

Plans for the immediate future

Whereas this site will continue to educate, it needs to move beyond being merely educational.  One possible idea to expedite this process came to me when I had some computer-generated images, like this, printed on glossy photo paper for a study.  The actual image had much higher resolution than the sample shown and printed beautifully on the photo paper.  A number of people at the store that printed it were impressed and asked me all sorts of questions regarding it.  This gave me the idea that I should come up with computer-generated 3-D feminine beauty art and try to sell it at this site.  Enough sales will mean sufficient money for action in the form of recruiting and paying well feminine beauties to pose in bikinis, paying someone to blog on beauty tips for women at this site, and trying to set up an online clothes retailing business that will eventually go toward establishing the alternative fashion industries that I talked about.  I will briefly elaborate on these goals.

If one could pay a few thousand dollars to a woman to pose in a bikini, which is a lot more than what the typical nude model earns for a photo shoot, most women will be willing, which will allow one to be very selective.  This is how one could recruit some of the most attractive women to promote feminine beauty.

Posting high quality information on beauty tips at this site will help undermine fashion magazines to some extent since this is one of their selling points.  Whereas I have posted basic information on this count, I don’t have the time to be writing on them extensively, and would need to pay a qualified individual to do it.

Setting up an online clothes retailing business will be a challenge, but nothing that couldn’t be surmounted given enough money.

So I need to get the artwork going.  I hope to be selling in a month or so.



Er, this is internetchum here again, I sent you an email quite some time ago. When will you get back?

I don't know when I will be able to reply. Please don't post such queries at the blog.

LOL!You plan to make money off of 3d nude pictures in order to finance your endeavors? LOL!

I really feel sorry for you Erik. I don't think anyone is going to shell out some money to see fake women naked. You are such a delusional body nazi. Why would anyone take "beauty tips" from this site seriously? You're insane.

Erik, can you please EXPLAIN what sort of cheekbone expansion is masculine and what is feminine? It's killing me. It seems to me that linear cheekbone growth is masculine but curvature/ horizontal protuberance is feminine. You seem to say that female cheekbones appear more prominent but actually are not because of less growth of the female jaw? So male cheekbones grow (linearly) outwards more but look less bulbous? So a gender confused (ie a masculinized woman/ feminized man/ hypogonadal person's) cheekbones would combine the sheer growth of the male with the prominence of the female, is that what you are saying...a combination of two developmental programmes a la Steven Jay Gould? Again, I already suggested to you that female cheekbones grow more in some ways, and you seemed to think you had refuted this (you even provided me with the same diagram I was using to prove to you that female cheekbones are more prominant? Canyou specify some facial neotenous trends that are on average associated with maleness? Be specific, please.

Oh, and out of curiosity, is a horizontally prominant zygomatic process related at all to being brachycephal? Thanks.

C'mon, Erik, dish out. I'm a poor student who cannot afford all these expensive subscriptions to get access to academic papers.

Danielle: Where did I say that I was going to try to sell nude art? It will be non-nude art, though I could come up with nude art upon special request. People purchase 3-D art, especially if it is well done, and you bet mine will be very realistic, very detailed and in many cases have scenic or captivating fantasy surroundings.

Women will take beauty tips from this site seriously if they can see that it is quality information.

Not from Twisty's: I will reply later.

Well, sorry Erik, but it's just that you've taken so vastly long to even reply to me, so I don't know where else to turn to.

BTW Erik, I sent you a new email just now- it's a shorter topic, so hopefully you can get back to it.

Hey Erik,

I was wondering how you would rate Corinna (Femjoy) in regards to her femininity, attractiveness, etc

Here's the link:

Thanks man

I don't think you _need_ to pay thousands of dollars for a woman to do a simple bikini shoot. Look around - you can start by making offers to women you are acquainted with. Why would girls be averse to earning a little $ from a bikini shoot when they display the same for free at the beach?

I don't agree with everything in this site, most notably the homophobic tone Erik sometimes blatantly displays ("sodomites"? Did you just get back from a Southern Baptist conference?), but I do appreciate the work on aesthetics, against anorexia, and bringing truly feminine features to the forefront.


You’re insane.

Oh STFU, Hunnie Bunnie

It's called insanitiy chic

You're so passé ... it's pathetic.

Der Arschloch, I see you are back to linking to sites instead of coming up your own insults again. Your last attempts to insult me were a pathetic failure but you keep coming back. Erik says he is not gay so your efforts to defend him probably aren't getting you anywhere. Please stop trying to insult people and go back to doing what you are really good at (sucking cock).

My Beloved Daniellovichsteinganovichskayamanburgerberger :

You still don't get it, do you ?

I didn't come here to suck Erik's rooster.
I came here to be dialectically "pwned" by you -- yes, YOU.

Give me The Finger just one more time, please.


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