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Nonheterosexual vs. heterosexual male preference for petite women: Alessandra Ambrosio vs. Camille

Some heterosexual men prefer petite women over voluptuous women; voluptuous as used here is not an euphemism for obesity, but refers to a combination of large breasts, a tiny waist, small rib cage, rounded hips and a prominent backside, i.e., a very feminine appearance.  Petite women would, on average, be less feminine than voluptuous women.  However, as long as a self-identified lifetime-exclusive heterosexual man prefers the more feminine petite women, one would not reasonably doubt his professed sexual orientation.  A comparison of fashion model Alessandra Ambrosio, very sexy by the standards of the fashion world, with Camille from Teen Stars magazine will be instructive here.

Alessandra Ambrosio has a very masculine face; her face is that of an adolescent male transvestite rather than a woman’s.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Camille from teen stars magazine

Alessandra Ambrosio and Camille from teen stars magazine

The breasts of Alessandra cannot be properly addressed since she has breast implants, as apparent below, but it is obvious that she is naturally flat chested.

Alessandra Ambrosio

On the other hand, Alessandra’s boyish physique can easily be contrasted with a more feminine physique.

Alessandra Ambrosio and Camille from teen stars magazine

Alessandra Ambrosio and Camille from teen stars magazine

Alessandra Ambrosio and Camille from teen stars magazine

Faced between choosing a voluptuous woman that will probably become obese after marriage (only true of some), as most likely this woman will, and a petite though feminine woman that will probably never become obese, it is understandable that some heterosexual men will prefer a petite woman for a long-term stable partner, but if these men are lifetime-exclusive heterosexual with a choice of women, the selected women wouldn’t be anywhere close to Alessandra Ambrosio in looks.

Some people explain the typical skinniness of fashion models in terms of the need for them to function as clothes hangars, an obviously lame reason.  Well, Camille is petite enough to not have curves come in the way, but she is too feminine to look like an adolescent boy and therefore unacceptable to the homosexuals who dominate the fashion business.  The likes of Camille are also too feminine for the annual transsexual parade better known as the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show.

Some more pictures of Camille are shown below.

Camille from teen stars magazine

Camille from teen stars magazine

Camille from teen stars magazine




after the victoria's secret fashion show this year, all anyone could talk about was how hot the women were. i find it hilarious that you think these models look like trannies when every other man in the world is off masturbating to photos of them. are you sure YOU'RE not the one that's a homo?

and by the way, you really shouldn't have your site be misunderstood as an "info" site. this isn't information, it's YOUR opinion. it is not information that these women look masculine to you; alessandra looks perfectly gorgeous to me, and that girl you compared to her is NOWHERE as beautiful as alessandra is.

the reason why alessandra is a top model is because she has very defining features, while that girl you compared her to has a very sloppy looking face. not to mention she has very thin, ugly eyebrows and yellow teeth, making her look like a two dollar skank.

you like skanky girls, that's fine, but that doesn't mean that the rest of heterosexual males do too, like you are trying to imply.

girls like alessandra are classy, and that's what makes her such a famous model, whereas you can find whorish looking "woman" like that thing next to her walking around in the streets everyday.

and one more thing (sorry for the triple posts)

that huge close-up of that camille girl's face looks more like a little boy than any of the pictures of alessandra on here (and you DID choose not so great pictures of her). if she had short hair, thicker eyebrows and no lipgloss slathered on, she could pass for a 7 year old boy.

of course, it's MY opinion that she looks boyish but you don't see me making sites calling this shit "information", do you? or is this site merely just to make average, sloppy looking women feel better about themselves by trying to call them more feminine looking when that's really not the case?

it's also interesting how all these women you come up with that you think are feminine are amateur glamour models, because they are not good enough to become famous like victoria's secret models and such. this makes me question if you really aren't just some fat (excuse me, voluptuous *rolls eyes*) woman who's just jealous of these top models?

hmm: The talk about “gorgeous models” in the Victoria’s Secret lingerie show was in fashion circles. Alessandra Ambrosio was one of the models in this show, and what is remarkable is that anyone could be so clueless as to believe that lifetime-exclusive heterosexual men have any inclination toward fantasizing about the likes of Alessandra. I can understand some clueless men, unaware of the fake femininity of these women (e.g., breast implants), seeing these models in low resolution images on TV and thinking that they are hot, but a closer examination as above and also of some of the other ones -- such as Gisele Bundchen, Heidi Klum and Anna Beatriz Barros -- elsewhere within this site show just how feminine these women are.

