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Maria Sheriff

Maria Sheriff

Not very feminine, but still looks great.  Added to the attractive women section; she replaces Miriam from watch4beauty (w4b); Miriam’s breasts do not appear natural.



i think she's really ugly. she reminds me of that woman jessica barton. her face is a little worn as well, like she's been thrown in a laundry machine.
if you are trying to promote the idea of soft, fine featured, delicate feminine beauty, women like this one will not be good representations.

Fascinating site! I had a few queries though.
1) (This may seem odd) What do you think of the looks of female professional wrestlers such as Torrie Wilson? Obviously women like Wilson are far from natural, but do you find them attractive? If not, why do you think they are chosen for their roles, given that a major part of their job description is to look attractive and draw viewers in that way.
2) I was wondering if you could assess the femininity and attractiveness of two women: the British model Gemma Atkinson (although she does have breast implants) and the Russian swimsuit model Irina
3) Since you (like most men, including me) prefer the "traditional" kind of feminine beauty, what is your view on corsets?

1. I think they look mad altogether. I saw a program about them on TG4. They like what they do so fair play and there are men who like it too, although not all of them are 100% upstairs. Anyways, it is not about being attractive to the opposite sex. e.g. Arnold Scwartzenegger

2.I dont know who Irina is but I've seen Gemma on Hollyoaks. I do not think breast implants are a good thing from a purly physical point of view. The surgury is invasive, it destroys natural breast tissue /shape, it is not permanent and another surgery is inevitable.

3. Corsets are grand unless I see them as an analogy for the oppression and control of women in society but I dont so they're grand. I wouldnt wear them though.

Maria Sheriff is Okay but if you ask me do I find she pretty? I'll say I don't find she is pretty, but she looks okay. Her face looks not balance,no chin, no eyelid, the down lip is thicker than the upper lip and the last one I'd mention. what do you find pretty in her erik?
I will give you the example of very beautifull women in my thinking.

here Arab singer
why I find this Arab woman is pretty.

1. she has very magical eyes and they attacted people to look, only the eyes already prettier, sparker than the eyes of maria sheriff.

2. she has oval face, her face looks balance not too narrow and not too board.
3. she has beautifull nose.

4. she has hour glass shape

5. she has a kind of face that I'd call it "internation face" the face like her can adapt, make up to look like every nations.

6. she has beautifull skin tone, white ivory, looks clean and bright, not too white too remind u the deadly body or not too dark.

And last one Anabella Helall. This true beauty! =)

Hannah: You have odd preferences if you find Maria Sheriff ugly. She isn’t young anymore, but I don’t have large pictures of her from when she was young. An older woman or two in the attractive women section should not be a problem, just as a few not very feminine women there isn’t a problem.

David: I don’t have an attraction to well-developed muscularity in women. Female wrestlers are bound to have above average muscularity or they wouldn’t fit in a wrestler mould. If you consider the muscularity requirement, then Torrie Wilson is among the better looking women with her level of muscularity.

Gemma Atkinson is in the average to slightly masculine range with respect to masculinity-femininity. She has above average attractiveness.

Which Irina are you talking bout?

I don’t like the look of corsets when they make the waist cartoonishly small. Other than this, I don’t know what to say.

More: Please stick to a single alias. Haifa Wehby has a round face, not an oval one, and her skin isn’t like ivory, but light brown (very light brown with minimal sun exposure). Her face looks more feminine than Maria Sheriff’s, and Haifa is more curvaceous, but borders on the overweight. Anabella Hilal doesn’t have sufficient curves, and it is difficult to judge her attractiveness based on your picture. Both these Middle Eastern women have above average attractiveness.

Haifa has had three quarters of her original nose lobbed off.

And Maria Sheriff looks like Chris Crocker

Erik I have just a question and it is not really relevant to this blog but to the whole website.

How do you find the time or money to maintain such a racist, homophobic, paedophilic, ageist website?
I believe you are white, then you must realise that most white women tend to get more masculine as they age.
Let us see your mother's face. She must be pretty masculine by now. Have some respect for other women.

I find beauty in every person, yes even in a sick demented person like you.

If anyone finds Alina's comments a bit harsh or just the result of a failure to understand the motivations of this site, simply check the link below:

Mr. Erik Holland's homophobia is not so subtle on this website-for which he is the English language contributor- and which he also uses to 'backup' some of his more outlandish statements.. While there may be isolated instances of accurate observation on this site the possibility of any truly objective argument is obviously nil.

"I believe you are white, then you must realise that most white women tend to get more masculine as they age.
Let us see your mother’s face. She must be pretty masculine by now. Have some respect for other women."

Odd how you're calling him a racist, yet then trash on the looks of white women like this. Melanin has little to do with ageing. East asian women age much better, despite having moderately or slightly darker skin and much lower testosterone levels. It's due to a whole host of other factors, like whites losing their facial fat earlier on average etc.

But really, I don't find this woman that attractive. Why is it that nearly all of your models have such small faces as well?

Alina: You wrote,

How do you find the time or money to maintain such a racist, homophobic, paedophilic, ageist website?

This is of course a rhetorical question but implicit is the accusation that this site is "racist, homophobic, paedophilic, [and] ageist". That is quite an accusation to make, especially without a scintilla of evidence.

You wrote:

I believe you are white, then you must realise that most white women tend to get more masculine as they age.

I don't know this to be the case and I am uncertain what precisely a white person is?

Your wrote:

Let us see your mother’s face. She must be pretty masculine by now. Have some respect for other women.

Let us see your face so that we can determine whether your hostility to any sort of scientific assessment of beauty is borne out of an insecurity about your own facial appearance.

You wrote:

I find beauty in every person, yes even in a sick demented person like you.

You don't really do you? Talk is cheap. People that utter cliches such as "I find beauty in every person" are merely trying to establish their moral superiority through talk (rather than actions). When it comes to actually choosing a short-term partner you -- like everyone else -- resort to the same set of somatic and facial criteria that everyone else does. (You may not necessarily be able to satisfy all of these criteria in choosing a partner but that does not diminish their universality.)

But you aren't here to contribute an argument, debate a point or establish a dialogue, are you? You are here to whistle in the dark as Evolutionary Psychology dismantles all of the falsehoods that womens' studies, gender studies and queer studies pseudo-scholars have spread over the last 30 years.

