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Tyra Banks on honesty


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Whites are the prettiest race.

That's why they age like shit and have ugly, bumpy noses and chins.

See what?

If you have a point to make, why don't you make it?

Whipped honey: The picture says it; words are not needed.

The picture says what? Tyra Banks had a nose job. Duh, that's no secret. So? Her success in modeling was built on her magnificent body, 100% real, as seen here in Tyra Banks Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover 1997.

The Asian woman in the video is mentally messed up and the surgery made her look worse.

Gong Li is the most beautiful East Asian woman in the world and she did not have the eyelid surgery.

Erik, still don't have the balls to SAY SOMETHING in this blog entry?

Erik wants Tyra to say that she thinks whites are the most beautiful race like he does.

Whipped honey: Why do I need balls to reply to your comment? All I need is free time, and I found some right now.

Tyra points out her hair coloring, which is useless. Whites have all hair colors and no hair dye will make one look whiter. It would have been more relevant for her to point out the hair straightening, which the vast majority of African-American women indulge in.

Most people can see Tyra's hair dye, but how many know about her major nose jobs/rhinoplasties? I doubt that she has publicly admitted them. Her nose jobs are most analogous to the Asian woman's upper eyelid surgery, but she didn't talk about them. If the Asian woman is mentally messed up, then what would you say about the mental health of Tyra Banks? Before you answer this question, let us consider the issue of her "magnificent body."

Citing a photoshopped picture (SI swimsuit cover) does not help. You also missed her breast implants in the picture; here is some clarification.

Danielle: I haven't argued that whites are the most beautiful people. My argument should be clear, namely that the physical attractiveness of different ethnic groups cannot be objectively compared.


"Most people can see Tyra’s hair dye, but how many know about her major nose jobs/rhinoplasties?"

All Tyra Banks fans know about her nose jobs just as all Michelle Pfeiffer fans know about her nose jobs. Non-fans may not know because they don't bother to find out; the proof is easily available.

"If the Asian woman is mentally messed up, then what would you say about the mental health of Tyra Banks?"

Tyra Banks got nose jobs for a rational, pragmatic reason: career success as a model in a fashion world that would not have allowed her to succeed without her real nose. The Asian woman got eyelid surgery for an irrational, sick reason: obedience to the whims of the people who ridiculed her as a child. I believe both women looked better before their surgeries. I believe Tyra Banks would never have gotten her surgery if the fashion world had allowed her to succeed without it.

"You also missed her breast implants in the picture; here is some clarification."

Tyra Banks' breasts are real.
Erik, if your "clarification" photos which you claim prove Tyra Banks had breast implants had shown her full body rather than only from the chest up, you would see that the fluctuations in her breast size were caused WEIGHT FLUCTUATIONS.

Tyra Banks has stated that 98% of fashion models are or have been smokers; they use metabolism-raising nicotine to maintain their skinniness. Tyra is among the 2% of fashion models who have never been smokers, and she has never been anorexic, bulimic or a user of metabolism-raising narcotics such as speed or cocaine. She has said that early in her modelling career her agent gave her a list of designers with the heading "Will not use Tyra because of hips". Tyra is one of the curviest women ever to become of a supermodel (and I mean curves, not implants), and she has also been pressured to lose weight in order to get work. Tyra has smaller breasts when she is skinnier and bigger breasts when she is heavier. Tyra's breasts at their biggest still look 100% natural.

"My argument should be clear, namely that the physical attractiveness of different ethnic groups cannot be objectively compared."

How stupid do you think we are? How does pointing out that some nonwhite people get plastic surgery prove or even indicate that the attractiveness of different ethnic groups cannot be objectively compared, when plenty of white celebrities get plastic surgery too? Your official explanation of this blog entry is an obvious lie.

I'm with Erik on this. Here are two pictures of Tyra banks reclining. In the one image her breast is flattened by gravity. In the other, it is hemispherical, similar to the shape it should be when she's upright. These are before and after breast surgery.