The reason that the feminine glamour models are not good enough for being Victoria’s Secret models or fashion models in general is that the fashion business is dominated by homosexual men. Additionally, plenty of data from peer-reviewed journals has been cited within this site to refute the accusation that this site is merely someone’s opinion.

I have already pointed out that petite women like Camille would generally not be among the most feminine women, but see the feminine vs. masculine page to understand who between Alessandra and Camille is more feminine. Also read about the importance of femininity to beauty in women to understand what kind of looks the general public and heterosexual men prefer in women.

how many times do you have to use that ridiculous "logic" that only homosexuals think these women are gorgeous? hate to break it to you, but almost all completely straight men would die to be with girls like her. you're in the minority, only because most likely, you're just some sad, pathetic, average to ugly male whose been rejected by beautiful girls all his life and he thinks making a site like this will redeem is dignity. while real, masculine, straight men are out right now playing sports and things like that, you're sitting on your ass making a site to give women beauty tips? who's the fag, now?

why don't you go visit websites like "" and see what REAL men have to say about these women. although i don't completely agree with all the women on their top 99, you can't argue with the top 5.

now, let's hear you try to spill out bullshit about how girls like JESSICA ALBA or ADRIANA LIMA look masculine. most women in the world would die to look like them, and almost all straight men would die to be with them.

hmm: I have not implied that only homosexual men appreciate the looks of women like Alessandra Ambrosio. Note the term “lifetime-exclusive heterosexual men”; few such men would be interested in Alessandra, and a close examination of these men will almost certainly reveal that they narrowly escaped nonheterosexuality. Men who are not lifetime-exclusive heterosexuals, only few of whom are gay, are the ones disproportionately into the likes of Alessandra.

What makes you think that I am spending all my time behind this site? If I had such free time, this site would have had a considerable amount of content so far, but 10 months after its inception, it doesn't even approach a hundred pages.

This site is not about giving beauty tips to women; the latter is just some information so as to not disappoint women interested in beauty who come across this site.

Lists such as those at are based on celebrities and not exclusively based on looks; personality factors and talent, which have a halo effect on looks, also play a role. Men pick the best looking among celebrities; some of these men are nonheterosexual, and a number are clueless. Lifetime-exclusive heterosexual men with not much of a clue about aesthetics will not see the likes of Jessica Alba or Adriana Lima as particularly attractive after going through this site. Just wait and watch what happens as heterosexual men get better educated.

better educated?

do you seriously think that if you "educate" them about what you call feminine beauty, they will suddenly change their mind?

beauty is in the eye of the beholder. no one can change what one person finds beautiful in another. for example, even though gisele is the highest paid supermodel to date and has been praised as being one of the hottest women out there, that doesn't change my mind that she looks like a man. i don't care if i'm the only person in the world that does not find her attractive. so just because you say jessica alba and adriana lima aren't attractive, doesn't mean everyone's going to think so after they hear what you have to say.

YOU'RE the one that's in the minority for thinking jessica alba and adriana lima are not attractive. and that's apparently due to the fact that you have absolutely horrible taste in women. want second opinions? ask every other straight male out there that has a penis.

i'm pretty sure 99.9% of "lifetime-exclusive heterosexual males" would choose alessandra over that average looking broad, camille.

oh and tell me, what exactly is so masculine about jessica and adriana? they exude femininity. beautiful eyes (especially adriana), cute noses and pouty lips.

maybe it's due to the fact that you refuse to recognize that these women who happen to not be european are the most beautiful celebrities in the modern world? face it, it's the truth.

hahah when I saw that picture of Alessandra compared to that picture of that other chick I seriously thought that the other chick was supposed to be Alessandra when she was six. Wow, and you find that attractive?

