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Natalie T. from only tease

Natalie T. from only tease

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I don't like her. It's something about her eyes... they are not soft enough. Actually, maybe it's the overall appearance of her face. Her hair is too coarse and dark. She looks like she could be Eastern European. Her body is nice. I know it sounds like I'm nitpicking, but personally I don't think she is particularly attractive to look at.

And one more thing... I should mention that Natalie T is still attractive, more so than many of the other women in the "attractive" women section. Natalie is more attractive and has a better body than Keeley Hazell whom just doesn't do it for me. Keeley is way too top heavy and has a boring, even unfortunate face and heavy bones and flat backside. Nitpicking again.. but this site is supposed to be about feminine beauty afterall. Why is Keeley nominated to be all over the lad's mags? Maybe a heterosexual male can tell me what the appeal is about Keeley?

Alex: Natalie is likely British, not Eastern European. Keeley Hazell is famous for her breasts. Her popularity in more mainstream men’s publications is not just because of her breasts, but also luck – she is English; the British constitute a sizeable number of people in Europe, English is the most widely spoken language, she got her start as a Page 3 model, etc. With breasts like Keeley’s and her face, features such as a not-so-prominent backside and shoulders on the broad side will tend to be overlooked by men in general.

LMAO Alex. Honestly you wish you could get a beautiful Eastern European woman. Have you seen them! HOLY SHIT they are the fuckin hottest women on Earth! Of course this is a Brit.

I agree with Alex. Her face screams Eastern European, and, personally, I don't find her look attractive. There's approximately zero chance she's British, regardless of where she was photographed. Plenty of Eastern Europeans reside in Britain, and plenty work in porn. Even if you deny that her physiognomy is eastern, just look at her facial expressions. Not remotely British.

Honestly you wish you could get a beautiful Eastern European woman.

I'm pretty sure anyone with a job and American citizenship can get an Eastern European woman -- at least for as long as it takes for her green card to come through.

I think Natalie could be either British or Eastern European. She has a round, slavic-looking face and her cheeks are far too round. Her protruding eyes somehow look British and her slightly yellowish teeth, too. They are not as big as the teeth of Eastern Europeans who often have huge, masculine teeth which tend to ruin the looks of otherwise pretty women when they smile.

I think some of the complaints here regarding the pornographic tone of the photos would be less frequent and loud if we didn't see photos where models are in very sexual positions - such as on four legs with their backside sticking up in the air. That kind of photo doesn't serve much purpose. Even a flat backside looks round when you pose like that.

Another type is the one where the girl's legs are spread wide apart, or where the breasts are shown hanging down when the model poses on four legs. I don't think these types of photos are necessary in order to show femininity in women, but they could very well sexually arouse men who would then click on the links to the sites where you got the pictures. That's not the intention, I hope. I think the prejudical effect of these types of suggestive photos outweighs it's educational value. If "nicer" photos were chosen people would be less upset about the (semi) nudity, I think.

Her head breadth is nide wide enough to be Eastern European, even if she was Northern Eastern European which is the closest an Eastern European can even get close to looking like her. Honestly, please, you people who are ignorant need to stop posting on here. You wouldn't know what an Eastern European looked like if they stood right in front of you.

Eastern Europeans have wider headth breadth and higher cephalic index. They are brachycephalic. Brachycephalic skull structure allows for a bigger brain. Bigger brains ARE indeed connected to higher intelligence. Eastern European women are not only more beautiful but more intelligent as well. :)

Is that why Eastern European countries have significantly lower IQ scores than Western Europe (read: IQ and the Welath of Nations). And brachycephalization has nothing to do with a "bigger brain", if anything, it means a smaller brain. Duh. A long, high skull can fit a bigger brain that a shorter one.

Mah brain is real big. Like a dinosaur's.

T-Rex y'all.

My family backgroud is almost all British except for a tiny bit of German. So I know what most Brits look like. Natalie doesn't look like a typical Brit. Something about her eyes are unappealing and her skin is a sort of yellow colour - unlike most brits I have seen thats for sure. My family mostly has blonde/fair hair and so do many brits I have met - they often have fine and fair/mid-brown hair but lots of it so it looks thick. Natalie's hair is coarse and very dark which is unusual for a british person.

Keeley Hazell is still feminine overall but I think but her breasts are too large to be attractive and other factors that you mentioned such as the broad shoulders and flat backside ARE noticed by men. I just don't understand why she in particular was chosen when aside from her massive breasts (which IMO are too large anyway), her body and face are not very appealing. Keeley has two sisters. Mostly couples produce daughters when their ratio of hormones favours women i.e. a higher ratio of estrogen to testosterone. A woman may have a slightly higher than average ratio of estrogen to testosterone, but still far too much estrogen to warrant having a boy baby, so she will produce girls that have massive boobs but also higher than average testosterone. This ratio is unattractive. The girl ends up looking skanky and masculine but also with huge boobs which are impractical and out of proportion to the rest of their body. Some have to get a breast reduction because of the pain and discomfort.

And on more thing... Keeley Hazell looks ok front on in a swimsuit because you just notice her large breasts, but I guarantee that she would have a VERY hard time finding clothes that look good on her. Most of the time girls that have massive boobs cannot wear things which show their silhouette because they look REALLY top heavy in clothes. So you often see girls with massive boobs wearing things which don't show the outline of their figure and all you tend to notice is other things which most girls that have massive boobs have such as the broad shoulders and flat backside. SLIGHTLY larger than average breasts are appealing, but any bigger and it's not a drawcard.

Wow! You are a retard of a woman. I think someone is a little bit jealous of her competition...

