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Eva Gaëlle Green

Eva Green

Eva Green looks great, notwithstanding her not so feminine face, often in spite of bizarre or gothic makeup, and she hardly attempts to look conventionally beautiful.  She is added to the attractive women section.



Agreed, she is attractive overall. A few others you might want to research for consideration: Paulina Porizkova, Cheryl Ladd, Cheryl Tiegs, Valentina Zeliaeva, Edita Vilkeviciute, Sarah O'Hare Murdoch, Eva Padberg, Petra Silander, Svenja Parotat.

What do u think of tge actress Ayla kell? She's an actress in make it or break it and she is really pretty. Her name is ayla kell.

What do u think of the actress Ayla kell? She is really feminine and really pretty.

Of the women mentioned by Doug—thank you for the suggestions—I will take Cheryl Tiegs and Petra Silander. I could use some of the others for, say, faces.

Ayla Kell may be feminine and pretty, but she looks like a girl, even in her 2010 pictures. I will pass for now.

There must be a balance between two genders. That is why masculinity and the femininity are equally important......

This site is absolutely the most homosexual site on the Internet. Male on male anal sex is not this gay. Eric, you have such a fear of coming off gay that you hate women, and hating on skinny women is the easiest way to make friends with women. They just want someone say Rachel ray is more pretty then Marisa Miller so they can feel beautiful. Well ladies men love you no matter what.
You are trying to say they aren't pretty because of the genes they have, small breasts, high cheekbones, etc. It's a ridiculous circle, stop it, we all know that Eric is the only one that won't be able to find a "wife"

Eric is not attacking anyone or saying anything of what yr saying, Randy, and you should read and understand the site before attacking the author. It's NOT about homosexuality or befriending curvier women, sorry to disappoint yr limited understandind. ALL HE'S SAYING IS THAT GAY DESIGNERS PREFER WOMEN THAT LOOK LIKE TALL THIN BOYS, WHICH HE THEN BACKS UP WITH RESEARCH, WHICH IS ALSO BACKED UP BY SOME MODELS IN THE INDUSTRY ONLINE- WHO HAVE NO REASON TO LIE. That's ALL he's saying, nothing more and nothing less. He then suggests alternatives and solutions to the problem for women and men who want a more normal and healthy AND realistic image for women and prefer HEALTHY THIN WITH OR WITHOUT CURVES DEPENDING ON BODY SHAPE RATHER THAN SICKY EMACIATED WOMEN DYING COZ THEY ARE WAY TOO THIN!!

You need to understand things and just coming here to attack because you don't like what he's saying or don't agree with it makes you look foolish and ill informed, and does NOTHING to prove that what YOU'RE saying is true either!!

Attacking others does nothing to prove what you say is true; if you disagree with the argument then refute the argument with a convincing counter argument than attacking the person. You just sound foolish with a personal agenda. Wake up and grow up.

I did not like this site the first time i got on it ,but after reading as much of it as i could i think i might like now.It is about white beauty,but it is not saying that other ethnic groups are ugly or not feminine.We all know that nonwhite people can be very attractive and there is nothing wrong with a site that shows how white women are feminine.
I really hope to see this site get viewed more and more by people.I also really hope to see more classy women and less nude models on it.

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