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Eva Herzigova

Eva Herzigova/Herzegovina is a supermodel that has stood out for unusually large breasts, non-broad shoulders and curves for a fashion model.  Given her high status among fashion models, her looks are informative about the extent of femininity that top fashion designers will tolerate.

Some images below can be clicked for larger versions.

Let us start with the face of Eva Herzigova, which is unambiguously masculine (Fig 1).

Eva Herzigova

Fig 1. A young Eva Herzigova.

The extent of femininity of Eva is best assessed by comparing her to a feminine woman having an apparently similar ethnic background, i.e., a broad-faced Central European type.  The woman used for comparative purposes is glamour model Nikky Case.

The facial features of Nikky are more feminine than those of Eva (Fig 2).

Nikky Case

Fig 2. Nikky Case from the June 2006 edition of Penthouse.

Nikky has sharp gonial angles, but she has a feminine physique, as shown shortly, and her face is more feminine than Eva’s (Fig 3).  Therefore, the sharpness of her gonial angles do not appear to be related to masculinization.

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 3. Nikky Case picture from the June 2006 edition of Penthouse.

Eva has more manly hands than Nikky (Fig 4). 

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 4. Nikky Case picture from watch4beauty (W4B).

The feet of Eva (Fig 5) are relatively larger than those of Nikky (Fig 6).  Taller women will have larger hands and feet, but if they are larger relative to height, then masculinization is suggested if there is corroborating evidence.

Eva Herzigova

Fig 5. Picture of Eva Herzigova on the left from the August 2004 edition of Playboy.

Nikky Case

Fig 6. Nikky Case, identified as Irena, from Twistys.

The rib cage of Eva is relatively larger than that of Nikky, making it difficult for Eva to achieve an hourglass figure (Figures 7-9).

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 7. Picture of Nikky Case, identified as Irena, from Twistys.

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 8. Picture of Nikky Case from Men Only magazine.

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 9. Nikky Case, identified as Irena, from Karupspc.

The picture below shows Eva striking a pose that accentuates the rounding of the hips, but when a more feminine woman is found posing similarly, the appearance of a feminine, hourglass figure is much more striking.

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 10. Nikky Case picture from watch4beauty (W4B).

The backside of Eva is flatter and less feminine than that of Nikky (Figures 11-13).

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 11. Nikky Case picture from the June 2006 edition of Penthouse.

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 12. Picture of Nikky Case, identified as Irena, from Twistys.  Once again notice the importance of a small and thereby feminine rib cage in achieving a feminine, hourglass figure.

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 13. Picture of Nikky Case, identified as Irena, from Twistys.

Eva Herzigova rapidly rose to international fame while working as a Wonderbra model in the 1990s.  She was at her curviest then, as some pictures from her early modeling career, shown above, illustrate.  She has even been described as the “Marilyn of the 1990s,” which is not unreasonable given the standards of the fashion world, but compared to women in general, Eva was never particularly feminine, and compared to attractive women from the perspective of the typical lifetime-exclusive heterosexual man, Eva has excessive masculinization and unimpressive looks.

Eva eventually gravitated toward mainstream fashion modeling.  It would have been remarkable if her “curvy” physique from her wonderbra days had been tolerated by gay fashion designers for the purposes of mainstream fashion modeling, but this has not been the case.  Since gravitating toward mainstream fashion modeling, Eva’s weight has fluctuated, reaching the lows shown in Figures 14-16, interspersed with looks closer to but not matching her former self, as in her 2004 Playboy shoot (Fig 17).

Eva Herzigova

Fig 14. Skinny Eva Herzigova in 2003.  Yes, the fuzz on her arm is hair.

Eva Herzigova

Fig 15. Skinny Eva Herzigova in 2003.

Eva Herzigova

Fig 16. Eva Herzigova in the February 2005 edition of Flair magazine.

Eva Herzigova and Nikky Case

Fig 17. Eva Herzigova from Playboy (Aug. 2004) and Nikky Case from watch4beauty (W4b).

Chances are that pressure from gay fashion designers has forced Eva to periodically diet to conform to the skinny and masculine physique preferred by them.  Therefore, even as a wonderbra model, Eva Herzigova was hardly feminine compared to what Playtex Apparel Inc., the maker of wonderbra, could easily have obtained if it were looking for feminine and attractive women, and in spite of her high status, she has apparently faced pressure by gay fashion designers to reduce whatever curves she had in order to work as a mainstream fashion model.  Hence, the example of Eva Herzigova, one of the highest status fashion models ever, is another piece of evidence that the dominant fashion designers, male homosexuals to be more precise, do not tolerate feminine looks well.



Blahblah. Who cares.
I agree that skinny Eva does not look good, but that's because she looks unhealthy. Other than that, they're both attractive women.