And she does not have a round face. She has an oval face you dumbass! Not all Slavic girls have round faces, besides a round face is one of the most feminine. There is nothing wrong with her face shape. Its the dumb look on her face. Also, why the hell do you steroetype that Brits have yellow teeth? That is insulting! British people can have wonderful teeth. Take your ignorant fat ass and go somewhere else!

Maybe you should read the book you mention and spelling it right would help too. Honestly, read a book before you think you can use it as an argument. If you read it, than obviously you are not very intelligent because you have no idea what "IQ and the Wealth of Nations" is about.

Yes, a brachycephalic head type holds a bigger brain than a dolichocephalic. Many scientists have measured these brains and a brachycephalic brain will usually weigh around 20-40g more than a dolichocephalic. You a wrong, a long skull cannot fit a bigger brain. A long skull IS NOT a high skull. Dolichocephalic skulls which are common among Northern Europeans are rarely high, just long. Dinarics often have a high skull, or high cranial vault. They are really the ones that can argue they have a high skull. A brachycephalic skull is short in the back not on top. Also, it fits a much bigger brain and is usually much rounder. Rounder skulls are more efficient. Neanderthals had dolicocephalic skulls. Brachycephalic skulls are more recent. A brachycephalic skull is also more pronounced in specific areas that became more pronounced as we evolved from primates. A dolicocephalic skull is less pronounced in these areas.

East Asians and Ashkenazi Jews score the highest on IQ tests. Higher than any other ethnicity or race among people. They are both highly brachycephalic. Often an East Asian that is malnourished can score higher than a regular person on an IQ test. There is plenty of scientific evidence for this. All someone needs to do is a little bit of research.

There are exceptions. For example, Brahmins or "Indian" people are very intelligent. They are usually dolichocephalic. However, even among these it seems the brachycephalic ones do come out on top.

Another exception is that in rare cases women with dolichocephalic head types have bigger brains than ones with brachycephalic. These are the results an anthropologist found in Italy. However, many believe the study to have been highly inaccurate which is probably the case. Women in Britain that are brachycephalic have a brain that is on average 40g larger than the ones with dolicocephalic indexes. Almost anyone will agree that the trend towards brachycephalic indexes is a trend towards a heavier larger more efficient brain.

Eastern European women are on average extremely intelligent. The reason Eastern European countries have such low IQ scores are because they are underdeveloped. The educational system is wrong and the whole government is corrupt. A family of five lives on $200 a month. Would you be worrying about your score on an IQ test if you are living on $200 a month and sharing that with 4 other people? Do you do well on tests when you are hungry and generally a bit malnourished? I don't think so... Go to Eastern Europe. You will find how thin the women and men there generally are.

Also... who is taking this IQ test? The majority of the people in Eastern Europe are not. They are too worried about feeding their families and just living... They are also worried about getting kidnapped and trafficked as sex slaves. Most of this trafficking is funded by WESTERN EUROPEANS. Mainly English men!

Lets talk about Western Europeans. Many are actually brachycephalic. Most of Central Europe is also brachycephalic. France is widely brachycephalic. Even many British people are brachycephalic, although the majority are "supposed" to be dolichocephalic.

Lets talk about achievements. Einstein, Beethoven, Kant, all those great people... BRACHYCEPHALIC!
The Nordicists had a field day when it was proven that their beloved ARYAN GERMAN KANT was brachycephalic!

Who got to the moon first? The brachycephalic Russians of course.

Eastern European women are not only intelligent but athletic as well. Turn on the TV. The figure skaters, the gymnasts, the tennis players... all Eastern European. Why did the U.S. win in gymnanstics this year? Because the Romanian coach that used to coach the Romanian team is now coaching them. The University of Bucharest is one of the most well respected universities in terms of sports/physical development. European women are also very feminine. Whoever argues that you cannot find an Eastern European woman with large breasts, full behind, long legs, small waist, graceful figure, has never been to Eastern Europe. I am sorry our women don't look like pasty fat cows.

Will I take a beautiful intelligent Eastern European woman over any other? YES. That is a no brainer.

You say that any man with an American citizenship can get an Eastern European? When you are starving your ass off trying to find a way out of your hard life, than we will see what you will do. I pray that you will find out what it is like to be in that much pain that you are willing to do anything to get out of your misery you ignorant bigot!

wow. She dyes her hair you idiot. You cannot tell? Hair dye gives the appearance of thicker coarser hair. Look at her eyebrows. They are light! Many Eastern Europeans have blonde hair. There are more Polish people with lighter blonde hair than there are British people with blonde hair actually. Wow. Ignorance makes me soo angry!

Most British people actually DO NOT have blonde hair. Most GERMAN people actually do not have blonde hair. Look up your statistics before you make ignorant remarks.

Right. Eastern Europeans are so intelligent and superior. I guess that's why all their countries are a total mess and why their women try to find Western European- and American men in order to flee the poverty and misery of their home countries. They even prostitute themselves, or offer themselves as "mail order brides", in order to find a way out of their horrible Eastern European home countries. Very intelligent indeed.. That is third world behavior, when no other option is available.

Eastern Europe is a stinking mess full of starvation, extreme poverty, prostitution, corruption and mafia. Law and order is non existing. This subject is really not something that belongs on this site, I suppose, but trying to sell the idea that Eastern Europeans as some kind of uber humans is so ignorant that it merits a response.

If you have a region full of corruption, mafia, prostitution, alcoholism, and a total break-down of law and order, where ordinary citizens starve and live their lives in misery, it's not possible to call them more intelligent.

Intelligence is best measured by a people's accomplishments and by the level of civilization of its citizens. When a people practically live on neanderthal level it's not possible to claim that they are more intelligent than those who live in countries that these Eastern Europeans can only dream of. That is laughable.

If they are more intelligent than others let's see them trying to manage and fix their own countries for a change. Intelligence not put to good use is stupidity, I'd say.