Why Tyra Banks' breasts look different in different positions

Steve, the difference in Tyra Banks' breasts in your two photographs is caused not by breast implants but by the angle at which she is reclining.
In this photograph, Tyra's breasts are "flattened by gravity" because she is lying not on her back but on her left side, so gravity is pulling her breasts away from her rib cage.
In this photograph, Tyra's breasts are "hemispherical, similar to the shape it should be when she’s upright" because she is lying on her back propped up on her elbows, so gravity is pulling her breasts toward her rib cage. Natural breasts fluctuate in size with weight changes and fluctuate in position with back position changes, and the bigger they are, the bigger the fluctuations are.

Tyra Banks' body is 100% real.

As a naturally busty woman myself, I know everything there is to know about natural breast development and I ALWAYS spot implants.

Erik, could you please delete venemous bile from racist shits like Donald?


Tyra is a joke. She fails to see that there are many Asian women with natural double eyelids.

Most Asian women who get eyelid surgery don't do it to look "more white", but the ideal standard of beauty today in East Asia is that the bigger the eyes, the prettier. Ever seen those Japanese cartoon characters?

Black women, Latina women, Middle Eastern women, etc. etc. all have big eyes too; Asians typically don't. So nice try, Erik, but just because an Asian woman decides to get surgery on her eyelids, it does not mean she wishes she looked white. I'm sure SOME women do, but definitely not all, and besides, I don't see why an Asian woman would want to look more white anyways; Asians generally have more beautiful features and age more gracefully.

That woman featured on the Tyra Show happens to be more beautiful than any of the white women you have featured in your "attractive women" section, Erik. It's a shame she was taunted as a child for her "Chinese eyes" when she was probably the prettiest girl in her class.

Whipped Honey: I disagree; Gong Li doesn't compare to Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi, or Kim Ah-joong.
She's the one on the left :) HAHAHAH

Why is plastic surgery motivation always considered nonwhite people wanting to look white but never considered white people wanting to look nonwhite?

Why are Asian women who get double eyelid surgery accused of wanting to look White when double eyelids are an almost universal human trait and the only people who don't have them are some East Asians, not even all East Asians, let alone all Asians, let alone all nonwhites?

All Black women of any ethnicity have double eyelids, so why does no one ever accuses Asian women who get double eyelid surgery of wanting to look Black?

Full lips are far more common among Black and Latin women than among White women, so why does no one ever accuse White women who get collagen lip injections of wanting to look Black or Latin?

White actress Michelle Pfeiffer has long used collagen lip injections to make her lips more similar to a Black woman's lips, so why does no one ever accuse Michelle Pfeiffer of wanting to look Black?

Sarah wrote: "Whipped Honey: I disagree; Gong Li doesn’t compare to Zhang Ziyi, Shu Qi, or Kim Ah-joong."

Sarah, are you comparing these women at the same age? Gong Li was born in 1965; the other three you consider more attractive were born in, respectively, 1979, 1976, and 1982.

All of them are very attractive, but in my opinion...

Gong Li at her peak is the most beautiful East Asian woman ever.

I'm going to have to reverse my position on the reality of Tyra's breasts. Whipped Honey is right. They're real. I found this youtube video. I think it from the episode on her show where a doctor verified her breasts. They definitely defore naturally.

The Models - Photographers (but not only) social network.
Join now:

When a photographer takes a shot of a busty model/subject in a reclining
pose or lying on her back they will sometimes adjust clothing or use devices such as straps or tape to prevent the breasts from falling to the sides. This is an industry fact. So just because Tyras breasts did not fall to the side does not mean that they are fake. Breast size also fluctuates with overall weight and it is obvious that when Trya retired from editorial and runway modeling she put on weight. I dont see the inference you're making about her nose job. This procedure is not confined to any paticular race. Eye lid sugery is an interesting phenomonon in Asia but is not widespread. A chinese friend used to find my double eyelids funny looking and not paticularily attractive! Plenty of white women try to darken their skin, plump up their lips and get nose jobs. Generalisation makes for a weak argument. A circle of inference.

From a asian perspective, it's not about trying to be white. That is ridiculous and the white people needs to stop accusing of it. (although a few would want that, not all)...
Approximately 50% of asian are born without a natural eyelid, meaning that the rest of the 50% are naturally born with a double crease. Even among the Asian community, bigger eyes are more prettier compare to smaller eyes. Asian eyelid surgery is to enhance the beauty, not converting to another race nor whipping out one's race identity. I truly agree about what some of you wrote. Why is the asian then trying to be like the white? African-American people have double crease too. DUMBASSES!!

