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A woman with small breasts

Callista from FTV girls

This is Callista from FTV girls.  She has been added to the attractive women section, and she replaces a model going by the name Nikki or Marika.

Notwithstanding her small breasts, contrast her with manly Victoria's Secret models, many with fake breasts.

Callista from FTV girls

How many Victoria's Secret models would prompt heterosexual men to want their hands all over the woman's backside ASAP?

Callista from FTV girls

Model type: 


This girl has a terrible body! She has no muscle tone to speak of. She isn't fat but her stomach looks soft and flabby and I'm sorry but the angle of her ass shot does not convince me that she has shapely booty. So many girls have faces and bodies like this so she is completely unremarkable. You have very poor tastes Erik. I really don't know what you are trying to prove by putting this plain girl's pictures on your site.

Danielle: How about you ask heterosexual men if they believe she doesn't have enough muscle tone or if they have problems with her "flab." More pictures of her backside can be found at the link in the article.

Erik, I am sure that most heterosexual men would find her unremarkable. A lot of them would screw her if she made the offer but that is not saying much. Her face is sort of cute but her body is very average (for a young girl) and terrible (for any kind of model).


"How about you ask heterosexual men if they believe she doesn’t have enough muscle tone or if they have problems with her “flab.”

I'm sure plenty of straight men would find her screwable but not many women would buy clothes or lingerie or cosmetics because she modelled them. She is not what we want to look like. Small breasts are fine on a thin body and flab is fine on a big-breasted body but the combination of small breasts and flab is not what ANY woman wants to look like.

That girl is CLOSE TO what I would want to look like: girlie, no deformities, fine nose, small jaw and chin, baby face (subcut. fat),wide eyes, small lips (not too wide horizontaly, not too fat); she should fix her teeth, though. Not common looking, at all. Average girls look much uglier. If that is plain, than plain is better, more beautiful than exotic. And if there is plenty of girls looking that good, then that is only fair.
I would change her waist to be smaller, limbs thinner, but certainly not add any muscles, that fat is gorgeous, gives a body marble appearance . Also her breasts are too small for my taste, and her backside could be perhaps more projecting.

That is how I imagine princess, sexually unattainable.

Reading the lies such as that of women wishing androginous,manlier look for themselves really hurts my brain, confronted with lies every brain hurts, when it has not been hurt too many times and became scar tissue. SUCH MANLY LOOKS ARE PROJECTING THE IMAGE OF DESPERATE WOMAN, NOT THE SEXUALLY RESERVED ONE. AND THEY ARE NOT REALLY RARE ANYMORE.

image of princess is feminine

This girl is pretty ,her body is average.
Im sure most men would be atracted to her, no doubt ,im sure most women would find her pretty,But that doesnt make her a realistic alternative to a high fashion model.You cannot put a girl like that on a runway...beacause there are a zillion girls that look like her.
Averageness is not celebrated on the fashion industry,average is good for "the people" average is not good to an artist(fashion is an art).

Most people would preffer a rose over a bird of paradise, a florist would problably preffer a bird of paradise...

to bron:

"then plain is better,more beautiful than exotic"

thats your opinion...

many people find beauty on an unusual thing, and you cant say thats a lie just beacause you preffer the oposite.

to erik:

theres nothing special about this girls behind, it is a small ,flat behind ,nothing remarkably feminine about it. youre relating having wide hips and thick tighs to a "juicy" behind when thats not always the case.her hips are fleshy,her butt isnt.


you did good removing those ugly girls, this one is an improvement for sure.


your princess looks like gemma ward...

I am French and heterosexual, and I can assure you that this girl is the perfect girl. Her face is very attractive and cute. She has the brazilian (small breasts, large backside) body that we love in the Mediterranean region. @ Danielle: About the muscled belly interest, only women and gays look at that. :-)


"I am French and heterosexual, and I can assure you that this girl is the perfect girl...
She has the brazilian (small breasts, large backside) body that we love in the Mediterranean region.

Fascinating that French men generally prefer small breasts; white American men generally prefer big breasts.

Erik, do you have any data about racial/ethnic differences in male preferences in female body types?