-Peter Z

WOW, erik? why don't u show off your name then? why would u use Perter Z instead of erik holland? when u seem to know the best, to verify which sentence is from which user name, even when they using the different name? and u still haven't answer on many of my questions.

zonneschijn: I am Peter Z and I am not Erik Holland. I don't know Erik nor am I in any way affiliated with him. I have read Erik's book on homosexuality and have been following his websites since their inception. I have a high regard for Erik's work and he has my sympathies for having to field all of these silly remarks in relation to that work.

-Peter Z

I'd say the same as alina, why would u on here defending immoral things instead of him? do u know his theorie is only bring this world ruined.
judge people only disporportion? I wish that wouldn't be what civilized people think.

well, peter I've known erik's name for a long time. first time, I didn't interest that much what's a hell he gonna do to preserve white race. but his reaction is getting more worst at everytime. u go to read it carefully what he ridicules on those beautifull women or at least the women who do not have any fault deserve to be his victim. erik and his disciples'goal is to preserve white race not to demolish by the whole majority of immegrants from other races. I understand him and his disciples. this nazi ideal comes in the kind of promote white beauty is the most master in everythings. and u telling me now that he also write such a book?

But even that, I still understand and know the good attention of erik about he wanted to preserve the white race, I do not mind if he 'd write anything about promoting white beauty but this, no need to insult or degrade those supermodel and different race. to stop immegrants into europe, the ambassy and government there already responcible of it enough I sure of that, perhape not 10 years ago but now I sure the forigners could go to europe or usa more difficult.

Your English is quite bad so it's difficult to determine your intended meaning from your posts. I have taken a shotgun approach to your remarks in the hope that I will (by chance) address your concerns as they relate to me.

Firstly, most people don't consider me "white". I am of Mediterranean origin and have some "semitic" features. I am also "ugly" according to many people. So I have no ulterior or self-serving motive. I am not a white supremacist and furthermore there is nothing in Erik's writing to suggest that he is either. I think your chatter about white supermacy and Nazism is misguided.

Secondly, I think it is important to maintain a clear separation in our heads between how things are and how we would like them to be. If you value truth and knowledge you will go where the evidence leads you rather than wehere ideology leads you.

Thirdly, I too would like to live in a Utopia in which physical appearance didn't matter (or at least didn't matter as much). But that is not how things are. It is a well-replicated result that facial and somatic aesthetic values have an objective existence, i.e. beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder. Certainly there is some cultural variation but by-and-large there is a universal consensus on what constitutes an aesthetically pleasing body and face.

Fourthly, you should be on guard against committing the fallcy of the "Argument From Adverse Consequences" (see That is to say, just because something may lead to a bad outcome doesn't determine its truth or falsity. You can't, for example, rebut Erik's thesis regarding the origins of homosexuality with an appeal to the potential for negative consequences, i.e. "homophobia".

Fifthly, short and longterm mating strategies will not vary in an adverse direction as a result of what is published on this website. Low socio-economic status men, physically unattractive men and women, and older women will continue to be excluded and marginatlised not as a result of websites such as this but as a consequence of our Pleistocene epoch neurology. Don't kill the messenger just because the news is unpleasant.

Sixthly, generalising to an ethnic group or race is not necessarily "racist".

-Peter Z

Yes, My english is bad because I'm not english or a mericaneither, I'm half Dennish-south east asian. where I had been stay in europe, majority of german even couldn't talk english.

Peter Z : you state you are Mediterranean origin and have some “semitic” features.why do u think yourself look ugly then? I do not think mediterraneans are ugly, on the contrary I find mediterranean are prettier than nordic women.

about white supermacy and Nazism is misguided
I got erik's site from, someone chatting there, telling about his ideal and gave me this site. and I just tell the true about what those people say there in stromfront.

Peter Z. May I ask u some question? as u support erik ideal, what make u consider which woman is pretty and which one is ugly? what make erik think that the hooked nose is ugly and small nose is pretty?
you know I find he using his own biases. such as, he said Heifa wehby is overweight, aishwrya rai is overweight? awhile his blonded woman, Dana Benn is curveceous? which I find it's not true. Dana Benn is very much fatter than Heifa and aishwrya, she got sack breasts like a cow and very fat hip which u could observe that from this link.
( and tell me if u find Dana Benn has a good shape than aishwrya and Heifa??)

u could see this, for erik, white women always pretty even when she is that fat and her breasts are disporportion? awhile the Indian woman like aishwarya, who all people find her beauty and has slender shape. he finds her overweight than Dana Benn?? he really need some eyeglass.

moreover, erik say classical european nose is small and for me I really do not find the different between small nose of eri's model and the far east asian woman. but he finds nordic woman pretty awhile he has never mentioned about far east asian beauty ( which I find very feminine and softed face). I even put the example and asked him but he denie to answer because he JUST WANTED to support only european beauty.

What's so great about this Haifa chick you're always spamming us with?
Cause I fail to see it :

- Strong shoulders & upper arms
- Manly hands
- Implanted boobs
- Massive ribcage
- Low-placed boobs
- Nose job
- Massive cheekbones (in terms of AREA - they're bigger than her forehead!)
- To bottom it all, a ridiculously small jaw and chin (relative to the rest)

Overall, a rather unappealing face, with no geometrical strength, harmony, balance or integration whatsoever.

But then again, it might be an ethnic thing, maybe she's the greatest thing ever - in Lebanon.
But this site caters to "European-derived peoples" and for a REASON.
If you don't believe that there's a reason for that (objective, non ideological), great.
Then, argue the point instead of spamming us with BIG ASS PICTURES!!!


Here's a sexy singer :

Delta Goodrem


Dewanderer : I think you were a girl, never see any males have such a hatred expression to any women that much like u before. I have never say any women look ugly, but heifa face is cleary feminine and prettier than Delta Goodrem, Hifa eyes are prettier, Delta Goodrem has small eyes, very small head, anyway she looks just fine but not beautifull!

Answer my question? don't get out of the point?
How can you say Heifa wehby and aishwrya rai is overweight? while Dana Benn is curveceous? don't u see on this link?

and I do not spam this site, just telling the true. and I do not like skinny face women. Heifa is prettier and has more feminine face, rounded cheeks, pretty eyes. delta Goorem looks like korean woman, skinny face with small eyes.( I DON'T LIKE SMALL EYES) and heifa got delicated hand. but only your picture she looks ugly because u have intention to find those ugly pictures. anyway, if she'd has the ugly hand indeed?? I'd like to ask u, Do you think all european girls have delicated hands? small nose, oval face? and small waist? I don't think so, almost of european girls I seen, especially the german and scandinavian are ALL FAT! and small head. more freckles than any race.
in my vision the woman who has big eyes always prettier than woman with small eyes and round face is feminine than narrowed skinny rat face.