Erik : For me yes I find whites are pretty race but not all of them are pretty and I don' think all asian think the whites are pretty. in south east asian the teenegers prefer to look like north sast asian girls like japanese, chinese or korean more than to look that extremely beautifull like natalie glebova, kate winslete or claire dens also the same to the young guys in south east asia tend to like petite small eyes far east asian like yangmi, lui yi fei or kyoko fukada or lee young ae. I know from the news that's not much of south east asian girls get eyelids surgery to have slant eyes or inner eyelids fold like in north east asian girls which suth east asian males find slant small eyes are cute and look young. as I told on this site before that my dad is caucasian and my mom is south east asian. I still could remember when I was 14-15 years old I visited south east asia with my mom and my sister but my dad didn't go with us. we did heir the young chinese maid the same age as my elder sister. do u believe or not erik?
one day we sat in some resturant in the mall also the young chinese maid did go at mall with us one of my mother's old friend ( south east asian) walked to greet my mom and my mom introduced my sis and me and the chinese maid to her after that my mother's friend say to my mom.
" young maid looks very pretty" that friend said before touch the cheeks of that young chinese maid. my sister even get angry in my mind because she think she is half european and prettier than that chinese maid with small eyes, board round face, short and quite fat. awhile many people use to say my sister is pretty, she has big eyes, long face, tall, long earlobs and seems to look nicer than that young chinese maid in everything but not all of south east asian peoplewanted to look like that. yes I accepted that many of them like caucasian's look but it's not all of them. some young guys find european girls look too masculine, strange eyes'color and look like devil for them, strange hair color like animal's fur, witch's nose ( because many of asian have flat nose so for their standard all european got hookes nose for them), and also albino skin, freckle and hairy. I observe that the far east asian prefer to look like caucasian awhie south east asian teenegers prefer to look like far east asian.
indeed, I find that almost of asian people whom prefer caucasian beauty are in the age aroud 30-80 years old. when the fashion prefer the woman in "s" shape. the women like elizabeth tailer, malilyn monroe, twicky and kim barsinger were famous in asia. but now is different the teenegers prefer more natural innocent's looking girls, like come out from the wild or nature not the girls in "s" shape with a lot of artificial accessories on her body.

u could notice from this pic, the asian girl who is older than the white girl appears to look most younger than the white girl and the Iranian girl.

Otherwise, I think that girl on the vedio did herself misarable. anything is in her head I don't think white woman is prettier than asia.

And that girl on the vedio should go back to stay in china if she dosen't want those immoral whites treat her bad like that. indeed I disagree about the immegrants in abroad. I think they should have their own pride of their nation and build up their own countries, not by staying in somewhere that's not their own being.
however I find south east asian women are prettier than north east asian

how in da hell Tyra cud call sum1 out about bein honest wen she has a fake nose and Lord know what else and doesn't say anyting about it. Tyra is a fake a total fake she trys so hard 2 make people tink dat she's such a gud, honest, person which she is not. She wants people to tink she is perfect which she is not. She is way 2 full of her self and her beauty is not sumting she was born wit, many sum of it but da rest was purchased. She needs 2 get ova herself, get a life and start being honest wit herself and her fans. I was a big fan of hers until noticing how she aways try 2 tel ppls wud dey shud n shud not do. She gat issues she use her show as a way 2 dictate 2 ppl, she aways wants 2 b in control and have every1 agree wit her she talks ova ppl wen dey try 2 voice dere opinions. She is truly a piece of work. She talks down 2 ppl for changing tings about dem selfs dey dnt like wen she did da same. She is a sad little person.

Everyone here just pisses me off.
Z: you dumbass,if that's the case, all white people should go back to Europe,right? WRONG.
Every race has had a part in building this selfish,non-independant ass country so they should be able to live here
if they feel the urge. I can't hel;p it that most of the shitheads in our world won't help the underdeveloped countries. Each country that is rich has helped eachother out in some way and THAT,my friedn, is why they are so successful.
So with that concluded,learn some English grammar YOURSELF,do some research on the bullshit you're spewing, and try again.

Donald You are just a close minded dipshit. I love all races, there are sexy/beautiful/pretty/cute/handome people from every race and there are hideous/fucked up/buck-toothed/cock-eyed/big-nosed people in every race honestly, I believe that anyone who doesn't believe that is just lying to themselves. HAHA and if you would like to get technical; everyone's race is HUMAN.

EVERYONE ELSE: who cares about Tyra's breast?haha.What the hell is wrong with you people?Let's get this straight, there are people everyday dying in wars, dying of starvation, dying of ANYTHING, not to mention people all over the GLOBE suffering,and all you shitheads can think about is if "TYRA BANKS BOOBS ARE REAL & DIDNT SHE HAVE A NOSEJOB?"

I could shit more compassion,logic and reason than you group of saps.


Tyra Banks did not have a nose job or breast implants. In the photos you posted you have 3 photos of her nose:

one where she looks to be 14, one where she is looking down, and one where she is looking up and is older.

1) She is around 14 in photo one. It is common sense that your nose usually grows before the rest of your face making it appear large compared to the face. The nose will also be bulbous and more shapeless and softer. I know because my nose seemed more bulbous and bigger for my face. Then my little face grew into it and by this time the nose was more refined.

2) In the second photo named "after" Tyra is looking down. This makes her nose look pointier and it makes her nostrils look different. Her nose looks a bit sharper, but again she looks fully developed in this picture. Her nose would have refined itself, the bulbousness would have settled down and her nose would have fit her face.

3) In this photo called "before" Tyra's face is angled up. She is also younger then in the after photo. Her nose still maintains its bulbousity, but not as much as before. You can tell her face and her nose are close to done developing however, not quite there. This is why her nose looks softer and more bulbous in this photo. Might I add her nose looks more attractive in the before section, so even if she did have plastic surgery she loses out.

Now I am assuming the writer of this page is not a woman because if he were a woman he would understand how often breast size fluctuates. I myself have to buy two different size bras because once in a while my breasts can go up or down a full size. Breasts fluctuate with weight and hormones. It doesn't mean that you got breasts implants. Also, now that Tyra is older and maintains a fuller size her breasts will naturally be larger, especially because Tyra is obviously an hourglass and hourglass shapes gain weight around the hips,thighs,butt,arms and breasts. This is what gives them an hourglass appearance. Might I also note that Tyra used to be a high fashion model, then she switched to lingerie modeling. She was heavier as a lingerie model. As a high fashion model she was thin and of course had little to no fat on her. Might I also add that you have photos of her from 3 different ages. In one photo she is probably around 16 if even. Models get into modeling because they are extremely young but look more mature. Tyra looks more mature than she is in all of those photos. Therefore her breasts did not mature yet, especially because breasts may not even fully mature until the age of 30. I have some pretty big jugs now, but when I was 15,16,17, I had pretty flat breasts do to the fact that I had a harder time gaining weight and my breasts just weren't developed yet. Around 20 my breasts started kicking in, my metabolism also slowed down so I am sure the weight gain helped...

i think Tyra Banks is the one who trying to be write, that's why she has her nose job, breast implants, skin bleaching & etc. Come on, Tyra Banks, admit it!

I hate how people expect celebrities to look exactly the same as they did when they were 18 or 17 as they do now. People's bodies obviously change, especially when they're still kids! Duhhh....

She does not bleach her skin, fool. Not all black people are the same tone. And people first started to see Tyra when she was like 17, so of course her boobs would've grown since then. And also, since when do white woman on average have larger boobs than black women? I've never heard that statistic....

There really is no need for me to repeat the comments that I agree with and attempt to explain to the people that I disagree with. All I'm saying is "whites" aren't the only ones with big eyes. Quite often some of the most succesful white models have achieved so much by looking anything other than their Caucasian background. Take for example the model Gemma Ward. Despite her blonde hair and green/blue eyes, she does not have the typical Caucasian look. She has the face of an Asian. Her look is described as "alien-like" due to the abnormality of it or "doll-like" because whether you agree or disagree, Asians do look like dolls and sometimes her appearance is even referred to as "baby-like", again it's rare to find a white female consisting of features that are similar to babies, it's mostly common within Asians. Thus, she has succeeded in the fashion industry because of this.