Why do you think every woman out there has breast implants? You don't need to be "vuluptuous" to have breasts and if you have an hour-glass figure that doesn't mean you will have breasts! I have a very small chest and my measurements are 33-25-32.

Oh and I agree with that other girl/guy; Adriana Lima is definitely attractive. If you don't think this is attractive:


you are insane.

Oh, and one more thing. You know absolutely NOTHING about fashion. The clothes hanger excuse, is not an excuse, and it is NOT lame. Bodies like that are needed. If a woman is vuluptuous she can NOT look good in any kind of clothing, whereas these thin women can. Fashion Designers also can not be bothered to tailor all of their clothes just so some vuluptuous five foot four girl can fit in to them. They need tall, elegant, thin girls. They need to show off their clothes and they can not show off their clothes on a short stubby girl with a big ass.

Oh, and just so you know: practically every guy I know thinks the perfect size breasts are B cups and small C cups. big boobs are gross. they bounce around and sag.

hmm: Better educated heterosexual men implies men better educated about fake femininity, an illusion achieved by breast implants, posing tricks and make-up. Improved education is not going to alter innate preferences.

Whereas people vary with respect to individual tastes, there is broad agreement in the population as to what constitutes physical attractiveness, and with respect to attractiveness in women, the broad agreement is that women with above average femininity are preferable.

If you believe that 99.9% of lifetime-exclusive heterosexual men would prefer Alessandra Ambrosio to Camille, then you have no idea what male heterosexuality is about and surely are not a lifetime-exclusive heterosexual man.

I did not say that Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima are unattractive or masculine; I said that they are not particularly attractive, i.e., there is nothing about their looks that would warrant their placement in a list of top-sexy or top-attractive women if the masses were better educated about aesthetics, feminine beauty in particular.

Since the major problem that this site is addressing is of Western origin, this site is primarily targeting a Western audience, and hence its focus on white females. Nevertheless, I will address non-white women if I have to, and I will briefly address the looks of Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima.

Both Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima have breast implants, Jessica’s being less obvious. Jessica Alba has a masculinized face, which is something that I am pointing out now. If you cannot see the masculinization in her face in spite of going through the feminine vs. masculine page and looking at the side by side comparisons involving fashion and glamour models, then you should give up trying to understand what constitutes feminine beauty.

Jessica Alba

Jessica also has shoulders on the broad side.

Jessica Alba

Neither the physique nor the face of Jessica Alba is as masculine as the corresponding feature of Alessandra, but Jessica is nowhere close to being an example of feminine beauty.

Masculinization is also seen in Adriana Lima’s face.

Adriana Lima

With a broad rib cage and naturally small breasts, Adriana’s physique does not approach a feminine, hourglass figure.

Adriana Lima

Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima are not as masculine as Alessandra Ambrosio, and they look better than many women, but they are not examples of feminine beauty. These Latinas come from populations where the Native American stock has higher waist-to-hip ratios than Europeans and women with less feminine looking faces. Therefore, it is understandable that many Latinos find these women very attractive, but their looks do not impress in a European context.

Belle: 6-year-old Alessandra Ambrosio would have been a masculine-looking girl just as she is a masculine woman today. I did not say that I find Camille very attractive. Read the title and first paragraph of this entry to understand why I have used Camille. I would not put Camille within the attractive women section of this site; I have used her to address the limits of male heterosexual preference for petite women.

Where have I stated that every woman out there has breast implants? Some women obviously have breast implants. I have already mentioned elsewhere, along with photographic evidence, that large breasts neither guarantee an hourglass figure nor are required for one. Your dimensions do not suggest an hourglass figure.

Adriana Lima is not bad looking, but she is not an example of feminine beauty.

I am not a huge breasts fan myself. However, from the perspective of most people, the typical very attractive woman will have a C-cup and not less than a B-cup.