"Reading the lies such as that of women wishing androginous,manlier look for themselves"

Bron, I am not sure if this comment is directed to me, but if it is, I have never said that women wish to have an androgynous, manlier look *for themselves*. I said that some (not all) women unconsciously respond to an androgynous look in fashion models because women respond hormonally to masculinity.

I have never heard of a woman who wants to look manlier than she naturally does, except for those very rare women who actually want to be men, and that is a separate issue.

Is she ultra-hot? Of course not. But she is quite cute. This is the type of girl that many heterosexual men would be thrilled to have as a girlfriend, and she looks approachable. She is definitely more attractive than the girl that she replaced (while there are a lot of women in the attractive women section that I like, there are still a few who are plain or unattractive in my opinion).

Danielle said:
This girl has a terrible body! She has no muscle tone to speak of.

Wow. You really do not "get" heterosexual men at all. They do NOT find muscle tone attractive in women, or at most are indifferent to it. I'm not sure exactly how much muscle you mean by "muscle tone," and it is nice if a girl is fit and trim, but any pronounced musculature is unattractive. I can still be attracted to girls with a bit of musculature, but I think it is actually more of a minus than a bit of chubbiness.

HughRistik, I am very skeptical of your statement that straight men don't find a toned woman attractive. I don't know what makes you an expert on what most men find sexually attractive but since you are one you may know more than I do. I see girls who look like this all the time. There is absolutely nothing special about the way she looks.

When I spoke of muscle tone I am not suggesting that she needs to look like a body builder or a fitness model. If this girl worked out she would probably have shapelier arms and legs and she could have a flat stomach. Right now she looks like she is all fat and I don't find that attractive. She can get away with it because she is very young but in a few years it will start to get ugly


Just trying to get your whole picture.

Erik, ignore my previous post. I meant to put it another page.

She's cute.I wish she had bigger protruding butt.

SHe's really 'short waisted'. Isn't that masculinization? Her body looks like a chubbier version of mine btw.

NO MATTER HOW CUTE SHE IS> whenever she poses as the prositute like above pictures. it reduces her beauty and I think that what I find western women will never can compare to the beauty of inner and smart of asian women that full of manner, modest and intelligent.

These pictures I posted, They are all Asian actresses from Iran, Pakistan and India , also very beautifull? of manner? character and body? in asia we also have a lot of soft face women whom have also beautifull manner and gentle. If I could post their picture it will never enough space on this site. but as I know ASIAN women are beautiful at heart, brains and body than the western women whom can be only the toy for sastistfy male lust!

Iranian actress I forget her name. but I think she is glamour.

Iranian actress

Iranian actress

Iranian actress

Iranian actress

Iranian actress

Iranian actress

Iranian actress

Iranian actress
Iranian actress

Arab singer

Arab singer

Indian actress Minisha lambah

Minisha lambah

Pakistan model
Pakistani model

Pakistan actress

Pakistani actress

Pakistan model

Pakistani model

Afghanistan actress

Afghan actress

Indian actress

Indian actress

To be honest with you, it doesn't really take much for any hetero man to want to put his hands on anything.

The blonde girl you posted pics of is the kind of cheap looking girl I'd see in the mall and roll my eyes at. She sets back the evolution of women to lower standards. She doesn't have any class.

A woman with class doesn't wear tight jeans like that in public.

The blonde is cute. She isnt ugly or slutty. She is the everyday American girl. Considering that obesity is epidemic in America she looks good.

The actresses that the person posted were beautiful. They have money to spend on expensive treatments fancy clothes and hair saloons, nails. There make up was done by professionals. Everything about them was professional.

The blond e in the pictures was probably in college or something struggling to pay the bills. She looks good for her social status. Some woman in that cast cant afford dental walk about in extra large t shirts, don't wash there face, are obese, ect. ect.

She has a pretty face. However, her body is gross. Her ass is not shapely. It is very flat. Her hips are wide which may make her butt appear feminine but it isn't feminine. It is just flat. Thats it. Her breasts are unpleasant. I have no problem with small breasts but her small breasts don't look good with her frame. I prefer the small breasts of super models actually. At least their frame and breasts go together. She just has a wide frame with small breasts. This is def. the opposite of what any man really is attracted to. Sorry this whole website was actually convincing me a bit until now. Honestly, Erik, I am not so sure even you know what you are really talking about anymore.