But, please, could you cover the girls up more? To analyze their body shape nobody needs to see areolas or pubes. It doesn't actually do alot for the credibility of this site which is pretty non-existant to start with.

Nooz: Some people do care about the issues addressed within this site. Areolas do not have much visual erotic appeal, and the genitals are censored if necessary, i.e., if the labia are obscured by pose/lighting or hidden by pubic hair, then there is no reason to censor the pubic region. Covering up the women more is not going to help with credibility when it come to people like you, and there are people who would dismiss this site even if all the women shown had their bodies covered by an opaque skintight garment.

i agree that eva is less attractive facially--but i thin kher body is the same shape as nikki's excluding about twenty pounds---maybe more. i really don't see how her rib cage is big as i believe she had a 22-23 inch waist? hard to do with a big rib cage. also i think her hands/feet looked large partially cuz her body was so little and thin.

Gia: The pictures of Eva Herzigova used to evaluate the relative size of her hands and feet do not show her as very skinny and most of those used to evaluate the relative size of her rib cage show Eva at her most feminine self. Eva’s ribcage is not very big, but it is relatively larger than that of Nikky’s. It is highly unlikely that Eva’s waist measured 22-23 inches in young adulthood.

whoever who wrote this insane comparison is utterly CRAZY - and probably has som sick and unhealthy relationship towards women

This seems to me to be an objective and useful article. I don't understand the remark that it reveals a bad attitude toward women. It is only antagonistic to a male gay fashion elite who dictate the aesthetic standard in a way that clashes with natural heterosexual norms. It is well-known among heterosexual men and anyone else who cares to ask them that glamour models like Nicky Case are more sexually attractive.

The case is well made in this article. Eva's hands and feet are CLEARLY bigger. Fig.12 clearly shows that the rib-cage of Nicky Case nips in more at the bottom than Eva's. I don't think the remarks about the facial differences are pejorative or controversial; just objective.

An objective treatment of these matters can help general understanding. It's not about attacking masculine women or feminine men. There's no obvious thread of this in the article anyway. As a heterosexual man, I feel for women who appear to be comparing themselves to unnatural standards. Having said all this, I wouldn't kick Eva out of bed. Circa Wonderbra, anyway...

photo sexy

someone thinks only low rent models are women! Hmmmm.

There's a bit of an obsession with 'masculinity' in women throughout the whole of this site. It's, especially in this article, tenuous to say the least. The reason these women are high fashion models is because they have interesting and sculptural faces. They are not average women with average feminine features, what would be the point in singling them out if they were?
Interesting faces are, on the whole, found to be more beautiful than plain faces because, funnily enough, they would portend personality (not necessarily rightly). There is something to look at, you can explore their faces with curiosity. The girls on your 'Attractive Women' page are incredibly boring to look at! They're pretty girls, the kind that you might pick out in a pub or in your workplace but on the grand scale of all that is available, fairly average. Pleasant, but average.

The girl-next-door, wifey look is difficult to pull off because it requires a whole new set of rules, and generally is more restricting in visuals, both poses and styling, and can look tacky very easily. This is the other half of the modeling world which you have not touched upon and I might suggest looking into the correlation between these girls' features and children's features. Rounded fuller faces and larger foreheads (predominant on your 'Attractive Women' page) are main infantile facial features.

Neither is surprising, they are each the results of male fantasy, the dominating amazonian statuesque beauty, or the docile innocent naivety of youth.

That said it is all in swings and roundabouts, as is the nature of the fashion world, the fifties model was full-cheeked, narrow-jawed and had high hairlines.

It is an interesting observation but you devote too much time to it creating strong bias in your site. A compelling debater will always explore the alternatives and oppositions.

(By the way, the term 'masculinization' would suggest they've had things done specifically to create a masculine look which is highly improbable.)

I wonder if some of these women are actually transgendered men, who have the support of the homosexual kingpins of the industry. It would not surprise me in the least. It's totally possible. Surgery is amazing these days. I have seen transgendered fashion shows where the women are more feminine than this even. So it's entirely possible. Another possibility is the idea of forcing these women to take testosterone in order to significantly reduce body fat, slim and tone muscles, and create the angularity achieved by losing facial fat.

It's very disturbing that on the one hand, our really masculine males in society are being feminized and the really feminine -- the overt examples of women -- are being masculinized.

It makes me uncomfortable. I have nothing against gay men, but it appears there is a kind gay male culture infiltrating many cultural touchstones.

The more I read, the more I am convinced this a kind of cultural take-over. Look at the women featured in movies and print until the 1960s. Look at how feminine women were and masculine men were. They were also icons of a gay-hating culture.

That culture was revolutionized and liberated in the 60s, the same time this change started to occur in the fashion industry. I believe this is a kind of take-over and gay-ification of the culture due to long held hate against homophobic classic male archetypes and classic feminine women. It's a "screw you" we will make the world worship creatures created in our OWN image.

If no one complains about what this does to the psychology of womanhood, then we're taking it lying down like so many victims. Stop supporting it and it can't be sold. Girls are starving themselves to look like this. Natural looking women hate their bodies and have no self esteem because they look like girls and not BOYS. Compare this to the ULTRA conservative Latino countries that still worship voluptuous looking natural female bodies.

It's a cultural thing. The fashion gay front had infiltrated Europe but not the classically Catholic Latino cultures where women who have round female forms are still idolized.

I have nothing against gay men or their expression, but it's being heaped on the rest of the culture as if this is the standard for feminitiy. I feel like I should stop supporting this crap in order to set an example for my kids and nieces.

Yeah, maybe Eva has hair on her arm, but Nikky has all hairy legs and hips in the last picture... what's more gross? If I had to choose, I'd like to have Eva's face with Nikky's body, with smaller breasts and ass. Eva has a gorgeous face.

"Low rent" models are more likely to be employed by heterosexual men, so that would make sense. Just because an argument isn't politically correct doesn't mean it's not correct.

"Yeah, maybe Eva has hair on her arm, "
she has it because she's so skinny, her body is growing hair for warmth. That's more gross than any leg hair.

To Gee,

I would kick Eva out of bed. You wouldn't simply because you are like everyone, can't resist any strikingly beautiful women. The one who can resist (trust me, they exist, they are "straight", albeit very very rare you could never see one in your life)... you can say he is somewhat "God-like". Like Jesus.

By the way, I am not gay.

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Honestly Erik,

I see the masculnization in this model. However, your points are very weak. The posing and the photos are clearly biased. Weak weak argument.

Eva is actually one of my favorite models as I think she has a cute and unsually feminine and sweet face for a fashion model.

She is often too thin, and since her body is rather straight it doesn't help her appearance. In some photos she is anorexic so I think it's a little unfair to use those for comparison purposes.

Erik is right in that her hands seem to be on the large side, something that is accentuated when she is very thin.

The last photo of Nikki is terrible. Her face is manly, which I think makes her unappealing. I also think Eva's chest area seems less robust than Nikki's, who has a broad and muscular shoulder/chest area in comparison.

I have soo much to talk about the subject Barberella mentioned. But first I'd like to say I logged into my myspace today, and no I don't use it alot because I think myspace is getting LAME. But anyways, I get a friend request from the Models of the Runway and Project Runway Network with a little message saying,

"We think you've got what it takes to enter the Models of the Runway Casting Challenge. You could win cash and a spot on the new TV show!"

My first reaction was EW! Because after reading everything on this site the last thing I'd want is to be associated with a Runway Model. Then I realized that I never listed my height on my profile and thought geez I hope my face is not that horribly masculine that they thought I'd be a good candidate. Then I actually followed the link and realized that the message was mass sent(I know I'm slow). So anyways, you can vote who you want to appear on the show and so I voted for the most feminine model I found. So if ERIK wants to see more attractive curvier women out there, this is a start. No?

Here's the link:

Tyra Banks is also promoting shorter girls for models on her show America's Next Top Model. I understand short women can be masculine, but this will unintentionally bring forth more feminine women.

In all honesty I feel horribly for masculinized women who are 6'0 tall and have big hands and feet. Because what can they do once anyone ever cares about is softness, femininity, etc.?

Feminine curvy women ALWAYS get what the want. I know because I have used my "assets" to get things before, although that was when I was younger and I have grown up and realized that is not moral. But good looking people, or even people that have a nice thing or two about them appearance wise, have an easier life.

So these poor women only fit into this industry, and now they will just get outcasted as they have been their whole lives before entering the industry.

It truly saddens me as these women have absolutley no control over the way they are. They have higher testosterone levels and appear masculine and nobody will want them because of that. Not "heterosexual" men and soon, if Erik's vision comes true, the fashion industry will reject them as well.

I cannot tell you how many times I truly felt sad for women who are more unfortunate in the appearance area. I have actually tried to act stupid or make myself look worse around my one friend who liked this guy we were hanging out with, because he liked me not her. On the other hand, I have found myself upset when a guy I like will even look at a prettier girl than me.

I have wished so many times that all women can feel and look beautiful. I hope one day we really can achieve that goal in a healthy manner because every woman deserves to feel like a successful beautiful and WANTED woman.

To feel unwanted and perhaps as a result unloved is the worst feeling in the world, especially for a woman...

"The subject Barberella mentioned...", is what Godis? I've mentioned nothing on this thread so if you're referring to something else than address it there.

"I have actually tried to act stupid or make myself look worse around my one friend who liked this guy we were hanging out with, because he liked me not her. On the other hand, I have found myself upset when a guy I like will even look at a prettier girl than me."

This is so lame Godis....jeeez! Self-esteem, anyone? This is why you're mental stripping doesn't work in your favor. This is far beyond what people care about. I feel bad for YOU if this statement is true at all. If my commenting on it seems inappropriate, perhaps your mentioning it is inappropriate. It falls under the heading of "Too Much Information".

As far as Nikky vs. Eva, I used to think Eva Herzigova was quite pretty, but she is far too thin now. I think extreme thinness adds quite a lot of masculinity. She looks far too angular now in the face, and she also looks older than she is as well. Nikky looks trashy to me, even if her body is more feminine than Eva's. Eva is on the more feminine end of the spectrum, as far as fashion models go. I don't think Nikky would make it, not because she's too feminine, but because she's just not pretty enough.

I think these photos are a bit more fair. Erik's are a little biased.

Eva Herzigova Pictures, Images and Photos

Eva Herzigova 2007 Pictures, Images and Photos

Eva Herzigova Pictures, Images and Photos

eva herzigova Pictures, Images and Photos

There is no denying that Eva's more recent pictures show a woman who looks in desperate need of a feeding tube. This is a sad reality of the world that is high fashion modeling. And the fuzz on her arms in the more recent pictures is a symptom of anorexia nervosa. It is the body's way of "preserving" warmth. Usually when someone gets to the point that this occurs, they are gravely underweight and unhealthy.

I have looked at more photos of Eva, and I think Erik is correct in that she is not a very feminine woman, but that she is as feminine as the homosexual fashion designers will tolerate. She has an appeal largely due to her open, warm and friendly face that makes her attractive, I think.

In some photos she looks sweet and rather feminine, but in others you see that she is masculinized, too. I thought the last photo of Nikky was bad in that it made Eva actually look feminine in comparison. Everything is relative. I think the photos you posted, Barberella, show her from her most feminine side, and it is those kinds of photos of her that I like. Some models, like Kurkova, rarely ever look feminine since their faces tend to ruin it.

"This is so lame Godis....jeeez! Self-esteem, anyone? This is why you're mental stripping doesn't work in your favor. This is far beyond what people care about. I feel bad for YOU if this statement is true at all. If my commenting on it seems inappropriate, perhaps your mentioning it is inappropriate. It falls under the heading of "Too Much Information".

I'm sure you wouldn't understand. You probably feel good when someone likes you over your friend who likes them right? It's an ego boost.

Eff off.

Message to Emily:

You have been officially owned by Godis!

Eva Herzigova's neither really masculine nor really feminine but somewhere in the middle.

Hey other Emily, Barberella and Emily are not the same, are you that inept at reading? My point is that Godis needs not reveal the bizarre things she does. It interests no one but herself. It has NOT A THING to do with the topic does it? People who've been here for a while come to expect chapter after chapter of Godis'(boring) Memiors, but no one gives a damn.

Do I find it an ego boost when a friend likes a man who is interested in me? No, of course not, but I maturely explain to the man that for certain reasons I'm not interested in pursuing a relationship with him. I just don't know how a comment like that belongs here. This site is not about us, Godis, but I'd expect someone with your mentality to fail to comprehend this. Nor do I think "playing dumb" is productive for that matter either. Are you sure you're really "playing"?

Eff off...another brilliant tidbit of wisdom that we can expect from Godis on a regular basis. Someone who scores "excellent" on reading tests, but fails to read articles in front of her, she only scans them, then has NO idea what is going on...the list goes on. Maybe, Godis, you ought to stick to the topics, maybe even try READING them, not digress into these tirades about your personal life, and such comments, like the one by me you obviously didn't appreciate, will disappear.

I'd say Ef off to you as well, but I'm far above it. Sorry, and has someone really been "owned" here? If yes, it sure as hell isn't me!

Blonde, Swedish Emily,(seems we have two now), Karolina Kurkova has always been an enigma to me as far as how she has become the icon she has, but then...look who's running the show. I'm trying to think, since Eva Herzigova, if we've even had a remotely feminine fashion model. I think Caroline Winberg has a more feminine face than most, though she has the stick thin body of most models. I think she has a very sweet face. Of course some will comment on her tweety-bird colored hair, and her pig nose and skin....

CAROLiNE WiNBERG Pictures, Images and Photos

CAROLiNE WiNBERG Pictures, Images and Photos

All though all fashion models are masculine, it's a job requisite, the comarison between Carloline and Karolina is obvious as far is who is the more feminine of the two.

Karolina Kurkova Pictures, Images and Photos

karolina kurkova Pictures, Images and Photos

eva herzigova is drop dead gorgeous, WIN

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