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Allegations of rigging in the Miss USA pageant

Sheena Monnin (alternatively described as Shannon Minnon), a contestant in the Miss USA 2012 pageant, has been in the news lately for resigning as Miss Pennsylvania after claiming that the Miss USA pageant is fixed.  Monnin also expressed her disappointment with the mockery made of similar pageants when the parent company managing the Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants allowed a male-to-female transsexual to participate in the Miss Universe Canada 2012 pageant.

The Miss Universe Organization and Donald Trump are outraged at the allegation of rigging, and Monnin has been sued for defamation.  Monnin has claimed she heard a contestant mention the top 5 placements, which this contestant found in a folder prior to the show.  Another unnamed contestant has confirmed that she heard about the top 5 placements before their official announcement, too.

Miss USA and similar pageants simply have to be rigged.  This can be inferred from the physical appearance of the contestants.  As mentioned on many occasions within this site, modern mainstream beauty pageants have to walk a fine line between including sufficient feminine contestants to keep the general public interested, occasionally letting some of them win or place high, and otherwise complying with the predominant aesthetic preference of the male homosexuals who dominate the fashion business, a major sponsor of beauty pageants, for non-feminine and masculinized women.  It is not possible to walk this fine line without rigging the pageant.

Miss Universe Organization’s legal department is said to be in the process of quizzing all Miss USA contestants about what they may or may not have seen or heard backstage.  This is like thieves forming a committee to investigate the robbery they did.

While the pageant was under way, Monnin texted the following, now made public:

This is f-ing rigged Randy.

Seriously?  Colorado?

South Carolina?

I’m done.  This is ridiculous.

It’s obviously rigged so the girl they want can shine; they kept several beautiful girls out for that reason.

The Miss Universe Organization claims this as proof that Monin’s “conspiracy theory is emotionally-motivated.” 

But Monnin is recorded saying the same thing that most people that have followed beauty pageants in recent years have observed, which is that women conventionally understood/widely perceived as more beautiful are often eliminated even before answers to questions enter the picture.

The lawyers of Sheena Monnin should collect pictures of non-feminine beauty pageant contestants in recent years, which are plentiful, and gather references showing that the general public overwhelmingly and strongly prefers above average femininity in the looks of women, which leads to the inevitable inference that rigging explains the high prevalence and frequent high placement of non-feminine contestants in modern mainstream high-profile beauty pageants.  Do this and I am positive that the Miss Universe Organization will drop the lawsuit.



What would your take on Sheena Monnin's femininity be Erik?I would say she does not have a very high level of femininity,but is feminine enough that she would still be good looking to most people.But i don't know if she is beauty pageant material.

nicegirl: I agree with your assessment of Sheena Monin. Going by conventional preferences, a large proportion of mainstream high-profile beauty pageant contestants should not be participating.

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