Oh and to the people who are claiming that men do not like toned women, I don't know what you're smoking. Even on his website Erik has exercises for women to do. Seriously I don't understand people. Of course a toned woman looks good! A toned woman with fat in the RIGHT places like her breats and her ass is the best. Fat is not preferred anywhere else on a woman. Love handles are occasionally nice but it depends on the woman they are on. Of course thighs that are a bit bigger are ok, no man likes a woman with no thighs. However, a small waist that is trim and a flat stomach with toned arms and thicker but toned legs is preferred. Not a woman with fat in all the wrong places and lacking in the right places like this model Erik posted up. I don't know. This is why I am not a people person. Most people are just ignorant and some just plain dull and slow. And sorry Erik but I just don't agree with you and I can assure you that most "heterosexual" men would pick the Victorias Secret models over your women any day. Personally I prefer one in the middle. Toned with fat in the right places, skin not too pale maybe a cute healthy tan or pink cheeks, nice lips not too wide, baby face like the model above is nice, or high cheekbones are very sexy don't care what you say erik.

I think this girl has a feminine and cute body and face, and the pictures are good since they show that a girl can be feminine and sexy without having big breasts and backside. She is not tall and has short legs so she doesn't have the elegance and grace needed in order to be a good fashion model. She cannot show clothes or lingerie the same way a good model can.

I agree that many fashion models are way too manly and thin, and often even anorexic. Their faces are too often androgynous, or downright masculine. The only feminine thing about them seem to be their breasts, and they are often not real since the models are too thin to maintain their natural figure. I think a good middle ground is the best thing. A feminine girl with "discreet" and soft curves, who is also tall and elegant, with long legs - things that are necessary when you show off clothes and lingerie to women.

"Glamour" models cannot replace fashion models so it's not fair to compare them, I think, but I do think that fashion models have become much too extreme. They don't look at all healthy or feminine. Anorexia, masculinity and androgyny in women shouldn't be glamorized and encouraged, I think.

I think this girl is very pretty/cute. She could turn me straight :D

honestly whoever is hatin on this girl is brainwashed by television and advertising... She is a pretty girl and has a nice body she isnt hella fit but she is real.... this is what people really look like. not all those fake women that are starving themselves wearing tons of makeup and having every picture taken of them edited about 85 to 95 percent... get real. and people like you make women insecure about themselves because your shallow and unrealistic..

honestly, this girl has a beautiful face, and although she doesn't have an amazing body, it is beautiful in its own way. Besides, she does not work out and that would greatly tone her up, adding muscles that would lift and shape her breasts and buttocks!

This diamond in the rough of a girl makes Marilyn Monroe look like cubic zirconium and Jane Russell look like a man (and habib's photo-montage of hirsuite Iranians - coal!). We definitely forgive the eye make-up and the possibly trashy veneer in order to get to the jewel beneath. And to anyone in this forum who has critiqued her femininity ... suffice it to say - there are issues there, there are issues (fucktards!). What this woman does have overall is the lack of flaws: she is neither too petite nor gross in any way (especially having avoided the mis-guided notion to "tone-herself-up" -- and just for doing that she ranks as a genius - esp. when compared with the low-wattage I.Q. levels exhibited above! (Katherine Heigl used to look half-way-decent until she "toned-up" her trapezius muscle to the point that now her neck looks as dense as she is)); But I digress (Back to the woman w/sm breasts)... she possesses a perfect waist-to-hip ratio (0.7) and the 'ever evasive' near-perfect hip contour that many an androgynous woman would justifiably be envious of; speaking of contour the last photo (Profile view) demonstrates the loveliness of her head and face - beauty au naturale; and last but not least the T and A factor: as Pilate said "we can find no fault ... "

so. so. so. wrong. i'm flabby, have a giant arse, and proportionally small boobs. i can name 4 boys i have very recently turned down and one i didnt ^_-. how about you don't talk about what "we" want to look like in order to justify your own insecurities.

I have the exact same body as her...I know it's not attractive but what can I do.. :(
She's still pretty tho! x

She's cute.