"Take for example the model Gemma Ward. Despite her blonde hair and green/blue eyes, she does not have the typical Caucasian look. She has the face of an Asian."

Another one promoting race mixing. Gemma Ward is not attractive because of her Asian features. They don't strengthen her appearance, they weaken it. She looks odd.

Gemma Ward;



White people usually look better when they are racially pure. If you want a strange-looking child you should race mix.

White girl;


Eurasian girl;


"whether you agree or disagree, Asians do look like dolls"

Do they? Since when do dolls have mongoloid eyes and yellowish/greenish white skin? Such a doll would hardly find any buyers. Dolls generally look like pretty caucasian girls.




This is what dolls look like;





That depends on your doll collection. Anyway, the girl looked better without the surgery. She was cute.

Weird looking or not, Gemma Ward has made a career out of looking that way. Yes unique does not equal attractive, but high fashion doesn’t want the everyday. Only the porn industrial will take absolutely anybody.

07/01/2009 - 20:03

by Emily

"Another one promoting race mixing. Gemma Ward is not attractive because of her Asian features. They don't strengthen her appearance, they weaken it. She looks odd"

Emily- What a joke of a statement. As you accuse alot of people on here who happen to appreciate that fact that racially mixed people can be beautifull and you automatically accuse them of promoting race mixing because of this belief which accorind to your comments one would think you believe they have no right to have so the question is What exactly are you promoting??? How not to promote race mixing? How beauty can only be attributed to non race mixed white skinned northern europeans? You are yourself "promoting" something in your understanding of beauty and that alone makes your perception of beauty subjective and not objective. Are you trying to be smart? Do you actually believe no one knows what your game is? What would you like everyone go around looking like Michael jackson? Cut and disfigure there faces all for the sake of looking like a northern european/european? Is this what you are promoting??? Take for example Michael jackson surrounded by a intensly white dominated western industry he became a victim of it and he lost, but it would be incorrect to say Michael Jackson wanted to be white more closer to the home truth is that Michal Jackson became a victim of the white mans game. You talk non stop about northern europeans this and that and one only needs to point to the never ending comments by you repeating more or less the same old points but beauty is not something you can talk,you cant point to something and say that is beauty, beauty is something that speaks for itself and something which an individual will instantly automatically recognise and no beautifull woman would need someone to put up her picture and point to her and say she is beautifull because if she is beautifull then her looks will speak for themselves. Your emotions for your race sometimes so strongly shine through your comments that one cannot escape the conclusion that you are subjectively motivated and affected in your understanding of beauty and hence naturally this raises doubts to the objective seeker of beauty it is a conclusion you can never escape or change. Beauty is not admired in association to race. When one comes across a stranger one does not first think I will only find her beautifull if she happens to be such and such a race or if she is not racially mixed one is automatically spontaneously either moved or not moved by what they see. In simple Beauty is something that IS. One is not beautifull because they are pure this or that Race or because they are racially mixed. One is beautifull because they ARE beautifull. Beauty is. It is not something you can give or take away from someone it is something that IS. Either your born with it or your not. As for europeans/Northern europeans including swedish yeah they are a reasonable race of good looking people but I have nowhere near felt literally moved or felt my soul stirred by european/northern european beauty it is not in my opinion beauty that moves a soul. It is beauty but it is not inner pleasure beauty is what I mean.

"White people usually look better when they are racially pure. If you want a strange-looking child you should race mix"

What another Joke of a statement. Your so strange your beyond a joke! Agreed some such race mixing can produce undesirable results but then that is no different to racially pure mixed people producing undesirable results and no one is debating or arguing otherwise.If one is unattractive they are unattractive no one will expect they produce a desirable offspring there is no debate about it but this is not a political forum that one is discussing numbers here if you want that your best off logging onto where you will fit in perfectly with the likes of Joker Richards (J Richards) and company. Your above statement along with alot of others alone are invalid and could be mercilessly picked apart but Im not the only whoose going to do that. So even if you wanted to you will never be able to prove the opposite. You cannot disprove that which has not been proven because it will always be open to be proven there is no argument about this. If ive never seen the moon it doesnt mean the moon doesnt exist because its already been proven to exist so just because ive not seen something doesnt mean it doesnt exist, whats not been proven is that Ive never seen the moon but how do you prove that?