I think whole of this site have a lot of such a big ass pictures? Do I post any ass's pic yet?? I don't think so.

Let see that your logic's not always true, feminine women are exsisted in every nations.

your picture of heifa is says nothing to me because it's not front the frontal but the side and from many character with bad timing and bad quality. my first picture I posted of her don't u see it clearer and she looks very gorgeous beautifull and elegrant. ( looks like a queen not little girl or just ordinary leaned face woman like delta Goodrem)

but if u find a girl with leaned face? in the other side of the world also have plenty of them

example like this korean girl
Leaned innocent face, yes lovely but I prefer elegrant as beauty than innocent little girl.

Innocent leaned face of chinease actress

Leaned face south east asian actress.

Innocent leaned face of Lebanese. Annabella Heilal

Another Innocent leaned face Lebanese singer, nancy ajram

But how many women in this world could be elegrant? (magnificent beauty)

example :

Pakistani BEAUTY !!

Arab beauty!

Indian beauty!

THis Indian is beauty!

Compearing with original average look nordic girl? I find average asian women are far more beautifull than NORDIC!

In exception to the Korean and Chinese woman you posted, these women all have semi-caucasian features, (i.e. light eyes or skin). And you try to compare celebrities to a random woman off the street? Poor comparison.

Hannah : have u ever watch Blue eyes Gisha( japanese movie) Do I have to post Tribel asian boy in Vietnam with blond hair? or would u like to see japanese baby with blue eyes? it's not always logic that those character are exsist only among nordic people. my brother in jaw is pur japanese and having green eyes one side and another side is light brown. he married my sister and their baby even has blue eyes. I wish I do not have to post people of my family on here.

zonneschijn: You wrote,


you state you are Mediterranean origin and have some “semitic” features.why do u think yourself look ugly then? I do not think mediterraneans are ugly, on the contrary I find mediterranean are prettier than nordic women.

I don't attribute my "ugliness" entirely to my ethnic features. There are women and men drawn from my ethnic group that are beautiful. I don't argue that all men and women of Mediterranean origin are ugly, I claim that I am. My intention in raising the matter was to pre-emptively dispel the notion that I am Nordic and hence self-serving in my commentary. I also wanted to distinguish myself from the the obese and masculinised women armed with BAs in gender and queer studies that come here to pour scorn and vitriol for purely self-serving reasons.

You wrote,


about white supermacy and Nazism is misguided
I got erik’s site from, someone chatting there, telling about his ideal and gave me this site. and I just tell the true about what those people say there in stromfront.

This is a strange form of reasoning. Just because someone on the Storm Front forum agreed with the content of this site doesn't make this site "white supremacist". The matter of beauty and whether it has an objective basis is quite independent from the agenda of white supremacist groups. Whether Erik subscribes to the stated aims of white supremacist groups such as Strorm Front is a matter of conjecture and has no direct bearing on the truth or falsity of the arguments presented here.

You wrote,


Peter Z. May I ask u some question? as u support erik ideal, what make u consider which woman is pretty and which one is ugly? what make erik think that the hooked nose is ugly and small nose is pretty?

"Four important cues emerge as being the most important determinants of attractiveness: averageness (prototypicality), sexual dimorphism, youthfulness, and symmetry."

In middle-age some people experience elongation of the nose and a drop in the tip. Longer, hooked noses look like middle-aged persons noses. The longer, hooked nose with the dropped tip isn't a youthful feature and that's why it isn't widely regarded as attractive.

Is it absurd that we find facial features that are characteristic of youth attractive, even on people that are well past youth and moreover those which we have no intention of reproducing with? Yes. Is it a "shallow" disposition? Yes. But that is besides the point. We are concerned here with (a) understanding what these universal preferences are; and (b) understanding their origin.

You wrote,


you know I find he using his own biases. such as, he said Heifa wehby is overweight, aishwrya rai is overweight? awhile his blonded woman, Dana Benn is curveceous? which I find it’s not true. Dana Benn is very much fatter than Heifa and aishwrya, she got sack breasts like a cow and very fat hip which u could observe that from this link.

You are distorting Erik's words. This is what he wrote,


Haifa Wehby has a round face, not an oval one, and her skin isn’t like ivory, but light brown (very light brown with minimal sun exposure). Her face looks more feminine than Maria Sheriff’s, and Haifa is more curvaceous, but borders on the overweight. Anabella Hilal doesn’t have sufficient curves, and it is difficult to judge her attractiveness based on your picture. Both these Middle Eastern women have above average attractiveness.

You wrote,


moreover, erik say classical european nose is small and for me I really do not find the different between small nose of eri’s model and the far east asian woman. but he finds nordic woman pretty awhile he has never mentioned about far east asian beauty ( which I find very feminine and softed face). I even put the example and asked him but he denie to answer because he JUST WANTED to support only european beauty.

This site is oriented towards European women but that isn't necessarily a bad thing. You are inferring from the sites bias (and I'm not using that word in its pejorative sense) that there is a "subtext" that only European women are beautiful.

Der Wanderer:

Delta Goodrem is pretty but I don't think she is a particularly good example of European beauty. It appears that her chest:waist:hip ratio is close to 1:1:1. Every picture of her that I have seen where she has an exposed waist she is bending her torso to obscure the absence of curvature. She has no bust and no butt. Her face is feminine but not especially so.

-Peter Z

Why Peter Z ? why everyone on here, you, erik, de wanderer or bron have to pronouce " european beauty" that much? why eveyone who looks good always have to fall into white race then? like some beautifull arabs women I ever showed on here last week? erik state they are ramnants of european?
I even chosen the picture of kashmiri girl with blond hair blue eyes, I really want to know he'd still insist that blonded girl is ramnant of european again? why the other race can not attibute their own beauty then?
and do not say to me that all average nordic girl are pretty? because I seen them everydays, especially the scandinavian and german are terrible ugly. I'd find some aborigin ocenic woman in hawaii with tanned skin, slim body and sexy slant eyes are more prettier than those fat cow viking girl, a lot of freakles, cellulite at their thign, flabby skin just like a lazy woman, who has never exercise, light deviled eyes with dry blonded hair that seems to look like scarecrow head for me.

To Hannah : Blond hair, light eyes dosen't mean it always can happen only among caucasian race. I also got a pictures of native people from other race that even where caucasian people have never been there to mixted their race with them.