Callista is one of the most beautiful young women that I have ever seen. Oh my God but she is so beautiful!!!!! I wish her a long and successful life :-)

Callista is perfect in every way. And I mean EVERY way!!!! Her eyes are so captivating : )

So, "Jim", you are a jerk!!! Are you saying that "pear-shaped" women like myself are NOT attractive to men??? Well, f**k you, because I have a very handsome, hunky Cuban boyfriend (although he really looks like a dark and handsome American guy-he doesn't even have a Hispanic accent!)that is NUTS about my pear-shape-wide hips, round ass, thicker legs, and my 32B cup-which HAPPENS to look like a FULL C-CUP in a nice push-up bra, let alone NAKED-thank you VERY much, sir!!!

I think you should really consider the facts about what REAL men like before you open your fat mouth, jerk!!!

BTW-what do YOU look like????


Nice curves, pretty skin, and lovely face.
Looking good!

Everybody is arguing haha okay.
Here is my analysis.
Her body is fine. I think Danielle finds muscle tone attractive in women because she is a woman and therefore is attracted to masculine features such as muscle tone. However some muscle tone shouldn't necessarily be unattractive as women have to be strong to raise their offspring(from an pro-evolution viewpoint). However for that some muscle tone to show she would have to have an above average leanness to her which would be more masculine. So the some muscle that would be necessary wouldn't necessarily be visible.

I do not think she is ultra feminine because her face is some what childish. This is the reason some consider her cute. Yet just because she is ultra developed with estrogen does not mean she is a bit masculine at all. She IS feminine. I also advocate that there is a margin at which one can be too feminine or too masculine to the point of looking non-prototypical and outlandish. Anything excessive is usually dangerous right?

SO FAR AS FIGURE GOES.. i think she has way more hourglass than runway models. I think she is average.
Now what is wrong with average?
So what if average is very close to ideal?
Do you have to be ultra-strange to be beautiful?
If you took the best looking girl who is feminine and made her perfect body perfect face and cloned her a billion times does this make her not beautiful simply because she is one of many?

But this is just my take. Everybody is so hell bent on there being only one person who can be truly beautiful.

Point is if most any man met this girl, he would find her cute, pretty and SEXY. If she was fun and sweet then they would keep her and probably never have the desire to cheat. Does beauty matter beyond that? Why isn't good enough not good enough?

I think it's just a little ridiculous to argue over this.
Everyone has different tastes.

This is one of the most delightful women I've seen on the internet! I've always been particularly partial to women with small breasta and I just love the way she looks.

shes gorgeous. I could look at her all day long. but I don't think people are really thinking straight here. I don't know how everyone else works mentally but I like the look of her; Not just her body but her body language though I have to say some of those poses look more than a little contrived and as a result she is not actually experiencing a moment of levity but is in fact a little nervous in some of those pictures.

She does not make a very good model because she does not know how to position her body to full effect and she is not assuming control of the situation and being assertive with her body language or so it appears to me. That takes a measure of appeal out of the equation when it comes to the poses she is attempting. They are just not that sexy because she is not creating that impression.

Now as to her body well... I don't think the toned homogeneous look would suit her. her femininity would be ruined I think. If she really wanted to make that buttocks work for her she could definitely use some more muscle back there. Her top half is magnificent. Her skin is perfect.. Her face and torso are just a pleasure to look at... I don't think her fashion choices are the best. haha :)

Her poses aren't sexual to me. They are just too contrived... I don't think she is model material because having a good body just doesn't make a model. It takes a certain personality, skill and some kind of natural ability to display the body to full effect. Modelling is an art and if all you are noticing when a model works is the shape of her body and her imperfections then she is not doing her job.

If a woman with a perfect body flops in front of you nude nonchalantly you make receive an erection but if a woman looks at you with emotion, with a certain look in her eyes, with intent and with body language particular to her motives then you will be stirred in ways that go far beyond "jesus christ you're so fucking hot I wanna bang you"

Anyway these pictures do not make me want to have a relationship with this woman. They don't even make me want to have sex with her. But the first picture makes me curious about her. There is a genuine look in her eyes and it makes me wonder who she is.

It makes me want to meet her and discover if I develop desires born out of that change that happens inside of you when the things that a person says stirs you. When how they say it pulls at your heart and you begin to notice what their hands are doing and the emotions that are translated through the eyes.

