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Abbie Gortsema

Abbie Gortsema

Abbie Gortsema is a 5-foot-10 13-year-old model signed up by Elite modeling agency.

A commentator once pointed out that the allegation that female high-fashion models are generally selected to resemble adolescent boys does not make sense since adolescent boys are typically not as tall as high-fashion models.  My response, slightly modified below, was that in early adolescence one observes boys shoot up in height within a short amount of time and typically end up with a gangly appearance, which is what the central tendency among high-fashion models approximates.  For teenage girls/adult women to approximate the gangly look, they have to be tall.  In addition, one will note the height of fashion models when one is standing next to them, but the absolute height of the models is not as important as it is for them to present the gangly appearance of adolescent boys since one will be looking at them in photoshoots or on the runway, i.e., from a distance.

Abby Gortsema is yet another example of a tall teen that illustrates the above well.

Abbie Gortsema

Abbie Gortsema

Note that if Abbie Gortsema were less skinny, she would also be less successful in presenting the physique of a normal 13-year-old boy.



looks like ur typical 14yr old german boy

no offense but she's not very pretty.

She isn't pretty, it will be interestingto see what becomes of her.

Abbie's like my BFF and u better not say she's ugly cuz she's slammin!!!!!! U know ur jealous!

Margaux: Nobody is saying she is ugly. However, unlike gay fashion designers, most people do not find a girl who likes like a boy attractive. You should be able to understand this even if Abbie is your best friend.

Yeah, she hasn't got the face. She also hasn't got the body. All she has is a modeling contract.

Brenda: From the perspective of gay fashion designers, Abbie definitely has the face and the "hot" body they are looking for.

Margaux i agree with you, all of you people are jealous and you all know you want to be in her shoes. She's SWEET!!!!!!!!!! AND I LOVE HER!!!

k so this girl goes to school with me and i don't know her because she's not in my grade. but everyone thinks that she looks like me and they like call her my twin and whatever but i only wish i could be her, i mean HELLO, she has a modeling contract! plus apparently she's like really cool and she seems nice so Abbie, good luck and i hope that you make it as a model if that's what you want. don't listen to whatever these people say, they don't know what they're talking about!

Susie Q.: If you look like Abbie, see a modeling agency ASAP. You could be making big money. If you wait for a couple of years and lose your boyish looks, gay fashion designers will no longer be interested in you and you can basically forget about making it as a fashion model.

okay you know what im sick of people giving abbie crap because you know you wanna be her because you know your ugly and shes gorgeous so you know what just stop being a loser and just tell her she beau-tiful cause well yea she is and yea you wanna be her once again and all of the people who say she is ugly well you know what you are....................................................A UNIBOOB!![: I LOVE YA ABBERZ!

YEAH ABBY Ku.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i love both Abbie/y's with an insane passion and you're gorgeous Abbie! i know you'll make it big and in ten years ill be able to tell people that you are my best all of you buttfaces should just SHUT UP! cause you're all jealous!!!!!!!!

Yeah,I agree w/ Margaux.maddy and Abby Ku..... Abbie is sweet, she is like one of my good don't hate! ur just jealous cause u want a modeling contract like her.

Abby Ku, Maddy Boylen/Goosey: Silly girls, no one here is calling Abbie ugly, is jealous of her or is hating her for any reason. Some have said that she is not attractive/pretty, which doesn't mean that she is ugly. I personally wish her the best of success in her modeling career. The point of posting her pictures is to show how a high-fashion model often looks like a boy in his early adolescence in spite of being taller than the typical boy in his early adolescence.

Abbie obviously has boyish looks. This doesn't make her ugly, but without boyish looks, there is no way she would be doing high-fashion modeling. Try to understand this before leaving a rant.

LEAVE ABBIE ALONE!!!! SHE IS TO PRETTY!!!! ya....i go to her skool and ya...shes really nice and is MOST DEFINATLY PRETTY and ya i agree w/ goosey, abby k, maddy, and marguax! u all r just extremly jelous.....

Abbie is in the grade above me and me and all my friends are always talking about how nice and beautiful she is! So SHUT UP!! You wish you had a job in a modeling agentcy! So EAT IT!

Margaux/Maddy Boylen/Goosey/close friend/Someone: Quit posting under multiple aliases. Try to make an effort to understand the purpose of this entry, which isn’t to critique the looks of Abbie. Her looks are used as an illustrative example of how tall teenage girls can look like boys in their early adolescence in some cases. No one here is jealous of Abbie’s looks. Once again, I personally wish her the best of success in her modeling career.

On the other hand, this site is meant for adults. You need to go back to playing with Barbie dolls or else I am going to spank you.

Omg Abbie! you know i love you withh all my heart and dammn girl these pictures are dope! I love you stay beautiful!

Abbie you are picture perfect! dont EVER change, everyone loves you so dont worry about what ppl say....dont quit being you because deep down everyone is INSANLEY in love with you just the way you are! You rock and I love you SOOO much!

Abbie you are picture perfect! Dont EVER even think about changin, everyone loves you so dont worry about what ppl say....dont quit being you because deep down everyone is INSANLEY in love with you just the way you are! You rock and I love you SOOO much!

sorry sent that 2 times abbie but i guess you deserve it twice haha

WOW Abbie we are sitting here looking at these pictures and we're thinking your probably one of the coolest people ever! haha....but seriousley keep it up and stay GORGEOUS!

Abbsters!!!! Dude i didn't know u were a model! omg you like came up when i googled u cause lily said u would and geusse what u did! Man, those pics r wicked sweet! I was like whoa dang! keep up the awesome work girl! Lots of love!
btw- Whoever Erik is needs to get a life and stop telling my friends to play with barbies! He probly said that cause he secretly plays with them himself! lol love ya girlies!

I totally agree with emma whoever erik is really needs a life and you know what he also plays with polly pockets and groovy girls and he doesnt deserve to have friends so in your face ERIK what a weiny.
well so yeaaa...oh by the way i love margaux claire kassidy maddy goosey and all of the people that say abbie is sweet but i also love abbie the most!!!!
Love you tons abberz,
Abby Ku./ abbanuster

ohhh and by the way i love MADDY BOYLEN haha

i would rescue abbie any day

Silly girls, this site is meant for adults. You are supposed to be looking at sites like this, not this adult site. Men prefer to play with flesh-and-blood versions of Barbie, not a stupid plastic doll, but you silly girls wouldn’t know better. You have yet to learn about the birds and the bees. This Maddy Boylen girl needs to quit posting as different people, including her latest aliases, Kassidy, Claire and Spiderman.

this girl is as sweet as my gingerbread house ............ she can catch me anyday

this site is meant for neo-nazis.

erik ur weird


no way you could say that this is girl, she looks decisively like boy

8D: If "this site is meant for neo-nazis," then why do you -- apparently not one yourself -- keep coming back? Begone!

Abbie's pictures are super HOTT!! I date her in a flash!! Shes PIMP!

Abbie. I love you. Your photos are awesome!! You don't look like a boy and trust me if she were a boy i'd date her!! Those clothes look hot on her. And Erik I love disney channel!!! Especially Hannah Montana! Abbie you're hot!!

Girls.Abbies friends. I know she rocks , she is awesome, You love her.I get it.I am her cousin.And I love her too.I know this is exciting bcuz nothing happens in GR. Michigan,but I kinda agree with this Erik person.It nice once in a while to leave a comment to Abbie to tell her how amazing and far she will go.These people are critics, they are not saying she is ugly, cuz she not, but they are simply criticing the "look". There is nothing wrong with that.But I do disagree with Erik telling them{{you}} to play with barbies.Hun that was soooo 2nd gr.
But Abbie looks stunning in all her pics.For more go to under new faces, to see her awesome photos.
Abbie the pics are stunning absolutly stunning ;)

Carolyn Rose: You have correctly understood that people are not calling Abbie ugly (because she obviously isn't), but I am not critiquing her looks either. I used her as an illustrative example to make a point about the fashion world. Pointing out why Abbie has what it takes to do high-fashion modeling is not criticism of her looks.

I am NAWT a critic or a fashion designer. I am in ninth grade and I look at critiques reguarly. I TOTALLY agree w// Carolyn Rose. I think abbie is beautiful. I also think she as a tint of boyish looks but doesn't everyone?? I understand these people such as Erik know what they are talking about and that this is an adult sight. But just something for Abby Ku. to chew on, you are intimadating NO ONE by calling them uniboobs or weiners. Puh-lease...that is 2nd grade. Now Abby everyone agrees Abbie is beautiful. But if you would like to be a good friend. I suggest going to the store and picking up InStyle, Vogue, and Bazzar. Now not all of those models are preety but I assure you they are all beautiful! Many High-fashion models do not have everyday looks, THATS WHY THEY ARE MODELS. Abbie you are B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L!!! Well love ya babes. Stay HAWT!


i agree with margaux abby and maddy...i think abbie is pretty and i think that she is good at what shes doing. of course shes good at it because she wouldnt be doing it otherwise. she deserves respect from all of you so dont post things saying she isnt that pretty. its not fair to her. you try doing it

abbie i love you...your great and i hoope you go far!! much love<3

Abbie!! I love ya and keep up the good work.....stay beautiful babe!

i dont know how any of these people think that she isnt pretty...this girl is absolutly gorgeous!

5'10 and 13, WOW, she'll be a giant when she's done with puberty!

i disagree with anyone who says that this girl is boyish or unattractive. I think she is stunning and beautiful. I could see her walking on the runway in a Chanel show one day. Abbie keep it up. In my opinion you are beyond gorgeous, don't listen to the negativity people give you because they're wrong. You are beautiful.

shannon says hi!!

There is nothing about this girl that is attractive, even if she was a young boy i still think she would not be found attractive. Some models are highly masculinized, but when you imagine them as men, they turn out to be very attractive to women and gay men as well. Why this girl is gorgeous to some of you escapes me.

Erik- you are sucha FREAK leave abbie and all her freinds alone! Maybe you should go play with some plastic barbie because none of the real one are going to like you!

P.S. It is sort of sketchy how you write so much comments are you stalking her or what?

P.P.S. How come you talk about being gay and then talk about playing with barbies? I think you mean ken!!!

I think this girl is absolutely stunning. Yes, she does have boyish looks(don't we all), but that just makes her versatile. Also not only are her looks boyish, but they also can be eretheal and angelic. She is gorgeous and I believe she can walk on runways and shoot adverstisements. I see her working for Yves St. Laurent, Chanel, or Alexander Wang one day. She is beautiful, and has very unique versatile looks that are popular in the industry these days. Abbie take this from someone who has never met you, but is just a critic - You are gorgeous! Don't give up no matter what, keep working at it, and eventually you will book jobs. This business comes with put downs, negativity, and rejection, but you are gorgeous, and telling by how may friends you have, you seem to be very kind, so you should handle it, and I hope to see your face in a Chanel adverstisement very soon

Erik wow, I have never been so creeped out by one person in my life. First of all, why do you write so many comments it makes you look like a stalker/perv. Also stop telling people to play with barbies because you need to leave this site and go pick up a life instead of your barbies gaywad. Abbie is beautiful in her own unique way and you probably wish you were her so you could get the guys she does.

Thank you for listening. I suggest you follow our advice

We love you Abbie

-Betsy and Ali

She is ugly.
i dont know how shes a model..
yeah she isnt very pretty.

Damn you silly girlfriends of Abbie. I run this site and have been trying to get the chilluns to play with play-dohs and Barbies, like they should, instead of delving into adult affairs. This should explain why I have left a bunch a comments. So scoot or I will spank thee all.

Ali and Betsy :

Abbie is beautiful in her own unique way [...]

Shut up
I'm the reincarnation of Marchin'-Lootin'-Killin' in my OWN UNIQUE WAY
You can't see it cause ur bigoted, prejudiced n stuff

She's a 13 year old girl. I was often mistaken for a boy when I was that age and I am not a fashion model. Most young girls could pass for boys and vice versa. Unless they happen to be the one in every class who gets their hormone delivery early. In England in the 15th and 16th century, women were not allowed to work as actresses on the stage. Womens roles were therefore played by adolescent boys. Men and women are not 2 seperate species, we're different sides of the same coin.

The girls face is undeniably pretty and I hope you are not suggesting that she, at 13, should be shorter with a shapelier figure for you to consider her pretty. That would be slightly disturbing.

The biggest scandal facing the fashion industry today is the use of the modelling agencies as 'sex farms' by heterosexual men. This is not my quote. Numerous documentaries and investigations have been exploring this seedy side of the business. The girls have little to fear from 'old queens'.

Debra: Most 13-year-old girls are readily distinguished from age-matched boys when it comes to the face. I should post some data on this sometime. It has been documented that the roots of male and female face shape differences are prenatal, and from age 3 onward, the developmental trajectory is significantly different. If you were mistaken for a boy when you were 13, too bad you didn’t come across the attention of a modeling scout or you could have made some decent money as a model.

I have repeatedly explained why I posted her pictures. By no means am I suggesting anything along the lines that she should be shorter and curvier. Like you said, she was 13 at the time the article was posted.

Abby is far from being ugly. Again, the masculine element explains why she got her modeling job, but it does not make her ugly. She has balanced features and nice skin.

Heterosexual men are using modeling agencies as sex farms? Given the looks of these girls, just how heterosexual do you think they are? Don’t think of a homosexual-heterosexual dichotomy. What about bisexuals? I will address this issue at some point.

I have to say that Abbie is not one of the best models. She hasnt got the face or body...and what is up with the boy pictures?
Lets just say she needs somework..stick to your day job!!

she looks cute very much and pretty thought, in my openion, but she is not that extreamly glamour beautifull like dark hair women, they are more powerfull and elegrant, but I also abbie's look. it's mystery, sophisicate, delicate, artificial and dollish.

AY BAY BAY... hit me up you stick my foshizzle all up in your nizzle.

Abbie you look beautiful in these photos. i think you're really gonna go far in modeling. good luck with all of you're jobs. any person rejecting you is crazy, which im sure they won't



LMAO....Talk about the Emperor’s new clothes!!! Get real!!! She looks like a 14 year old German boy with anorexia. Why don’t you people wake up and smell the roses!

haha ok i just read all these and everyone from g-rap is hilarious in this conversation. abby ku... this is probably the funniest thing ive ever seen u write.... erik i understand ur point of view and i think everyone has to have a unique different look to have a modeling career. but please. teenagers have opinions. dont call us silly girls or silly girlfriends and tell us to play with barbies. Im not condoning what other ppl said on here was appropriate but still. its rude for you to not let us give our opinions and say we dont have any idea what we r talking about. Abs. ur a rockstar. ull go far. we all know that. keep shining babe.

I'm going to have to agree with Erik. Those girls seem like stupid little seventh graders that think they are soooo cool. I mean its okay to show some love to your friend, but only leave it in one comment. and dont leave stupid comments such as "Also stop telling people to play with barbies because you need to leave this site and go pick up a life instead of your barbies gaywad." Gaywad? seriously. Grow up.
And i personaly think Abbie is gorgeous and has the model look to her and could definitly get very far.

Could it be that the fashion industry just has a fixation on adolescence in general - which is why they choose models who look pre-pubescent (a period where boys and girls look more similar)?

b: Why would the fashion industry or more specifically the movers and shakers in it be fixated on adolescence? Think of aesthetic preference. There could be alternative possibilities, but there is much evidence for aesthetic preferences explaining the preference for adolescent looks, and I will let you figure out why this aesthetic preference exists. The dominant designers couldn’t get away with using 13- or 14-year-old boys to market clothes to adult men but they push the boundaries.

Why are you discussing 13 year old girls appearance in the first place? Sorry but you sound like a pedophile.

Abbie shown on the same day- with her hair down and smiling. Very pretty fresh faced youthful northern European girl.


to Mary your question is foolish and show you didn't understand the purpose of the site; it's not critique a 13 yr old's looks; its explaining why the fashion industry would even WANT her boyish unattractive type of look to begin with because while she is NOT ugly she is definitely NOT feminine and NOT very attractive; that might not be PC but it's true. Wake up and smell the coffee!!

please stop being mean to Abbie she is my friend and she is smart and beautiful. she doesn't deserve to be treated the way you are treating her This is very mean and hurtful. leave her alone. How would you like it if someone said that about you? Knock it off.

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