What is wrong with this video?

By now many people should have seen the following video.


5 resolutions to transform the fashion and beauty industries

5resolutions.blogspot is the blogging location for the insidebeauty site, created by fashion model Magali Amadei and writer Claire Mysko.


12-year-old fashion model: Maddison Gabriel

A 12-year-old model (now 13) at one of the world’s largest fashion shows in Australia outraged a lot of people.  She won a photo shoot to become the face of the 2008 festival.

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No comment needed

boyish fashion models

Stephen Marquardt Phi (golden ratio) mask application: a methodological problem

Whereas it is clear that Marquardt’s Phi mask, derived from the golden ratio or divine proportion, is inconsistent with the optimal esthetic preferences of most people on multiple counts, it is necessary to also address issues as in the image below.


The golden ratio or divine proportion and facial beauty

The golden ratio -- also referred to as the divine proportion, Φ (Phi), golden mean or golden section -- is illustrated below.


Why are Victoria's Secret models so popular?

This is a question asked by a reader.  A video clip easily answers it.


Feminists offended by Tom Ford perfume ad

The feminists at feministing.com are railing at the following perfume advertisement.


Educational videos: The models of Francesco Scognamiglio and Lena from FTV girls

Two educational videos in wmv format are shown below.  Most browsers can play embedded wmv videos, but if yours can't then either install the windows media player plugin or see the download links.


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