As for the beauty of slavic women, their faces are often much too round and broad, and they have coarse features. Sexy and striking - sometimes, yes, but truly beautiful and sweet..not that often. Their facial features lack grace and refinement. Their features are not delicate and soft like a nordic woman's features, and there is not much femininity to them. They look like the cheap version of a nordic woman - lacking her delicate, sweet and fine features.

They are not often true blondes like nordics but love to dye their hair a terrible yellowish color that is the laughing stock of Western Europe. We say that you can immediately tell that she is from Eastern Europe just by looking at her hair, the garish colors of her dresses, or by the smell of her cheap and overpowering perfume. She often lacks taste and over-dones her make-up in order to conceal the imperfections of her skin, which is often thick and coarse. The slavic woman's teeth are often too large and masculine and in poor condition, so you often see pictures of these women where they don't smile.

There are some very beautiful exceptions, women that often find a way out of their misery by working as models for more or less reputable agencies in the west, but the ordinary, common Eastern European woman is often not much to write home about, at least not from a perspective of a nordic.


The only connection between intelligence and the state a country is, is that usually those who would otherwise be more intelligent are not due to malnutrition and inability to take advantage of an education and other things you take for granted Emily. A country is ruled by a group of people or one person, not all the people in a country as a whole.

Most Eastern Europeans are not blonde? There are more blonde Eastern Europeans than in Germany and Britain, I can gaurantee this. Poland, Russia and the Northern Eastern European countries are filled with blondes. Do you know why Emily? Light skin color, eye color, and hair color are results of mutations that allowed people with these characteristics to survive in cold climates. The ones that did not have these mutations simply died out. Light pigmentation absorbs vitamin D better than darker pigmentation. This is important for survival in the North where there is little heat or sun. The genes that hold these mutations are far spread. You can go as far as Southern Europe and still find blondes. Naturally of course they are not as plentiful there. My girlfriend is Southern Eastern European. She was born with ivory skin, ash blonde hair, and dark hazel eyes. She is extremely stunning, but I don't think she is an exception. I think it is common in people with similar genes to her.

Clearly you are ignorant in that you stereotype that all Eastern European have round broad faces. This is simply not the case. There is so much diversity in Eastern Europe. You will find Eastern Europeans that tan well, ones that are simply pale. Blonde, red, brunette, brown, hair. Blue, grey, brown, hazel, amber, eyes. Round, oval, heart shaped faces. Tall, short, slim, athletic, hourglass, pear shapes. BEAUTIFUL women. I cannot even explain, and the selections are plentiful. Ask almost anyone who has extensively traveled to Europe. Ask them where the most beautiful women in Europe are. I will tell you right now that 90% will claim the Czech Republic to have the MOST BEAUTIFUL women in Europe.

Iam not saying that Nordic women fall short. I believe there are beautiful and exceptional women throughout the world. I am just endorsing Eastern European women because I truly believe that the majority of them have extremely desirable characteristics. We have plenty of women that look like "Nordic" women in Eastern Europe. However, I have to say that there are common characteristics in Nordic women I generally do not appreciate. The long faces and jaws are not to my liking. Don't believe Nordic women are all that gracile. There are a few, however I see that many more have extremely robust features. Not in terms of broadness but just simply robustity!
Here are a few Eastern European women. Beautiful, intelligent, and athletic. Notice: I do not post pictures of them with fake tans and fake breasts that are obviously elite and rich and spend their time partying in night clubs like you do Emily. Not to mention many of those photos prove my point that many Nordic women are robust and masculine!

Sharapova parrallels any "Nordic" woman. She is also extremely good at tennis! Is she tall and muscular! Yes, but she is also slender and has feminine points. I think any man will agree she is gorgeous:

Maria Sharapova

Now notice how muscular she is due to extensive excercise. However, she still maintains wonderfull full "shapely" breasts and a shapely figure. The perfect woman is not a cow, but an combination of an athletic powerful woman with feminine attributes as well!

Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova Maria Sharapova Maria SharapovaMaria Sharapova

She is probably as masculine any Eastern European woman could possibly be. Does it matter? She is extremely striking even with her masculinity.

Alina Vacariu

Is her round BROAD face unappealing? Not in the least.

Alina Vacariu, Romanian like Puscau!

I would post photos up of more feminine Eastern European women. However I do not want to go on the mail order sites or post pictures up of my girlfriend. As Erik pointed out, feminine women are rarely seen in the media and therefore it is impossible for me to get a picture of a regular normal feminine Eastern European woman without doing the above.

Emily how educated are you? "Eastern European women dye their hair a gross yellow blonde" What kind of stupid stereotype is that? I am not even that uneducated but I am bright enough not to post stupid irrelevant arguments on here.

Oh and about Eastern European women's teeth:

After my girlfriend got her braces off the orthodontist was amazed. He told her she is very lucky to have teeth that are so naturally white in color and that she would make tons of money going into modeling with her teeth. I asked him how to get my teeth like that but he claimed it was genetic, unless whitened artificially, which she couldn't do with her braces on. She is extremely educated and intelligent. She is currently in college studying to become a pharmacist. She goes to a top tier university however she is the under achiever of the family since her older sister attends Cornell.

"Most Eastern Europeans are not blonde? There are more blonde Eastern Europeans than in Germany and Britain, I can"

No, most Eastern Europeans are not blonde.

gaurantee this. Poland, Russia and the Northern Eastern European countries are filled with blondes.

Filled with fake blondes, yes. They are oftentimes really natural brunettes, and they have often brown eyes, strange greenish-yellowish skin, and large hooked noses which makes their fake blonde hair look even stranger.

"Clearly you are ignorant in that you stereotype that all Eastern European have round broad faces."

Clearly you are incorrect since you ignored that I said OFTEN, not all. They often have faces that are too round and broad, and also coarse facial features that make them less feminine.