Afghan girl who turnes to be Indian actress, this ne aso got original blue eyes, she looks very gorgeous on movie shakalaka doom doom, if anyone don't believe me and find my picture is edited by photoshop?? I dare all of u to go get this flim and take a long? and u will say the same to me, her beauty is notherless from natali Galebova, miss russia universe.

Original Berber girl ( arabs from northern of africa)

Original Pamirnote girl from Tibet.

Arab girl from yemen.

Original Moroccan princess, lalla salma

Arab women eyes.

A child from Mhong tribe in south easth asia

Indian girls from the dessert of the west of India

bright eyed asian from the west of china ( Xinjing) close to Uzbekistan.

Arb girl

Light hair and light eyes are not occur only among european, but occurs in all nations that living in dry weather, such as in the area between dessert and cold weather.

Personally from my experience, I find lighted eyes in the arab' tribes in dessert have more lighther eyes than the blue eyes in european people. some, the eyes are ligther than blue just like cristal, almost see no color in it.

such as this one.

or the eyes of aishwraya rai.

Or the eyes of this pakistani model.

Thanks, Zonneschijn. Thanks for posting the pictures. They are all truly photogenic.

The children especially are very cute.

More pictures please. Post them on them on every blog and show these BIGOTED, XENOPHOBIC, PAEDOPHILIC people that this world has more beauty than some vulgar porn starlet.

Mom :

More pictures please. Post them on them on every blog [...]

No thanks.
There are way too many already.
Time to cleanse the place =)

[...] and show these BIGOTED, XENOPHOBIC, PAEDOPHILIC people [...]

Oh no, the PC Brigade again!

What a bunch of one-trick Ponies :(

Yes this is your mom Der wanderer my racist son. Now you are showing your true colours as a BIGOT.

I am not arab by the way,I am a Buddhist so no I am not offended by your feeble attempt.

Zoeneschin this is a picture of Der wanderer and his trashycousin and their wedding.

Can you please post the pictures on this moronic blog so that we can all see it?

Unfortunately I am too busy working at the moment to bother with posting this.

White people (european looking)occured from liht skin middle easterners mixted race with central asian (mongol). u could notice that european people have both features mixture between Central asian and Middle easterner.

example of this Iranian girl , her father is a part of Turk azari ( mongol descendent of Ghankis khan from the west of china,and her mother looks like ordinary middle easthern woman with deepset eyes and long nose.

another example : middle easterner woman who has turk azari ( mongol descendent from central asia) her son looks almost like european child.

MOngol mother and middle easterner father, their son looks quite like european.

kashmiri girl from the north of India ( where mixted race between Indian and central asia (mongol)

Kashmiri girl :

yemen boy :

arab girl.

Ordinary Central asian guy with blue eyes. ( this type of face when marry with middle easterner woman, their children will look completley like european people.

Afghan childeren.

Arab childrens

Iranian blond

Blue eyes arab

Palestinean child

Arab girl


Blonded hair black skin boy.

Turkish girl :

Moroccan girl :

Middle easterner boy with green eyes.

Another example of blonded girl from mixted face of mongol and middle easterner.

Shabagula is also the good example of mixted race in central asia.

zonneschijn, YOU LIAR; I HAVE NEVER MENTIONED ANY RACIAL ISSUE, or any european primacy in beauty department, what I had advocated, was venting of my impression, (I know what I like, when I see it, I feel the pleasantness, and I know what I want to look like); but was also supported by researches, which you can read also. You are trying to deny the facts, you give an impression of a fool.No one in his right mind can take you seriously. The irony of it is, that should you go to brain detector, you will probably be faced with your insincerity and self deception.

Shabagula girl grew in sickly ugly woman, and prematurely aged, too. An interesting detail I note: her eyes turned brown.

Read this excerpt from

"From this we can conclude that all blue-eyed individuals are linked to the same ancestor," Eiberg said. "They have all inherited the same switch at exactly the same spot in their DNA." Eiberg and his colleagues detailed their study in the Jan. 3 online edition of the journal Human Genetics.

That genetic switch somehow spread throughout Europe and now other parts of the world.

But FROM WHAT I OBSERVE BRON, YOU ARE ADMIRE WHITE BEAUTY ISN'T IT ? so u always defend on those page instead of Erik? don't u?

and It Is the FACT!, u will beleive or not I don't care, but from my experience, because I seen with OWN EYES, and I FEEL observe that those type of face (European) occures, when the Middle eastherner married with Turk AZARI ( mongol in central asia) even my own newphiew who her mother has abit Iranian in her, 5 or 10 generation already and her husband is Japanese ( of Hokkaido, where people said influence of russia) their children has blue grayed eyes. I really want to post that baby's picture but I cann't because I do not get permition from the parents's baby to put tehir children on this racist websit.

How to produce white race?

: follow this description.

When we have the mother looks like this ( middle eastherner woman)

And have this mongol father ( MOngol in central asia, tajikistan, the west of china)

Then we can produce the european looking's child like this pic.

Another of example, the white children from MOngol father and middle eastherner mother.

The white children with MOngol tajik grandpa and grandma !

Then we can produce BLOND people

The white people comes from Middle easthern mixted race with Mongol from central asia.

zonneschijn :

I think whole of this site have a lot of such a big ass pictures?

You don't get it.

1 - You can always post Thumbnails and not clutter the page like that.
2 - You don't need a hundred pics to drive your point home.

Two would suffice :

Kumbaya, my Lord !
We Are All One

Hare, Hare ...
Krishna, Krishna ...
Krishnamurti Matahari

blah-blah, blah-blah

You badly need to master The Art of Synthesis
Now, do us a favor and park ur ass where it belongs

Thank you.

De wanderer :

Well, I do not racist like u, I have never say any race is better than the other.I just trying to say everyone in this world are all human.
but indeed, go watch mildstone documentary, what I said on here are the same to that documentary.



Poor Der Wanderer is unhappy because his white/euro trash girlfriend left him for a arab/black guy with a bigger willy.

He is insecure with his size and is taking his frustration out on the computer.



YEAH..... (??) All of a sudden I need your admission for that and perhaps a certificate of racial impartiality.

I don't write for Erik's sake and instead of him, I am self-serving in voicing my observations.