It makes me wonder if she could be someone that wipes away barriers like they were nothing and exposes who I am, what my desires are and what my fears look like. But that is a reaction particular to me and that is really my point here. These pictures do not display anything in particular. They show a young woman posing.

Posing I might add in a boring and non-inspiring manner. Posing without heart or conviction. She does not look comfortable or convinced that she should be there and I am not convinced of anything about her. The expression in her first photo no doubt taken before she was asked to pose is exuding real feeling.

That is really her only saving grace here I think. Her eyes are just dazzling when she smiles like she means it. And yes I would take this woman over a model nine times out of ten if we are talking about the skinny ones that do funny faces when they march up and down the cat walk. >_< You know if you married a woman with a perfect body and she was a bitch and a slut no amount of toned or perfect ass would save her.

To all of you out there who think she has 'flab'. I hate to break this to you, but she does not. But then I guess you all like looking at crack whores.

She looks good. Body and face. Everyone that calls her "gross" lies. Tastes differ. But this girl is no where near ugly or "gross". There is nothing wrong with her. She looks perfectly healthy, normal, pretty even. I think that most people do like her looks.
I think that this website is very disrespectful and degrading to women. It judges them by their looks, divides them into "attractive" and "non-attractive", only based on the views and tastes of a person with serious selfesteem issues, as if they were some kind of purebreed dogs.
Why don´t you put some near pornographic photos of manly men on this blog and judge them by their masculinity (or lack there of)?

As a woman with a body that is not perfect by anyone's standards here, I have to say that I think she's a very pretty girl. I don't necessarily think that she's wearing the most figure-flattering clothes in the first picture, but as others have said, it makes me feel good that she's a REAL girl. Someone said that art is all about finding beauty in the rare and exotic, and I'm not saying I disagree, but I think that art is about finding the beauty in someone or something PERIOD. My favorite kind of art is that which forces me to look at something seemingly mundane that I've always taken for granted in a new light. Sunrises and sunsets happen every morning and every night, the stars shine every night-- that doesn't make them any less beautiful. Why can't we all just accept the natural beauty that's right in front of us all the time in everyday people?

The blonde "model" is not very attractive, other than her cute face. It has nothing to do with her breasts. Her shoulders are way too narrow with respect to her wide ass. She is flabby with no muscle tone. In 10 years she will have rolls of fat on her and an even fatter ass. In my opinion she looks like a slut. She must have banged her way to getting on TV.
I find toned women with smaller breasts the most attractive. I agree that women need to have the right amount of fat on them. Actually, women need a certain amount of fat on them to be at their most healthy. This is because of the number of fat-soluble hormones that keep a woman functioning properly. That is why a woman will not menstruate if she loses too much fat.

Two ways to look at it really. Breaking it down from a 'professional model' perspective and just your every day, average look.

Every day, average look, she's a pretty girl. A little small in the chest for most North American men, she'd likely do better abroad than at home, but this girl won't ever be wanting for male attention.

From a modelling perspective, it's pretty unlikely. She has a very unremarkable look and body. Too heavy for a thin model, not curvy enough for a more robust one so clothing work is out. Eyes and mouth are a little small, so cosmetics work is out. Hair is thin and fried looking, so that is out. She might do general product work but that's not going to put food on the table for very long.

If I were her, I'd stay in school, preferably one where she can meet a nice, handsome 'soon to be doctor' and marry well.

Amen! Most of these girls he likes are so ugly!

Wow, when I looked at this girl I thought, amazing, her body is exactly like mine! Small breasts and large hips with a little bit of a belly. I felt great. Then I looked at the comments, and felt less great, hearing my body shape is "terrible", "unremarkable", "not what ANY woman wants to look like" and "gross". I have always hated my small breasts and large hips, I work out quite a lot and have a very healthy diet, my body shape will never change, no matter how hard I try, unless I starve myself and get a boob job. It'd be nice if people stopped judging women by their looks and, specifically, measurements. Reading this post has really disheartened me. I hope the people I interact with on a daily basis are not judging my apparently disgusting body as much as you lot are judging this girl. By the way, I have not ignored the posts that said they liked this shape, its just the comments in the negative posts are pretty extreme and really hurtful to those of us who, through no fault of our own, have this obviously undesirable body shape.

Personally I think the young lady pictured above is very attractive. I am definitely a heterosexual man.

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