"Iam not saying that Nordic women fall short. I believe there are beautiful and exceptional women throughout the world. I am just endorsing Eastern European women because"

You may promote them all you want to and your loyalty is quite touching. The truth is what it is, however. The fact remains that in terms of femininity they fall short in comparison to Nordic women. They are generally simply too coarse and robust.

Here are typical, ordinary Eastern European women;

Slavic woman Slavic woman Russian women Russian women Slavic woman Slavic women Slavic woman Slavic women Slavic woman Russians Slavic woman Woman from Belarus Woman from Ukraine Russian woman

Compare these to the Swedish women here below;

Swedish woman Swedish woman Swedish woman Swedish woman Swede Swedes Swedes Swedes Swedes Swedes Swedes

More Eastern European women.








And a few more Swedes.










Now, I'm not saying all Eastern European women are the same but since we are speaking in general terms they cannot compare to Nordics when it comes to femininity, beauty and grace. As for their teeth they are well known for their terrible teeth and they often don't smile in pictures I noticed, so it took some time to find pictures of smiling women from Eastern Europe, and of course they had better teeth than the average woman.

Any man from Western Europe or America who wants an Eastern European wife is advised to check her teeth right away unless they want an ugly surprise sometime down the line.

And you say Eastern European are trash? Look at the pictures you posted up! Im done with arguing with retarded people like you Emily

You guys are all retards. While you guys are bickering over "who's prettier" there are geniuses out there trying to figure out what reality is. String theory and the CTMU theory we are ALL ONE. Christopher Langan and Michio Kaku: two of the smartest men on Earth both came up with this idea. You should respect eachother, not fight over stupid things like this idiots. It is people like you that are too dumb to really contribute anything to society.

Don't put words in my mouth. I never said they were trash, just not as feminine and beautiful on average as Nordic women.

Like I said Emily there is no use arguing with an ignorant bigot. By claiming that anyone can have an Eastern European woman including "any American with U.S. citizenship" you were implying these women were trash. How much time out of your life do you waste posting pictures on this website? AND THE SAME PICTURES! 1) Those Swedish women just take care of themselves but 98% that you posted are UGLY in regards to facial structure and body structure! The worst picture is of the one in the red dress and black headband with a black purse. She looks like a man imp. Her face is robust beyond belief. 2) 90% of those women, but probably more, ARE NOT NATURAL BLONDES! 3) Yes there are many many natural blondes in Eastern Europe. You are such an idiot. Go to Poland. You won't find blondes in Britain or even Germany like you do in Poland. My girlfriend who is South-Eastern European was born a platinum blonde! She still has ash blonde hair!I am not coming back on this website because I have more important things to do. This is my last response. You can waste your life away arguing non-sense. Meanwhile the world will spin, and you will still be on this website posting pictures that should embarass your arguments not enhance them.

By the way the most desirable one out of all the pictures you posted is actually the brunette one wearing a black dress standing next to her friend in the purple dress. GORGEOUS!

Your provocations and personal insults are getting tiresome. The fact that you respond in such a manner tells everyone that I touched a nerve. As for my pictures they will speak for themselves. I can't say that your subjective opinion is of much interest to me, whether honest or not.

Also, I never said that anyone can have an Eastern European woman. You flat out lie, or you have mental problems and don't know what you write and read. Since you apparently have a fanatical sense of loyalty towards Eastern European women and are unable to properly refute my argument it's useless responding to you.


"You guys are all retards. [. . .] the CTMU theory we are ALL ONE."

So you just called "yourself" a retard?

Arguing about which country's women are more beautiful: dumb
Promoting "the CTMU": dumber

Langan is a charlatan.


If you're Eastern European, personally I think it's perfectly right and fitting that you like Eastern European women.

Try wrapping your head around the possibility that not everyone shares your tastes. Maybe also ask yourself if trying to increase the demand for Eastern European women by foreign men is what you really want to be doing.

Someone complained that I used the same pictures of Swedish women so I looked for new pictures in order to illustrate the Nordic look. It's not as easy to find pictures of Nordic women. Nordic girls don't use the internet for the same purpose that the Eastern Europeans do.

The internet is flooded with photos of Eastern European women promoting themselves. Some are looking for husbands abroad, some are scammers looking to trick Western men out of their money - a huge criminal industry, and then we have the enormous porn- and nude industry that often uses Eastern European girls who are more willing.

I looked into the myth of the great beauty of the Czech women. These women ON AVERAGE don't come anywhere near the standard of beauty we see in Nordic countries. The Czech women who look good are almost always NORDIC-looking - not Eastern European-looking. There has been a vast influx of GERMANIC BLOOD in the Czech Republic in ancient times. That greatly approved their looks, even though the beauty AVERAGE is not as high as in Nordic countries. Czech women often have unappealing slavic traits that drag the general impression down regarding the Czech Republic. You will certainly find beautiful women there but the statistical average will be lower.

Here are pictures of CZECH people;


Eastern Europeans often have VERY bad teeth. Many don't smile in pictures.





Very pretty Eastern European girl. She doesn't have many slavic traits, although she has a hooked nose. Her Nordic traits greatly contribute to her looks.


Typical face of a slavic-looking Czech female.



Czech woman with a chin that is much too small. Due to their round or square face shapes Eastern Europeans very often have very weak, even non-existing, chins.


Here is the roundest face I have ever seen. It is a perfect ball shape without any chin. An extreme example of the slavic round face.


In contrast, an oval/ long face of a Nordic woman with a well-defined chin.


Czech woman with weak chin. Eastern Europeans often have a strange greyish-greenish-yellowish skin colour. Very odd. MANY Eastern Europeans seem to have this unappealing skin color. I have no idea why but it's clearly a common feature.

Here are some photos of SWEDISH women;







The girl on the right is ethnically Swedish. The other one is probably Eastern European.











Typical golden tan of a Swede.






That greatly "IMPROVED" their looks, even though the beauty AVERAGE is not as high as in Nordic countries.


Natalie is clearly british, she has the same plain bland look about her that the majority of british women do. British women are typically plain looking, this is not to say they are not feminine looking.

With respect to this Nordic and Eastern european debate my view is that even if Eastern europeans may on average have less feminine looking women compared to the nordics it is obviously a compliment in disguise to Eastern europeans. It makes there womens beauty more exclusive, as it would not only be harder to find a beautifull looking Eastern european woman but the few there are will clearly look more exclusive in appearance compared to the rest of there ethnic group and other ethnic groups around, hence making there beauty appear less average looking and more above average looking. If there are too many feminine looking women around the exclusive factor slowly dissapears and makes the feminine women appear less exclusive because of the simple fact there are more of them. Beauty afterall as you say erik is the least egalitarian attribute. If there are zero to none pictures on the internet of above average feminine looking women of a particular ethnic group it doesnt mean to say these women dont exist because I wholeheartedly agree with you erik that the best looking women would hardly be found posing nude and there pictures splashed around websites.

Emily, Visitor,
please post more pics.

Beauty is subjective. As much as how idealistic I may sound, the concept of beauty can't be monopolized by one or two nations. We all have our own biases of course, but you can't really shove that to everyone's throats.

I think beauty is subjective but also universal. If the beauty ideal is so subjective and not universal women of other ethnicities wouldn't so often try to look like an ideal removed from their own. Nordic women usually don't try to look less Nordic. If anything they too strive to look as Nordic as possible, for example making their hair blonder, or wearing blue or green contacts if they have brown eyes, etc.

They usually don't try to look like another ethnicity by permanently somehow making the skin darker (a tan is not the same thing since white women want the option of shifting from the milky/pearly complexion to the golden hue in the summer), dying their hair black, using dark-brown contacts, making their noses broader or hooked, the eyes Asian, and so forth. The only thing I can think of is making their lips fuller if they are too thin, but fuller lips is something seen among Nordics too, so that wouldn't be like trying to alter your ethnic appearance.

I think there is such a thing as being almost universally attractive, and that there is a common ideal that people generally are looking to emulate. Women bleach their skin, hair, operate their eyelids, make their noses less broad or hooked, operate their chins, the nose ridge, and the foreheads if they are small and slanting. These things wouldn't be done if their men had responded negatively. Women don't undergo operations in order to become less attractive to the opposite sex.

The alterations made seem to go in one direction only - towards looking more Nordic or white - never in the opposite direction. You could argue that these women are living in Western countries and therefore want to adapt to Western ideals but this does not hold water since women in Asia and India, for example, also very much have these operations performed and want the same things.

It has to be said that it's only natural to be drawn to your own people and your own women. Most men do, I think. It's only normal to be attracted to what is familiar and to the things you are used to seeing since you were a child. There are beautiful and feminine women of all different kinds in every country on earth. Also, if everyone was drawn to the same type everyone would compete for the same women/ men and the other ones would not procreate.

This doesn't mean that there is not a beauty ideal that transcends many boundaries. It has been that way for a long time so it cannot be argued that this is just a recent phenomenon. If there is a contradiction there I can't explain why that is or how it works. It just seems that many are spontaneously responding to the same things.

I also didn't mean to suggest that Eastern European women cannot be beautiful. They can and they are. However I do believe that the core beauty ideal has its origin not in the Slavic type but in the Nordic type.

lol Emily

someone needs to pull their head out of their ass!

I mean seriously, who the hell says crap like that about other "races?" Eastern Europeans don't smile because they have bad teeth? They don't even have proper dental care, how do you expect them to have nice teeth? Seriously, whoever you are you need to learn your lesson. Someone ought to knock your teeth out and then I'd like to see YOU smile in pictures!

And who takes this Erik noob seriously? I haven't seen him published anywhere else. His work seems like pseudo-scientific bullcrap. The few studies he posts up are crap! Do you know how much crap circulates in science every year? Most of it is crap, especially stuff like what Erik posts. Beauty is this and that and she needs to look like that, noob leave me alone I know what I like to jack off too and it isn't this shit! If I wanna see this I can just drive into the countries and look at the goats or cows lol

I hate people that are full of themselves GAWD!

You don't deserve a reply. However, this IS a site about beauty and femininity, and since teeth and smile are very much a part of the overall impression a woman makes it is something that should be mentioned, since it often seriously affects their appearance. If they have such terrible dental care that's not my fault. Hiding the fact that their teeth are really bad sometimes would not truthful. Also, I hardly ever go to the dentist since my teeth are perfect and strong. I don't even have one filling.

There is no need to have awful teeth, even without much dental care, if they are naturally sane and healthy. I have seen many photos of very poor people from around the world who have brilliant smiles, so it seems to be a problem that goes beyond dental care. They just have bad teeth and need lots of dental work that they don't get, apparently. Let's hope they improve their dental care, then. That would be best for them, and good for beauty.

Natalie looks far more eastern than she does British.


Your first set of comparisons were representative samples of 'normal' people from both groups; the latter sets were obviously heavily skewed towards demonstrating nordic beauty, to the point of belabouring the obvious, really.

Personally, I've never been able to understand what the fuss over Russian "dyevs" on the part of western expats was all about. But as was mentioned, I too think most people have at least some degree of preference for features peculiar to their own group, regardless of how those are valued by others.

Beauty standards must also be at least somewhat subjective and malleable, else it's difficult to explain how often preferences deviate from those propounded by this site (which I agree with).


if you agree with eriks site than why do you disagree that the woman looks more eastern european than british while erik clearly states she is more likely british?

you know what people like about russian "dyevs"? They look interesting and exotic while still remaining attractive. Most women, even attractive, are extremely plain. In many cases this is what makes them attractive, their averageness. However, certain women, like russian "dyevs" I guess seem to maintain pivotal points related to attractiveness, while looking exotic or interesting at the same time. Its kind of like an ice cream. Everyone likes ice cream and is attracted to it, but put some hot fudge and a cherry on top and you get a more interesting ice cream.


" There is no need to have awful teeth, even without much dental care"

Did you seriously type that? WOW! Just WOW! How ignorant of a person can you be to seriously believe those words? People in these countries don't even have money to buy proper food such as fruits and vegetables that would keep their teeth clean. They live in countries with poor laws and a poor economy. They don't have as many regulations. You can bet that the food they have there is of much lower quality than the food you have over wherever you live. Dental care is extremely important to a beautiful smile. Don't argue that you see poor people with good teeth. Eastern Europeans do not live in a climate or area surrounded by anything that can improve their teeth. I seriously will pray that you will be forced to travel to other countries in the world and live as these people do for only a month. I think your perspective would change instantly. I honestly wonder how you would handle the great discomfort and agony these people deal with on a day to day basis. I seriously pray for you.

I go to Eastern Europe every year with my church group. You will see children on the streets, orphans that dig holes to try to stay warm at night. You will see mothers and fathers who work very hard to bring food home to their families. You will see children skipping school to go to work. There is no middle class. You are either rich or on the poorer side. You distract yourself once in a while if you can afford a movie or a night at the club with your girlfriends, but this is very rare. There are thieves and gypsies on the streets, all trying to survive. The corruption within the governments is revolting, and the people suffer for this. Many age quickly and get deformities resulting to a hard strenouos and stressful life. Seriously, its one of the saddest places I have ever been to. There are some good things that come out of Eastern Europe. For example this little girl is known in Moldova for being the youngest to ever have her own album. She knew English and Moldovan by the age of two.

This is when she was three or four. I love helping children, especially the children in Eastern Europe and I am really apalled that you think so low of Eastern Europeans.

here is the clip of the little girl. Maybe one day she will stumble about this site and realize that she can't be pretty because she is not "Nordic"?

" There is no need to have awful teeth, even without much dental care"

Did you seriously type that? WOW! Just WOW! How ignorant of a person can you be to seriously believe those words? People

I'm not ignorant. Insulting me won't make your argument.

"in these countries don't even have money to buy proper food such as fruits and vegetables that would keep their teeth "

First of all I don't believe that is necessarily true, always. Many E. European countries are better off now thanks to all the money being pumped into them from the EU. Secondly, as I said, there are many poor people in other parts of the world who seem to have better teeth so I don't think malnutrition is the entire answer. Also, the photos I saw of these people showed healthy-looking and well-nourished persons. They were not downtrodden, starving or overly thin people in any way. Also, the English often have bad teeth, for example. I think genetics play a part, as always.


"This is when she was three or four. I love helping children, especially the children in Eastern Europe and I am really apalled that you think so low of Eastern Europeans."

Think low of them? Saying that they have bad teeth is thinking low of them? That is stating a fact. Also, this is beyond the topic of this site. The topic is femininity and beauty. There are always reasons why someone is not beautiful or attractive. Those reasons may be sad and terrible, at times, and sometimes it's just genetic. I could say that I pity them, and I do. Especially the children. Does that in any way make their teeth any better? THAT is what the site is about. The politics of Eastern Europe is for another site to discuss.


This site is not meant for discussing politics, but I will address some of your points briefly.

Fruit and vegetables in eastern Europe are not prohibitively expensive. The lower wages that prevail in those parts mostly mean luxury items are more difficult to obtain; basic food products like fruit and vegetables are relatively inexpensive and plentiful, as any trip to the local market would demonstrate.

Communist countries placed a premium on ensuring access to healthcare. There was simply never any lack of physicians and dentists. While that has changed somewhat since the fall of communism, those countries have largely mantained wealth distributions (as measured by the Gini co-efficient) on par with western social democracies. The poorer health practices of easterners are mostly related to cultural traits of apathy and bravado.

The "children on the streets" you've encountered are overwhelmingly likely to be gypsies, whose general culture makes destitution inevitable, but even then only the most destitute among them would be reduced to "digging holes to stay warm at night." It's entirely unclear to me how digging a hole would even provide for much warmth, and the very act of digging a hole of such depth requires an industriousness that these people are not known for. This sounds like a tale cut from whole cloth.

Easterners are only too ready to declaim about their woes, so much of the non-economic misery you think you've witnessed is mostly a wild exaggeration. One thing that can be said, however, is that they had the misfortune of abandoning communism at a time when western culture, undergoing its own crisis of confidence, hadn't much of an inspirational alternative to offer them.

Finally, you may have heard that charity begins at home. It's logical to think the next step when looking to indulge one's sense of moral self-satisfaction should be one's local community, or at least one's own country -- rather than one half way across the world.

Turning now to the subject this site deals in, no one has suggested nordics hold a monopoly on beauty -- except you! For in describing dyevs' as "exotic while still remaining attractive" you have unwittingly announced the corollary that exoticness is typically *un*attractive. This, of course, begs the question of whose perspective "exoticness" is being judged from, but it's rather clear you're speaking from a western/nordic standpoint.

As for Natalie, I didn't find her unattractive, if that was what bothered you. I think she possesses some very delicate features and a superb figure. My agreeing with Erik about the femininity (and desirability) of these qualities doesn't require me to agree with him on questions of ethnicity. Natalie's ethnicity is unimportant to me, but for what it's worth, the earlier commenter "n/a" (whose work I'm familiar with), who considers the odds of Natalie's being British vanishingly small, is at least as expert as Erik on the question of northern European types.


Have you ever been to Eastern Europe? If you haven't then shut up.

Why? Because I have seen Eastern Europe first hand. Children as young as four digging holes in the dirt to sleep in at night is not an exaggaration. It is a reality. How does it keep them warm and sheltered? My for someone who writes so well and seems so educated you have little common sense. Digging a hole in the dirt prevents the wind from blowing on the children. As you know wind can make everything a lot colder. Therefore they are warm,and they do not get wind burn. Of course you would't know this because you have never been in that situation. Instead you type away the suffering many Eastern Europeans go through as if it was hardly a matter even worth looking at. "They are fine" is what you want to convince me of. When you get your ass off your warm chair and sleep outside in a hole for one night, then you can talk.

It's just the gypsies you say. So what? Are gyspies not human beings as well? What does it matter who it is? What race or ethnicity or culture they have? They are human beings. You treat your dog better than they are treated. Another point about Eastern Europe. Sex trafficking is huge there. Do you know who is the #1 customer for underage poor girls that are kidnapped off the streets? English and German men.
For your information IT IS NOT just the gypsies. Condoms and birth control were widely prohibited in the communist countries when communism was still inact. People did not have access to this and in turn had children they could not take care of. Those are the children that live on the streets today. Most of them are grown or dead now, but the cycle continues either way.

Please don't try to lighten any situation unless you have been in it yourself. I am sure you would have a different view on these issues if you have lived them yourself.

No one has suggest Nordics had a monopoly on beauty?

The what do you call Emily?

What the hell? don't waste my time. Your arguments are pointless.

Why don't you seriously go and volunteer somewhere.

You claim, "to indulge one's sense of moral self-satisfaction "

What do you mean? You think I only do charity work to make myself feel better about myself at night? I am not bringing politics into this, you have suggested politics. I am bringing a perspective about HUMANITY into this! I believe that human beings are stupid. Instead of working together we fight each other. Who cares if one race is prettier, the other smarter, the other more athletic? I say that we take everyone's strengths and weaknesses and build this world up and change it!


I dare say I have spent more time in Eastern Europe than you have. I have seen what even I -- with my much more exacting and suspicious standards -- would regard as desperate poverty, but I have never heard of anyone digging holes in the ground to escape the cold. Did you witness this yourself? Where did they dig? Despite the apathy, a spirit of humanism still prevails, and shelters are commonly provided for refugees from conflict zones, who often arrive unloved. I imagine longer established residents receive even better treatment: the entire time I was there I never heard of a 'homeless person', for example -- though I suppose they exist.

Gypsies are another matter. They are generally greatly disliked for rather obvious reasons. What most galls people about helping them is their rampant antipathy, insularity and criminality, as well as their ferocious fecundity which only ensures continuity.

I believe most people volunteer for charity groups to indulge their own sense of moral goodness, yes. In my view, the proposed solutions that accompany the feel-good blarney they, like you, peddle about "building this world up and changing it" are so obviously flawed they cannot possibly hope to deliver on their promises, leaving only the feelings the effort engenders to account for it. Empirical evidence bears me out. For example, it has become fashionable for Catholic Charities to round up village-fulls of supposed "refugees" of rather primitive Sudanese and Somalis and dump them in predominantly white towns across America. These efforts do not (and cannot) even make a dent in "cutting poverty" or addressing the political issues in those regions, nor are they in any way good for America itself -- except insofar as they enable charity charlatans to feel noble and morally superior. The trendy "liberals" who fob off this lunacy dodge the resultant empirical morass by drifting off into the semantic incoherence of post-modernism; "good Christians," not to be outdone, in effect "see liberals' bets" by appeals to Biblical help-the-needy authority, the result be damned.

And as I asked you, why Moldova instead of Miami? Why would a squad of patronizing American Christers be in a better position to help Moldovans than Miamians? And help how? Any charity that doesn't seek to help the helped help themselves risks raising resentment, ultimately not 'helping' at all.

You also mentioned sex-trafficking. This one's easy: the solution is to lock up the traffickers and deport the women.

Turning again to beauty, I don't believe Emily claimed nordics hold a *monopoly*. Certain features, such as those that this site contends epitomize beauty, may be found in greater abundance among some groups (like nordics) and lesser in others, but that is far different to claiming nordics as a whole epitomize beauty.

I see the same madness as Hitler in Erik, Emilym, Argentum and Satan.

Maybe it's a genetic madness that you have inherited from Hitler who was brown haired and brown eyed, he might have been even half jewish.

Human Being,

I see only evidence of rational discussion taking place, not madness. Your attempt at the old reductio ad Hitlerum misses by a wide margin.

Since you mentioned Hitler's appearance, though, it's interesting that an avowed ultra-racist of more recent vintage, William Pierce, a thorough nordic, preferred Eastern women, considering them more feminine (he married two), though whether he was referring to their manners or their physiognomy isn't clear. Still, what is clear is that there is not anything like the uniformity of opinion on the part of people who note racial differences that loose-cannon detractors like you love to attribute to them.

who cares! OMG! You guys are missing the point of life! Races are egos! Egos seperate and isolate us, they prohibit unity! I curse you all to become infatuated with what you hate!


You mentioned an ultra racist William Pierce who married eastern women.
Why not marry your own race if you are an ultra racist?
Why proclaim the beauty of Nordics and then end up marrying two eastern women?

Is that a hint of mental problems or double standards?

This is not even an isolated example.

I am trying to think of the name of the white supremacist who converted to a radical muslim. Why would you do that?
Unless you are insane or have deep pschological problems.

What you call as harmless discussion is the root cause of the wars, genocides and ethnic cleansing. In short it is a very destructive disease.

Eastern women? That makes it sound as if they were Asian. I checked this and this W. Pierce married five times. The first marriage was to Patricia Jones and lasted 25 years. The next was to another American woman he met at the National Alliance office, and that one lasted a few years.

After those marriages failed he turned his attention to Hungarian women and had three short marriages with three Hungarian women, the last one lasting until his death. So he did marry his own race. Not that it matters in any way, shape or form what he did but let's be honest when we state things as fact.


I thought it was obvious in the context of the discussion that I meant Eastern European. Of course, Hungarians are probably more "central" than Eastern, though the ethnicity covers a range of racial types. But those were the terms Pierce himself used, as related by his biographer.


What you call as harmless discussion is the root cause of the wars, genocides and ethnic cleansing. In short it is a very destructive disease.

It's not at all obvious to me that discussion of racial facts leads to wars and genocides. By your own logic, they could just as easily be ignited by discussion of racial falsehood, which is the only sort of discussion today permitted and promoted -- indeed, there is excellent reason to believe that such conflicts have already commenced. If the only options are to lie or tell the truth, some people will feel compelled to opt for the latter.

Argentum is right, this website isn't about political issues. This website is where people come to figure out how to look pretty. You just have to ignore the trolls if you want to take any advice away from this website. Argentum just came here to find out what exercises to do, how to make the butt look more shapely, what kind of nose job to get, etc. Argentum did not come here to talk about political issues. This website is about BEAUTY and Argentum came here for that reason, so Argentum can figure out how to be beautiful! So trolls stop it with the political stuff! This website is focused on femininity and everyone on here just wants to know how to be more feminine and beautiful! jeez.


You'll notice the political discussion in this thread was well under way before I contributed to it. I have my own political opinions, as does everyone, and like everyone, I too feel impelled to set the record straight when assaulted by views I know to be false.

That said, I haven't come to the site to discuss politics. I have visited it for over a year without leaving any political comment. Erik has many interesting things to say about female beauty so I find myself checking back from time to time. If you have a problem with the site, take it up with Erik.


I know I am just teasing. You all are soo serious about this though! Just wanted to lighten up the mood in an evil twisted way

"I thought it was obvious in the context of the discussion that I meant Eastern European. Of course, Hungarians are probably more "central" than Eastern, though the ethnicity covers a range of racial types"

No, it was not obvious at all since it was said that he married women of a race not his own. In light of W. Pierce's views on those things it is highly unlikely that he chose women who were not white. Also, The Hungarian women came after the other two American white women he married first, so the Hungarians were hardly his first choice. Also, In Hungary there are many women who look Nordic since Austria and Hungary were once united. Calling them "Eastern" is ridiculous.


Here is a quote from "Fame of a Dead Man's Deeds," Robert Griffin's biography of Pierce.

Since Olga departed, there have been two more Eastern European wives. Pierce says he is attracted to Eastern European women. They are more feminine than American women, he says.

Interestingly, he met them through personal ads, after they had only been in the country a short time. The first two marriages only lasted a few years before the women left him for 'greener pastures', and the third wife, who was not Hungarian, was described in the book as experiencing anxieties over her legal status, all of which is consistent with the behavior of imported Eastern European women. Only one of the women is described physically and she had dark hair, which in Hungary is unlikely to mean nordicness.


"I know I am just teasing. You all are soo serious about this though! Just wanted to lighten up the mood in an evil twisted way"

Hmmm...I'd call it 'precise' rather than 'serious.' But point taken. :)

Nordic women were and are the standard of beauty for the Nazi - not Slavic women, no matter how much you wish it to be so. They have more elegant, refined and delicate features and lack the coarse, heavy, broad Slavic features, and are much more feminine. Actually, this is so immature it makes you laugh. Should we now go into what types of women the Nazi generally prefer? Does it matter? Does it change anything?

Emily, keep your hair on. I haven't wished that anything "be so." You accused me of distortion so I provided a quote to justify using the term "Eastern." Pierce might have been an idiot (if we are to accept your standards) to feel it and act on it, but that is what happened.

Ok originally I read Erik's bollocks on this site and thought there were rascist undertones but Emily you disgust me, you're extremely rascist and arrogant. This seems to be a website for people who want to promote Hitler's Aryan ideals and other rascists who want to dis other Europeans who don't meet their warped ideals. Get over yourselves, no nation is more attractive than another in reality because they all comprise ugly, average AND beautiful people. You've put up a load of pictures of very attractive Scandinavians on this post but I'm sure there are plenty of butt ugly Scandinavians (Erik seems to find them and a few of the people in the group photos you've posted here are actually ugly).

she looks like a furbie...
eyes are droopy
again no bone structure...
whats up with u liking these faces that look like globs of skin with eyes?

It's not true that most Germans are not blondes.It's probably more like 50/50. I suspect there are the same percentages of blondes among ethnic Germans as there are among Scandinavians. And I'm sure Poles do have naturally blonde hair, many of them. Look, any woman born with blonde hair is going to have to keep coloring her hair blonde no matter how platinum she was in the beginning, so all these blondes (Germans, Scandinavians, and Poles) are all helping Mother Nature along with what She intended.

I realise im a bit late on this thread but felt the need to reply to some clear idiocy.
Being natalies boyfriend i can tell you that she is in no way shape or form eastern european she was born in the midlands to british parents,her hair is quite obviously dyed and she has white teeth. This is whats called a bad picture as most of the sets then were if you were to take a look at her latest un edited pictures on girl managements website you will see wht she usually looks like. It also make sme laugh when people say they wouldnt look at her twice after seeing one of her pictures yet almost every bloke always tries to hit on her. I suggest it would be best if you all went out for yourselves and found real people rather than criticising people you dont over a computer, you are what is commonly known as losers.

Just wanted to say.... you jammy bastard lol :)

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