And I did take a look into the site u gave me, de wanderer. those people in those board are amazing, they have light eyes and light hair though, but their face stil can not be verify as nordic? they are the ramnants of european like erik said. ( such as the light eyes in arabs , could be the descendent of alexander the great and european had been trade to middle east more than thounsand years.) but the pictures that I posted above, those people have no any relation to european. they are the example of how white race comes from.

be accept, nordic people in scandinavia are the descendent of mongol azari, special mongol people in central asia, mixted blood with middle eastherner. infact, the real caucasian are middle eastherner. the nordic in north and middle of europe are the mixted race of middle eastherner and mongol from central asia. you can go take a look at mildstone documentary of discovery chanal. the producer of this documentary is nordic guy, white hair and light blue eyes with deepset small eyes. he has observed that nordic people have features' mixturing from mongol and middle eastherner.

Can u guess which one is Mongol Azari? and which one is european?

The last one, comparing of the Middle eastherner face, european face and Mongol-Azari face.

I was NOT saying that non-europeans could not have european features, I was saying that the pictures of beautiful women you are posting have caucasian features, and do not look like most non-europeans. When I think of beautiful ethnic women, I think of women like Naiomi Campbell, who is part asian and part black. She does not have light coloring at all.

zonneschijn :

And I did take a look into the site u gave me, de wanderer. those people in those board are amazing, they have light eyes and light hair though, but their face stil can not be verify as nordic?

Look, mom:

I'm WHITEY too !

Sieg MEOW !!!

Oh, my ...
On a more serious note:

You're seriously misguided, this is NOT a "nordicist" site.
You are giving way too much importance to secondary traits as skin, eyes and hair color, those matters are rarely addressed here. You clearly haven't read enough of this site before jumping to conclusions.

Stop knocking down that strawman, you're making a fool out of urself.

BTW, your Blue-eyed Supremacism is quite spooky, if you ask me.
It reminds me of Mengele. You need to go through some serious Sensivity Training

Now, GTFO, do your homework, and get back to us when you're done.

Thank you !

Please keep posting the pictures Zoennesijn,

Lovely pictures! Keep them coming. More please.

More, more, more.

Teach them trailer park Euro/Redneck Inbred Trash.

Hannah : Indeed, the european looking non-white people are rare to find, but u could see much ( much of them) are in the countries around central asia, where has dessert and cold weather in same time, tundra field. where the forest are not much, dry cold or dry hot weather. people tend to have narrow face, light hair and light eyes. the beautifull cerebraties I have posted above the section middle easthern and mongol central asia could produce white race. those middle easthener cerebraties above, with light eyes live in lebanon, palestine, kashmir, pakistan and afghanistan.
but also have some people seen light eyes and light hair arabs in yemen, morocco and Iraq. but quite rare to find in Iran, saudi arabia.

about mongol- central asian with narrow face, light eyes and light hair, almost are living in central asia such as kyzgystan, tajikistan, uzbekistan and turkmanistan. And some in the west of china ( Xinjing). For the light eyes mongol in china, their skin are not that white and have blond hair like in mongol-azari in central asia. you can not find white skin and light eyed asian people in far east asia countries. I do not have any intention to put the topic about racist up, that those central asia and middle easterner with light hair and light eyes are better than ordinary asian people. Personally I like dark hair very much as same as dark eyes. It looks healthy and ordinary classic. But those whom carring light eyes and light hair are also exotic to look. ( but I do not wish it on me)
I find all human, caucasian, middle eastherner , asia and black people are all relatives. We got different looking because the geography of the countries we are living. And it’s nice to know the story we don’t know? about our relative in the other side of the world? that people are not often know about them, or even do not know how they look like.

Mum, InBredWhiteTrailerTrash : I find this site is only the biases of Erik. I do not againt him about all women on this site are looked just fine, as same as the black women, far east asian women or arabs. I try to put this artical up to let erik see that every races are relate to each other. I know erik intention, I have ever heard him mentioned on the racist websit, he said the white people with blond hair will be disappeared from this world in 200 years. Because all caucasian like to get marry with asian, black, hispanic etc. I do not mind if he wanted to preserve his race, he could do that or even make this websit to promote white beauty? But I don’t like that he insults the other races are underdeveloped. Because we are all know where white people comes from? Middle eastherner and Mongol- central asian.

De wanderer :
May I ask u some question? If u were black guy what’d u going to do? When some white guy mentioned u the same way u mentioned adriana lima, heifa wehby and a lot of non- white supermodel about their disproportion?

The first link u sent me, I do not like both, the black people makes board to say bad to the white nor the white makes board to say bad about black.

To everyone : Have anyone on hear ever observe? Why all nordic models of erik seems to have gracil face, small nose ( even sometime appeared like pig snout) deepset small eyes and very weak bone? That because they have the features’ mixturing of Mongol

Mongol azari with blond hair or (Central asian)

Central asian

Mongol Central asian

Comparison of Arab girl, european girl and Mogol Central asia

Again u could observe, the features of middle eastherner and mongol- azari in european girl's face.

Comparison of the shape. arab, nordic european and Mongol-azari.

Well Erik alias Bron alias Der wanderer alias Peter Z etc; etc; don't like women with defined features because they threaten him and he is a wimp.

He only likes non threatening women with weak bone structure because they look like children. Disgusting!

Nordic european are the mixture of Mongol-central asia and middle eastherner and that's why the nordic have small nose, some even have piggy nose tip, deepset small eyes and smaller body.

ORIGINAL caucasian people have downward nose’s tip, the nose quite big, deepset big round eyes, double eyelids and slender tall structure. the appearance of nordic women that erik showed are not common among ordinary nordic women that I seen everydays.

The example of the picture Mongol-central asia mother who has her son looks like nordic european boy.

If he has much influence of mongol-central asia, the boy'd grow up to look like this pic. ( quite like russian)

On the contrary if he has much influence of middle eastherner, he'd look like the boys in the pic below.

The childrens of village in central asia, where all people are mixted of Middle eastherner, mongol-central asia, the childrens are tend to look like cauacasian.

ery feminine and lovely young Mongol-azari half Middle eastherner.

Mom / Inbred non Eurotrash



I am WOMAN and don't like robust frame, defined features, but neither do I like children's flat noses and cheeks that are not yet horizontaly prominent. Nor close set eyes.



Bron : go find mildstone documentary to watch okay? but mongol-azari I do not say they look completely like european? but I SAID IF THEY MIXTED RACE WITH MIDDLE EASTHERNER, THEY WILL LOOK LIKE EUROPEAN. I GOT THE PIC, LET'S SEE NEXT TIME, THE PIC OF THEI CHILDREM BETWEEN MONGOL-AZARI AND MIDDLE EASTHERNER.


Well, I don't know where to look for it :(

MOngol central asian childrens, I'll call them eurasian when their face tend to look more like european. the thing that make them turn to caucasian that's they have more double eyelids than ordinary mongol-central asia, because the influence of middle eastherner.

They may look dirty? without the tanned red skin from the sun of dessert, they'd look completely like northern european people, because of light hair, light eyes, freakles and small nose.

Arab girl

Blonded hair arab boy

afghan girl

: last three pictures for de wanderer.


They may look dirty?

Why dirty?? Man, you're funny.


Was that your wimpy attempt to insult me? Yaaaawn, come on you can do better than that.







hehehe this is fun, I am enjoying this.

Muah, muah, muah.

Love to bron from your stinky trailer trash mom.

Hey, ILLBRED TRASH I am enjoying it too, you APE

Jerry Springer, yeah, thanx for clearing it up for me, I knew there was something about you , hellish....that's why you are void of elementary nurture.

Was that your wimpy attempt to insult me? Yaaaawn, come on you can do better than that.

NOOO, I couldn't. You are master of self abasement. AND THAT PISSES YOU OFF.





See, how we are improving our acquaintance


Oh, well, I squandered sufficient time for you; I still have words in my treasury, mind you. But I really want to forget you, and I am drowsy now.

I should not mingle on blogs with a dirty RACIST PEDOPHILE.

Bron : Sorry bron, um....I mean their cloth, heir face are looked dirty , but if u look carefully, they are looked quite like european, when without the reddish tann skin of the sun and dirty cloth they wearing.

OOOpsss....! I posted the wrong one

Very beautifull thai woman. ( south easth asia)


So you have decided to scoot with your tail between your legs you pathetic racist bigoted , xenophobic, homicidal paedophile.
And I was just starting to enjoy this.

You are such a pathetic LOSER that you are coming back with my words and insults. Can't you be original?

Next time watch the crap that comes out of your fetid mouth because you will just be slammed right back with ten times more.

Now go to hell and rot there till eternal damnation.

All these ethnic people you are posting pictures of as examples of beauty have caucasian features. If you are going to try to prove that ethnic looking women are beautiful, you need to post pictures of women that do NOT have caucasian features, or you aren't going to prove a point.

Ummm : I accept two of those beautifull women ( except of ethnic people that's not from the cerebrties) have european blood. the least are all ethnic people without european blood. I don't understand how u say I have to post the pictures of ethnic people without european features? I believe one thing that around this world, be about almost of people have the same acknowledge, what's beauty and what's not beauty? what I trying to say is it's not always true that ethinic people can not look beautifull? anywhere I go, japan, thailand, europe, arab etc. I find the word to describe "beauty" of each ethnic are not that much different, each countries got their beauty ideal of their own, and they are not much different, their beauty ideal do not have to be based on european's beauty. so, to say that I post the pictures of non-european with european features are freaks it's quite not true. when u show all these pictures to people from different ethnic. such as middle east, central asia, thai, china or native african people. I sure if they do not use biase, almost of them would find the women I post as pretty.

such as this pakistani actress, she looks quite like european. I believe people in pakistan find her pretty and take her to be actress,
whom'd think about her beauty is in the same way like european? but just all humans in this world have not much different, about beauty ideal.

This woman you say is pretty could pass for half caucasian. Find images of beautiful women that don't look like they are mixed in any way. People often praise the beauty of Aishwarya Rai, for example, but she could pass for half white herself.

How about this chinese woman? I find she is very femininemore than any of erik's models. can clearly see her feminine that much the most on flim The dual 2000, chinese movie. her skin is very delicate and white as nordic woman, pink cheeks and chubby skin but not overweight, she has small arms and legs but chubby face and beautifull nose, big rounded eyes but I do not like it that much because she has no eyelids. anyway she is very feminine and cute. I trying to find some programe that I can save some pictures of her in that fantasy chinese flim. she looks very stunning, the cloth aso megnificent and reminds me of lady shalotte and arthur more than some kind of chinese epic.

Once again, I find it quite difficult to find this chinese actress's pictures on internet. on movie she looks very much prettier than one of her pics I post. what I like the most in her is her milky white skin and pink cheeks, light brown eyes. I will try to save her pictures from the movie to post on here when I can, u will see that she looks very feminine and even myself I quite sure also that erik'd find she is very feminine too. and when I could post those pictures of her and erik still wanted to insist in feminine white woman, and I something wrong in thise chinese woman, that time I will consider that the person who is lifetime exclusive homosexual is erik himself.

What a joke, this zonneschijn guy.

He says he's a Buddhist, but here you have him, arguing endlessly about the subtleties of the "Veil of Maya" in such an agressive, assertive, stubborn, un-Buddhist manner.

Me thinks he's a phoney Buddha.

A UNESCO Buddha.

when I did I say I'm buddish u get misunderstood, de wanderer? mum is buddish but I'm not.

De wanderer : I accept that erik's models are feminine, far east asian are feminine. but I find very feminine women are not beautifull and elegrant. personally, I like mediterranean women or arabs more than nordic and far east asian. they have beautifull eyes, clear double eyelids and exotic. it's better than to be feminine but not pretty.

Erik : first of all I do not have attention to spam this thread but I wanted u to take a look at this theory abit. it's quite interesting.

May I ask u one question? why don't u open the section for the visitors to pose the picture of feminine women in their openion?

“Long back in the year 1900 Henry Fairfield Osborn, the head of the American Museum of Natural History, New York wrote in an article in ‘Science’ journal predicting that Asia must be the source of fourteen orders and countless species of mammals. He argued that the uplift of Himalayan Mountains to the south of Asia would have caused periods of desiccation in central Asia. Such environmental change, Osborn reasoned, would have forced the higher primates to adapt to unaccustomed habitats and the biological stress imposed by the changes would have channelled evolution towards the development of fitter and better-adapted species, ending in the origin of man.”

2. In the year 1910, Grey Pilgrim of Geological Survey of India discovered two parts of a lower jaw in the Sivalik Hills of northern India. In the year 1932, G. Edward Lewis discovered the upper jaw of a hominidae dated 15 million years ago. These findings led to a speculation that a pre-human species named ‘Rama Pithecus’ was found. However, later research proved this false. It was an ancestor of the ape Orang-utan of South East Asia and not humans.

3. Many anthropologists were biased on African origin of humans. Therefore, they discounted Asia as a possible origin of modern humans. They based their argument on the fact that stone hand axe was found only in Europe (in the western and southern India as well) whereas only pebble tools were found in Asia. An imaginary line was drawn on the map connecting Caspian Sea and Bengal called ‘Movius Line’. Left side of this line was considered as that of better-developed ‘Hand Axe’ culture and the right side as that of under developed ‘Chopper chopping’ culture (using pebble tools). Eurocentric bias favouring Neanderthals as superior toolmakers of the past strengthened this idea.

4. In later part of the 20th century Russell Ciochon pointed out that east of the Movius Line was the bamboo region and early man could have used perishable bamboo tools instead of stone for hunting. This could have helped him to develop his evolving brain as stone tools did in Africa. He went further to suggest that the mysterious, better equipped Homo sapiens who moved into Europe 40,000 years back and caused the extinction of Neanderthals, could have been these developed men from the east. They were called Cro-Magnon people who created the cave art of France. The famous writer Isaac Asimov, in one of his essays speculated that Cro-Magnons could have used bows and arrows to decimate Neanderthals (bows and arrows could have naturally originated from the bamboo region).

5. Russell Ciochon, John Olsen, & J. Jones, in their book of 1990 describe how they came across fossils of Homo erectus and Gigantopithecus side by side in Vietnam. Giganto jawbone was also found in India at Bilaspur (Himachal Pradesh) and Amphipithecus jaw was found in Burma. Both of these are dated as 45 million years old. They opined that archaic Homo orders could have evolved in Vietnam who coexisted with Gigantos, even as late as 800,000 years back. Giganto’s main diet was bamboo shoots like Giant Panda of today.

6. Richard Dawkins in his recent book (2004), “The Ancestor’s Tale” refers to a family tree depicting that

a) 25 million years back the ape line and monkey lines branched off in Africa,

b) About 20 million years back the advancing ape line changed its venue to Asia till about 10 million years during which time Asian apes Orang-Utans, Gibbon and Siamangs evolved,

c) After 10 million years before present, the theatre again shifted to Africa from where Gorilla, Chimpanzee, Australopithecus and humans evolved.

I started taking interest in the human evolution twenty years back. Since then I had a common sense doubt that Asia and Indian Himalayas must have played a role in the human evolution. My line of reasoning was like this: There is only one species of humans and four species of apes (five if you count Bonobo as separate from chimps). Out of the four ape families Gorilla and Chimpanzee are found in Africa, not in Asia, Orang-utan and Gibbon are found in South East Asia and not in Africa. If the four ape families had a common ancestry, such a creature should have lived only in Himalayas if we see the world map notwithstanding credence to the ‘Yeti’ legend. As I started searching for evidence for my theory, I found the above references in US libraries.

Projecting my common sense logic and assembling different bits of evidence available in scientific writings, I am tempted to conclude a story as follows:

* Around 65 million years ago (Ma), catastrophic showers of asteroids caused huge dust storms, shutting out sun’s rays for months. Consequently, photosynthesis ceased. Eco-systems and food chains collapsed. All big dinosaurs died out. Small winged dinosaurs slowly evolved into birds. When dust cleared, small scurrying mammals gained ground and started evolving into many new mammalian species. This included “Euprimates” (Ancestor of prosimians, monkeys, apes and humans) which is said to have evolved somewhere in the tropical forests of South East Asia.

* Between 35 Ma and 15 Ma, when the first phase of Himalayan upliftment was over, the great Himalayan river systems (Ganges, Yamuna, Indus, and Brahmaputra) evolved and caused forestation of the southern slopes in Greater Himalayas (Himadri). Prosimians (Loris, lemur etc.) had branched off from Euprimates, leaving the rest to evolve into “Amphipithacus” (Ancestor of monkeys, apes and humans) somewhere in China. Then monkeys branched off, diversified and spread all over the old world. Monkeys dominated the treetops. Heavier primates, “Euhominoids” (ancestor of apes and man) occupied lower tree branches. Himalayan slopes could have had some of these advanced primates. One such identified species could have been Sivapithecus. Living on trees helped primates acquire depth vision, gripping hands with opposing thumb, and hand-eye coordination. Their brains enlarged and advanced.

* Between 15 Ma and 7 Ma the second phase of Himalayan upliftment (Central Himalayas or Himachal was formed) occurred causing great disturbances in the habitat of these early primates. One group of Euhominoids migrated to South East Asia to evolve into Gibbon (on treetops) and Orangutan (at lower levels) apes. Another group moved to Africa, as by this time the intervening Tethys Sea between Africa, India and the southern ridge of Eurasia had shrunk into Mediterranean Sea connecting the adjoining landmasses. These primates in Africa evolved into Chimpanzee (on treetops) and Gorilla (at lower levels). The remaining Euhominoids in East Africa advanced in evolution as “Australopithecines” (ancestor of Humans), as they started to compete with carnivores on the ground for meat. In the third phase of Himalayan upliftment (2 million years back), the Sivalik slopes were formed (Naimisaranya). No ape family remained in India during this period.

When she was younger;


I had sent you an email regarding your opinion of Persian women, here is an example, this model is Maryam, what is your impression of her beauty,,anyone please feel free to comment..¤t=maryam8.jpg



another image of Persian model Maryam


Michalle : Maryam looks very sexy and attactivefor me. but I do not think she'd be verify as feminine women for erik. I think she has melform nose which it's very obvious, also her thick eyebrow and high cheeksbone, large body structure. indeed, the large woman can be feminine too and I'd recommend natalie glebova and Katrina Kaif as feminine large women.

here's a pictures of Katrina Kaif (India part british supermodel) eventhrought katrina got large structure by her tallness but her face shape, lips, shoulders, waist and legs are very feminine like short women.

katrina kaif=masculine

I also used to think that aishwarya rai, katrina keif, kareena kapoor would look masculine and bulky, as I've seen them got large shoulders on the tv. but I had seen them already a month ago in fifa party, in bkk. they are smaller than I did immegin. I guess the Indian producers would like them to look bigger than their reality, by photoshoping.
I say the true of what I've seen them. but aishwarya rai isn't look that great and sexy like on the flims and posters. indeed, she looks like ordinary Indian women, quite thin, small arms and legs but her shoulders, breasts and belly are quite fat like hispanic, her skin looks lighter than on the flim "the last legion", slightly pale like north east asian women, smooth and abit pink which I do not sure it was because she took a lot of skin whitenning, plus make-up. her eyes aren't blue gray like on the commercials. I just know it's the color contacts she always wearing. her real eyes'color is hazel like tyla bank. the overall she looks okay, calm beauty but not that delicately beautiful.