Aside from the objective points backed up by data which erik has made and which you have repeated which I dont argue with I cant help escape the conclusion that your subjective understadning of beauty as no woman can be more beautifull than a white northern european woman and all women fall short which is so strongly evident in your comments and which can never be proved as you cant prove as not existing what you have never seen on the basis you have never seen it it is invalid it will never stand,Emily you dont just sound like a Joker you literally sound like a Joker!!!

"Your above statement along with alot of others alone are invalid and could be mercilessly picked apart but Im not the only whoose going to do that"


Your above statement along with alot of others alone are invalid and could be mercilessly picked apart but Im NOT the one whoose going to do that

Emily, your racist outbursts are hilarious which makes me wonder if your a real person or a parody of racist, either way you're hilarious.

Good to finally comment specificly to you. I have a friend, half Thai, and half German. Her dad is so so looking, nothing special, but her mom, a full blooded Thai, is really very beautiful. Her daughters are stunning, and not because of the average looking caucasian parent, but because of the non white one. Truly an example on how you take an average looking white person and see how his offspring is far more beautiful than him, or anyone else in his family. There is nothing odd looking about these women. Emily, on some counts I agree with you (well, one count), and that is that I am proud of my heritage, and ethnicity. But I don't find calling mixed race people odd should not come without the expectation that many people may find it horribly offensive. It is offensive. I am proud of my Celtic heritage and looks. I too prefer blue eyes and find myself attracted to men who usually have blue eyes. I did, though, have two sons with a brown eyed caucasian and had two blue eyed sons. So horray for me for having two more blue eyed Americans!! I had read on a different page that the decline in blue eyed babies being born here in the States had concerned you. For the most part, I find your comments to be pretty ridiculous. And you do seem racist. I thought both of the little blond girls were adorable. But you sit here and pick apart facial features and then call someone who doesn't look how you prefer "odd". It's sick. And weird. Yeah ABBA!!!

Whites are the prettiest race?
I completely disagree...And I'm a white woman.
White Woman.....age faster and have more plastic surgery than any other race on earth.
Without breast implants, lip enhancements, and botox............WE'D PRACTICALLY DIE.
Get ahold of your damn selves...its the damn truth. AND THE TRUTH HURTS!

Go look at Before and After pics of Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox! BOTH HAD NOSE JOBS, AND FACELIFTS.

Everybody is beautiful in their own way. So all the racist STFU! There is no pure race. Evolution changes everything. Human is pure.

First off, Gemma ward is freaking gorgeous! Second, I think mixed ppl are beautiful. There are some really attractive and good looking whites but a lot of their features are way too prominent, that's prob why they like shaving their nose bones and chins, etc... Think about it, it's just as bad as cutting an extra slit on the eyelids. I mean THEY'RE LITERALLY SHAVING OFF A PART OF THEIR BODY! OMG. Cosmetic surgery is cosmetic surgery, as long as you do something with a needle or blade, it's not natural, which is fine but don't try to justify it. 'Cause other than that it's B.S.

I mean if they want a smaller nose, that to me sounds like they want to be more Asian than Caucasian.

EXCLUSIO Video: Tyra Banks Bikini! (video 18+)




ENJOY!!! She pretty sexy...

tyra is so full of shit....and rude...talking over others just so no one can b right but her.....what a flop. shes extremely self absorbed and ignorant

To the punk above who said that the Asian girl was mentally ill, bitch, I'd smack you! The Asian girl was beautiful before and after the eye-lid surgery. She is better looking than Tyra, which was why Tyra attacked her. Tyra is the one who is mental for getting jealous at someone who is younger and more beautiful. Money cannot buy back youth or beauty. It's sad to see rich celebrities trying so hard. Asians are proud because we do not want or need to try to be black or white. We have our own distinct beauty, and if we decide to get bigger eyes, it's the same reason as Pamela Anderson deciding to get bigger boobs. Was Pamela trying to be black when she got breast implants. LEAVE RACIAL COMMENTS OUT bitches! I am proud to be Asian, love my petite body, have straight black hair with big eyes and big boobs, and I would never want to be or look like another race!

she's korean.

learn the bloody difference.

finally. someone sane :)

O asians are the prettiest race.