If you had read the skinny fashion models page, you would not have brought up the clothes hangar issue. High-fashion models are not just skinny; they are also masculine, and fashion designers prefer teenage girls to women in their twenties. If skinniness and tallness were required, then there are plenty of tall and skinny women with feminine faces and feminine skeletal proportions to chose from. Additionally, women in their twenties do not look too old. If curves come in the way, then one could use slender women, but why use horribly skinny women? It is obvious that women who best approximate the looks of adolescent boys are the skinny, masculine and young ones, and it does not take much of an imagination to figure out why looks approaching those of adolescent boys characterize the central tendency of high-fashion models given that the fashion business is dominated by homosexual men. Besides, high-fashion models are used in several ways that detract from their alleged role as clothes hangars: excessive hip swaying, occasional bizarre make-up, the use of very famous women, deliberate exposure of breasts/nipples on occasion, deliberate pairing of pale white women with very dark sub-Saharan Africans, and so on.

first of all, buddy. of course i'm not a lifetime-exclusive heterosexual man, because I AM A FEMALE. i would've thought you had figured that out already.

you still haven't addressed the fact that you are in the miniority of heterosexual men (if you really are one). i always hear guys raving about how hot girls like jessica alba and adriana lima are, in real life and also on the internet. i serously think you are the first guy who claims to be fully heterosexual that doesn't find adriana lima attractive. and don't give that bullshit that latina women happen to be more masculine looking than european women. i myself am european, and i still think that miss lima happens to be sexier than any other white women i've ever seen in my life. maybe it's due to the fact that you happen to have some racial superiority complex, and so you come up with a totally illogical idea that women of any other race other than european are less feminine looking. what about asian women? are you going to try to argue they're more masculine looking, as well? most asian women i know of have very soft, feminine features, according to what you describe as "feminine".

i also think it's funny and a bit on the pathetic side that you are choosing pictures of amateur pornstars to deem attractive. these "models" also look like they're still teenagers. do you like teenagers? are you a pedophile? or really, just a sad sad man with poor taste?

how about you find a heterosexual man, just any random one, and ask them if they prefer adriana lima, or some picture of an amateur pornstar, or excuse me, "glamour model"? then you can post it here for proof.

hmm: I have already explained that most of the attractive women shown within this site have been sourced from adult sites because there are no alternatives at present. Most of the women in the attractive women section appear to be in their twenties, some are 18 or 19 and two are in their thirties. Besides, pedophilia refers to a preference for pre-pubescent children, not teenagers.

As far as finding Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima particularly attractive goes, I am far from being in the minority of heterosexual men who are well-informed about the nature of feminine beauty. These women don’t look bad, but the heterosexual men who highly appreciate these women are the ones who do not know any better and cannot see through fake femininity. This site is working toward educating these men.

Regarding the feminine appearance of women across populations, you should go through this page to learn that European women have, on average, more feminine waist-hip proportions. The referenced page is part of a section that addresses aesthetics in international beauty pageants, and if you go through it, you will encounter plenty of documentation regarding the more feminine appearance of European women, on average. It would be an easy matter to find some women in any given population that look more feminine than some women in other populations, but central tendency differences do matter. Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima will be better appreciated by people whose women look less feminine compared to those whose women look more feminine.

An illustrative example should help in this regard. Below, I will address a Central European equivalent of Jessica Alba, Andrea from Like Jessica, Andrea is not a very feminine woman; Andrea is tall, has large hands and feet and small breasts. However, Andrea’s face is much more feminine looking than Jessica’s.

Andrea from

Andrea from

One consequence of more feminine waist-hip proportions among European women is that even the not-so-feminine European women have a more feminine-looking waist-hip region than somewhat more feminine non-European women.

Andrea from

Therefore, how can heterosexual men living in the midst of whites and well-familiar with white females have a high opinion of the looks of Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima?

"Therefore, how can heterosexual men living in the midst of whites and well-familiar with white females have a high opinion of the looks of Jessica Alba and Adriana Lima?"

because they're exotic looking, that's why. since i live in america i see like a million white women each day, and they all pretty much look the same. but when you look at women like adriana or jessica, they look different, and in a good way.

oh and by the way, jessica alba is half dutch, making her half european, and adriana lima is french, portugese, and carribean, which does NOT make her latina.

i still can't see what's so much more feminine about this average looking white woman than jessica alba. and even if there are more feminine features about her, jessica alba is 10000x more gorgeous than this girl, even if she is more "masculine" (according to you, and you only).