About Katrina Keif, she isn't that tall also, I guess she's tall around 170-175 cm, shorter than average caucasian fashion model. and kat also looks shorter than her real tallness cuz she got plumped body. and I think the reason aish and kate look larger on the flims, cuz they got bony facial's features and full shoulders and belly, but still they look okay.

any know what documentary "zonneschijn" is talking about?

She is ugly.

zonneschijn is an idiot. Whites have not been formed by the mixture of middle Easterners and Central Asians. Indeed Middle Easterners were formed by the mixing of Europeans, Ancient semites and negroes. Central Asians were formed by mixing of Europeans and Mongol like populations. And those Bollywood babes and Arab babes look nothing like the average Arab or Indian. Indeed they look more similar to Europeans than to their populations. In other word a shift towards the European facial norm is needed in these populations to look beautiful (there are few exceptions). In other words Europeans the original attractive people who have spread their genes and improved the looks of people in the middle East and South Asia.
Have you seen the average person on the street of Cairo or Mumbai? They are so so freakin fugly with primitve features. How can you compare them to space age looking angelic Nordics?

link | Submitted by Kakee on Thu, 01/07/2010 - 02:03.

''In other words Europeans the original attractive people who have spread their genes and improved the looks of people in the middle East and South Asia.''

Europeans have NOT improved the looks of the BEST LOOKING people of South Asia because the people acknowledged as the BEST LOOKING people in South Asia do NOT have ETHNIC EUROPEAN FEATURES and even light eyes/hair is rare because it was NOT as DESIRABLE and HENCE BREED OUT. BEAUTY OWES MORE TO ETHNIC FEATURES than mere skin/eyes/hair colour. ETHNIC FEATURES hold MORE weight. WHITE skin does NOT BELONG to EUROPEANS. EUROPEANS do NOT OWN and NEVER will OWN or have a MONOPOLY on WHITE skin/FAIR hair/eyes. MANY races passed through South Asia including NON-EUROPEAN WHITE SKINNED RACES and it is MORE than possible the FAIR/WHITE SKIN of some of these SOUTH ASIANS owe there ORIGIONS to these NON-EUROPEAN RACES. DONT be too quick to claim what may NOT be NEVER has been and NEVER will be YOURS. NOT EVERYONE on earth with WHITE skin owes it to the EUROPEANS.

As far as ORIGINAL ATTRACTIVE PEOPLE goes CERTAIN NOT ALL European FEATURES are ADMIRED on a GLOBAL level but this is NOT SYNONYMOUS with NOR EQUAL to 'EUROPEAN BEAUTY IS ADMIRED ON A GLOBAL LEVEL' for BEAUTY is the 'OVERALL' NOT the parts or the SUM of its parts but the WHOLE itself. ERIK is NOT arguing and NEVER has argued 'EUROPEAN BEAUTY IS GLOBALLY ADMIRED' and NOTHING is stopping him from doing so if that indeed were his argument or if he indeed did believe this. He has at best been more than HONEST in his work. He argues EUROPEANS are ADMIRED on a GLOBAL level because of or for CERTAIN FEATURES he is NOT arguing and his argument is NOWHERE CLOSE to 'EUROPEAN BEAUTY IS ADMIRED ON A GLOBAL LEVEL' when BEAUTY refers to the WHOLE. The TWO are sets of statements are NOT SYNONYMOUS with EACH other they both clearly mean different things. ADMIRATION for ONE does NOT EQUAL to ADMIRATION for the WHOLE. The POINT is that BEAUTY is MORE THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS. IN other words BEAUTY is MORE than the PERFECTION of EVERY part or EVEN if EVERY part were PERFECT BEAUTY IS and still would be MORE than that. Europeans indeed are an ATTRACTIVE people but as far as the ORIGINAL attractive goes the concept of BEAUTY in races did not ORIGINATE with the EUROPEANS but was indeed around LONG before the EUROPEANS came into contact with other races and on to the scene. NO ONE is under a OBLIGATION to find ATTRACTIVE what EUROPEANS find ATTRACTIVE. EUROPEAN women INCLUDING NORDIC women were NEVER and NEVER will be the ORIGINAL TROPHY women.

Jee you guys REEEAALLY can't accept that someone have the nerve to say that white women are beautiful now can you???
What's your problem anyway! YOU are making a fool out of yourself and strikes me as very very insecure, racist and full of hate!Get over yourself!

If you think that Haifa Wehbi is bordering on overweight then you really have been brainwashed by society that the only look that's right is anorexic thin! Sorry I think you have issues; she has a nice curvy body that's just right and no way is she bordering on overweight!! Get a life!! Not everyone wants to be a stick; nor do they have to be fat- there's a happy medium which is average and being about right size for your height and I think she embodies it!

Middle eastern women are much more attractive. Tan + curves + culture ... middle eastern will kick your assss lol. How many so called white women are even tanned? Oops erm
my questioned should've beeeeeen.. how many are not using fake tan? Cosmetic procedures? Ermmm so lets not go googling noww :p cut and paste as much as you like ... but whyput your problems onto others? You obviously love racism. Who cares about your
ugly blue eyes and washed out light hair.

If you love Torri spelling look thats not our problem

Some Middle Eastern women can be quite attractive...but I guarantee you the ones that are considered the most beautiful will have less overt 'Middle Eastern' features...i.e. smaller noses, etc. They will appear half-European (and there likely will be European DNA in them).

Try it. Post photos of Middle Eastern women that you consider beautiful. Post 'average' Middle Eastern women from the same region. You will note the obvious differences.

Apollyon: In response to your comment, I agree that there are attractive women in every ethnic group across the board. However, having smaller facial features ie. a smaller nose, does not necessarily mean an individual from the Middle East has European ancestry.

The woman on the left is Ashley Benson and the woman on the right is Myriam Fares.

The woman on the left is Sharon Stone and the woman on the right is Leila Forouhar.

Both the Middle Eastern women and Nordic women depicted are attractive despite their lack of femininity in some cases. Neither one of the Middle Eastern women depicted share the same facial features as the Nordic women nor look as if they share European ancestry.

I've run into the error of not including my name on the comment posting again, I apologize. The last comment was posted by myself.

Ermmmm.... most attractive pple display middle eastern features... ever heard of dark tall and handsome? ... pale skinny flat and whimpy? ....

another nice tip ... the so called attractive models you like or love whatever... try googling where originally from... ...

Oh ... u call small nose non middle eastern feauture? Well guesss what? Most non middle eastern girls and boys visit the plastic surgeons for a middle eastern look... the arabian eyes .. lips ... curves... hips... and oh one more thing ... to have a nose job!

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