That's why they all have flat faces like that of apes, and a more prominent jaw, just like an ape. asians got fucking eyes that look like an ape/monkey. they're just fucking boring and ugly. don't look like human at all. just seems they failed evolving from the ape and got stuck half way. Hahaha Ugly Gorilla looking race. with their wide noses that go half way across they're face.
if i wanted to fuck an ape. i'd go to asia. But i'm not into beastilality.
ps. an ugly white individual is far better looking than you, DonaldDickface.

>Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox looked beautiful, even more so before the surgery.
Angelina Jolie has always had a small nose.

>asians don't have small noses. they have flat noses.
there's a difference.

>To the dumb cunt that says white people age fastest? i don't know if you've noticed but it depends on the diet, the upkeep of their skin and exercise.
the average asian ugly is very into their appearance and has a constant beauty care regime. they are told from an early age to look after their skin etc
they often do anti age facial massages.

White people do not bother much with this. they're more laid back. only those that are into their looks and beauty age better as they look after themselves.
this applies to everyone.
if asians didn't take so much time and care into their looks by all the facial massages they do, their diet etc, then they'd age much worse.

White people are the only ones to have fair white skin, variation of hair colour and eye colour. and those asians get so bored with their boring puffed up flat face, they just ahve to dye their hair and put in contacts. lol. s a d .
good luck with the conjunctivitus asian uglies.

And Gemma Ward, she is white. and guess what. she's the prettiest girl in the world.
deal with it.
not of you asian fuglies can compete with a really pretty white girl. you all get jealous.
as i've seen for myself in the street; I was walking down town some day and thise unbelievably pretty white girl walked passed these two dumpy ugly asian cunts.
the two asian non beauty greasy slags sniggered at her, laughing as they talked in their ching chang chong shit. disgusting. fuck asians.
They're so jealous of pretty white girls. white girls that are so more pretty than them, they can't stand it.
cause these asians are so fake with all their makeup and shit, they're ugly.
all they can do is create the illusion of beauty.
but you take that mask off. you see how boring and ugly they are.

Black and White people are the best looking races in the world.
forget asians. asians are disgusting. ugly. horrible.
asians can't even treat their own people with respect and dignity, they've inflicted and forced cannibalism upon eachother example; japanese cunts forced the koreans they captured to eat the dead bodies of their fellow soldiers.
China ravaged and destroyed The Dalha Lama's home, in the end the Dhala lama had to leave their homeland. and move to india.
The most peaceful, good being in the world and that's how china treats them??
Gross. Vile.
Those chinks just jealous of the Tibetans because the Tibetans are a good peaceful people. something chinks can and never will be.
Chinks are just ignorant. arrogant. ugly. soulless and evil. Same goes for Japs.
And koreans just got their head so far up their ass, they have their parents pick their nose for them.
And Thias are just filth and dirt. they don't care about their kids, their own people. that's why they got all those pedos over there fucking them.
asians are ugly and horrible. inhuman and sick.

asians = ugly. human filth.

btw. the white girl with the blonde hair in the pic that half cast fugly sprog posted, sorry to tell you this but that white girl and iranian girl look far better looking and prettier than that asian thing.
that asian looks boring, dull and lifeless. just looks ordinary and geek.

A lot of images from your page are all pornography;
Experts say that pornography is actually damaging sexual drive in men (and some women) to the point where there is "overwhelming let down" because sex has become performance art.
It is even beginnng to influence girls as young as 10 to 'denaturalize" their bodys by removing hair. Comments from some young girls expresses alarm at public hair appearance at the onset of puberty, believing it was unnatural. This reaction to a basic biological development is unacceptable in society.

If you want to aid society, first accept that cultural differences exist on bueaty standards and as the world is globalized, these standards will intermingle with western ideals of beauty.

Men and women have different tastes on what is considered attractive. To want to create an "feminine ideal" is like astroturfing diversity; It simply cannot happen, and is an exercise in futility.

Ideals have varied over centuries and can easily be observed through art, adn thus we can expect the morphology of a popular females forms to continue to vary from one end of the spectrum to the other; Over time, evolution may decide to do away OR enhance sexual dimorphism depending on environmental conditions.

At the endof the day your own sexuality is a personal and subjective matter, and one must not foist your views upon others; as a species were are filled with diversity, and though you may feel the pendulum has swung one way in teh media no doubt it can swing the opposite. Enjoy your life, your women, and allow others to enjoy theirs.

Alyssa: I doubt that pictures of nude women, especially those slightly censored, are damaging sexual drive in men. To me it also appears that people have a preference for hair in some places but not others, regardless of pornography. One does not have to be influenced by pictures of nude men to find more appealing hair on the scalp with or without a lush beard than baldness with a lush beard. Similarly, a hair distribution condition that exaggerates somewhat the sex differences will be found more appealing in women even if people are less exposed to fully nude women.

Cultural differences are acknowledged within this site and even addressed to some extent: and

Whether men and women have different tastes regarding what is considered attractive has been extensively examined in a systematic manner, and the conclusion is that they overwhelmingly share the same tastes:

Time on the order of centuries plays less of a role in changing the attractive female form than you think. Here is an example:

This site is not creating a feminine ideal. A mainstream or majority preference for the feminine form in women already exists, but a mainstream outlet where the best of such forms can be admired does not, and will not unless something is done about it.

The notion of foisting one’s preferences on others applies to the fashion designers who have gone beyond the confines of the fashion world and not even spared beauty pageants catering to the general public. I have no wish to force my preferences on others. The fashion designers can have their pick, let me have mine in a mainstream setting (not men’s magazines or websites featuring nude women).

Speaking as an Asian guy, I agree, Asian women are ugly. Even their "youthful" looks are more infantile than objectively youthful. No race of women ages well, but when Asian women age they look like reptiles. Look at Amy Chua. Their "submissiveness" is also a facade, they are far more controlling behind closed doors, and not in a kinky way, just plain manipulative.

I think women of other races are more feminine in terms of raising children. Seriously, if there was a way I could "Tiger dad" my future sons into becoming Navy SEALs when they have no desire or aptitude for it without giving them psychological issues, I'd like to know about it.

As to what Erik has said previously, white men who choose Asian women have lower mate value, that is evident 99% of the time you encounter that kind of pairing. However, when an Asian guy has game, they almost always go for white women. Like Germany's Vice-Chancellor Phillip Roesler(full-blooded Viet, adopted by German parents) and his German wife, Brian Tee and Mirelly Taylor and Kevin Rudd's son-in-law Albert Tse.

@Danielle- It has been shown that the golden ratio of facial beauty works across ALL races and ethnic groups. Of course, a great body is a great bidy, no matter what color it is. You can absolutely compare the level of beauty between woman of different races. @Erik- It's amazing the lengths that proponents of this site will go to. You spout tomes of pseudo-scientific baloney to promote your racist , misogynistic agenda. It all sounds so reasonable, so well thought out, so calmly and rationally delivered. That's part of what makes this site so incrediably creepy. You can't hide the ugliness behind your rational sounding arguments. It seeps through like oozing rot. But, let's get back to your raison d'etre. If you want to stick to a white standard of beauty, Northern Europe is not the cradle of feminine perfection you claim it to be. Most women from that part of the world are pear or apple shaped. If you want to see hourglass European women, go to Rome or Athens. A disproportionate number of native women in these cities have perfect, hourglass figures. In fact, the further south you go, the curvier the women. I don't know what happened to you to make you so obsessive about this, Erik. Did you accidentally pick up a tranny with a perfect WHR? Some of them look way more like women than your pathetic examples of exalted Eurowomanhood! Betcha' got fooled, didn't you? Ewww.


"Sex between whites and blacks is highly unusual, and in some regions, such as the U.S. and the U.K. Almost all women are capable of sexual intercourse with black men but not all men can do it with black women".

"Whites marrying non-whites disproportionately have lower mate value, which makes their partner choices not just matters of preference but one of compromise, where men, as usual, are less restrictive about who they partner".

Erik is probably one of those white men that he describes her. He probably doesn't have a very multicultural group of friends and probably grew up around only white people. I think he has spoken to a non-white woman once, maybe twice. He probably, in his heart believes, that white people dating black people are not good enough. They lack certain good qualities, couldn't 'get any better'.

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