Exotic looks are not necessarily attractive. A bald woman with lots of body hair would look exotic but few would consider her to be attractive.

How can you live in the U.S., be someone of European ancestry and come to the conclusion that white women pretty much all look the same? Hair and eye color diversity is the highest among Northern Europeans, the type of Europeans most white Americans are, and the U.S. also has plenty of whites from other geographic regions. Your comment is something that one expects from non-Europeans since it is not unusual for people to believe that members of another ethnic group look pretty much the same.

South American Latinas are typically part European and part Native American and/or African. So, I don’t see why Adriana Lima does not qualify as a Latina in the U.S.

If after going through this site you still do not understand why Jessica Alba looks less feminine than Andrea then you should just give up trying to understand the nature of feminine beauty.

good looking white women usually DO look all the same. other girls of different ethnicities can look the same as well, but girls like adriana lima and those like her are different looking because they are a mix of races. when you are of mixed race, you have a much different look than if you were just all white, black, asian, latina, or whatever.

jessica alba is still more attractive to me than this average, typical white chick. i don't care if you think she looks a bit masculine. when it comes down to it, it doesn't really matter, anyways. it's all about their overall appearance. who cares if she has a sharp chin, or whatever other tiny flaws you think she has? that's just nitpicking. if this girl andrea became an actress just like jessica alba, people would look at her and think "yea she's cute", but no one would pay her attention as much as they do to jessica because she looks like a lot like the other white girls in hollywood.

hmm: The range of the attractive is a lot narrower than the range of physical variation in the population, but if you go through the attractive women section of this site, I don't think you will get the impression that attractive white women generally look similar; there is plenty of diversity among them. On the other hand, a preference for exotic looks is a matter of individual taste.

The real issue here is that men's perception of beauty is enormously skewed. hmm and other men, even myself, find Allessandra and other masculine women with breast implants attractive because the homosexual fashion "experts" of the world have given us that view. We are surrounded by breast implants and an off sense of beauty. The world drives men to be sexually attracted to perverted femininity. In the craziness of it all, truly beautiful women feel left out and incompetent. I find it all very sad. In all, I side with Erik on this one.

Nalendil: Hmm is a woman, not a man. It is not exactly the case that “the world drives men to be sexually attracted to perverted femininity,” but that given the absence of a mainstream outlet for the appreciation of feminine beauty and the widespread use of masculinized women for the purposes of modeling, a number of heterosexual men are not aware of the excellent examples of feminine beauty out there and are unable to see through fake femininity achieved via breast implants, posing tricks, etc. It is time for things to change.

To "hmm",

Why the nastiness about Camille? Are you Alessandra???

I think Camille is fine looking woman, except for the ultra thin eye-brows, most "dancers" have that trait perhaps to show as femininess as possible(not so sure just a shot in the dark). This is a real interesting site that really challenges the norms of society and views. I have always wondered why they featured pissed off looking models on the front covers of fashion magzines and wondering is this their idea of beauty, not that I am expert in these matters.

I agree that feminnie-types of beauty should more propagated, there is too much emphasis on masculinity in the world today. Everything in the world today emphansizes that everything has to be hard tough rugged strong.

Women are very important, feminine attributes shouldn't be overlooked.

hmm is female?

hmm: you should not take it so seriously.

Camille is just a given example of a feminine woman. She is also an attractive lady and you should come to Britain where the vast majority of women are unattractive and overweight, which is what you'd expect since unattractive people are more common that attractive people, which are rarer.

Humans have more genes than any other creature on earth so therefore there is more to 'go wrong'. Genetic variation is random and arises from random gene mutations (base substitutions, deletions, additions etc) regardless if the mutation is for the better or the worse.

Maybe Erik Holland can say why this face is not attractive.

Now this is an example of an unattractive face

Jessie Gilbert: