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Self-esteem issues related to the feminine beauty site

This website does not intend to affect women’s self-esteem or body-esteem.  However, it does so in many cases, and some clarifications in this regard are necessary.  This is an addendum to a previous attempt to address self- and body-esteem issues related to the goals of this site.

This site aims to promote feminine beauty in the public realm.  The reasons why are described on the FAQ page.  It must be understood that there is a difference between exalting a given look and effectively ignoring all other looks on the one hand, and ignoring a given look and denigrating all other looks on the other.  Either method promotes a given type of look, and this site uses the former method, i.e., exalting feminine beauty rather than denigrating other looks.  In practice, there is a fine line between the two methods since either method requires one to present contrasts, and those prone to seeing a half full glass as a half empty one will see this site as disparaging the looks of the great majority of women.

For the unconvinced, I will argue in defense of the notion that my intent is to exalt feminine beauty rather than demote non-feminine beauty.  Firstly, impressions to the contrary may be a function of the fact that English is not my native language and limited English proficiency makes it difficult to translate my intent with precision.  Secondly, the reader will note the focus of this site on models and beauty pageant contestants.  Celebrities such as movie stars and singers are rarely addressed by me, and usually in response to readers’ comments or if the celebrity has a modeling or beauty pageant contestant past.  Many gossip/tabloid-style websites pick on the looks of celebrities but usually do not bother addressing the looks of fashion models that are little known except to fashion aficionados.  These sites are also not in the business of explicitly promoting a given look, making a strong case that they are particularly interested in picking on ‘undesirable’ looks.  The closest approximation to denigrating looks occurs within this site in the context of illustrating correlates of aesthetics as documented in the scientific literature or contrasting public preferences with the fashion world’s preferences.  Therefore, it should be clear that if trashing various looks is a goal of this site, then it is not the goal of this site.
But if denigrating various looks is one of the goals of this site, then what purpose does it serve?  It is not required to promote feminine beauty.  Placing feminine beauty next to other types speaks for itself; there is no need to use demeaning terminology though sometimes it is necessary to call a spade a spade or say that ‘the Emperor has no clothes,’ which may be seen as demeaning by some readers.  One could speculate that I derive a perverse pleasure from speaking ill of most types of looks or derive some sort of satisfaction from trashing the looks of models and celebrities, but if so, it is curious why I don’t generally bother with very well-known celebrities from movies and pick on obscure models (example) instead.  It is also curious why I don’t pick on the obese when a perusal of this website will make one easily estimate that most likely I do not aesthetically appreciate the obese form.  Again, the answer is that this site is not about promoting a look by demeaning other looks.  An alternative motive underlying this site could be that I was dumped by a thin/masculine woman and have decided to take out my frustrations on all such women, but to those so inclined, they should read around this site, especially note materials on statistical distributions (example), and ask themselves if the person behind this site does not have the intellect to avoid extrapolating from the particular to the general, i.e., if one thin/masculine woman is bad then they all are.

The reader should also ask why does this website focus on models and beauty pageant contestants?  If it is about looks then why not address female celebrities such as big-name singers, TV personalities and actresses when doing so is bound to bring in a lot more web traffic and spread the message?  The answer is that this site is about looks in certain contexts.  Models are selected because of their looks and a true beauty pageant should select contestants based on looks.  Both modeling and beauty pageants intersect with the issue of aesthetics, and when it is not possible to find mainstream sources of feminine beauty appreciation, it is time to address the reasons why and work toward seeing feminine beauty in the limelight, which is what this website is about.  I don’t have anything against skinny or masculinized women, and I don’t have problems with using masculinized women in modeling scenarios where there is a need for it, as in using non-feminine women to market athletic products.  In addition, if a company wished to cast thin or masculinized women models for any purpose or someone wanted to organize a beauty pageant focusing on thin or masculinized women, I do not have a problem with it.  However, some people are responsible for making masculinized women de rigueur in the typical modeling scenario or mainstream beauty pageant.  Not even lingerie models have been spared and there is not a single major beauty pageant that focuses on feminine beauty.  Time to do something about it.  My problems are with the people responsible, and these are not the masculinized models/beauty pageant contestants.  The culprits are the male homosexuals who dominate the fashion business.  Those wondering how their influence extends to beauty pageants should understand that the big beauty pageants usually have homosexuals working behind the scenes and that it is not possible to realize big beauty pageants without sponsorship, a lot of it coming from the fashion and beauty industries.

This should hopefully clarify my intentions, but clarifications notwithstanding, some women are bound to be offended by this site and have their self-esteem or body-esteem undermined.  To these women I offer my sincere apology.  Again, it is not my intent to affect how women feel about themselves.  Sometimes it is not possible to come up with a win-win scenario in spite of one’s best intentions, and though I firmly believe that the good that will come out of this site will far exceed the bad, I do realize that some negatives are inevitable, and these shall constitute my sins for which I will have to atone.


as a bisexual woman you have the right to be sanctimonious. at least until it ain't cool to be bi anymore.

All you trolls should just back off! This guy isn't saying any women are ugly; only ugly by comparison!

Whoever created this website is a perv and an ignorant sick racist. The section on beauty pageants with all these africans that u were comparing to modern white women really disgusted me!

I wonder how men would react to a website about their anatomy and how it measures up in every slight detail.

I submit to that. Totally.

"Seriously, upload a picture of yourself naked and we will tell you how masculine you look."


Oh my God-u just said what I think every time I come across this Hitler esque pure feminine race sick website. This is just more propaganda for promoting the nordic race and making women hate their appearance. Good for u. Ive always thought it would be so easy to tear this sick site to shreds but never took the time. This site is just another myosonistic tool for homophobic men to degrade women and make them hate their appearance. Women arent bombarded enough in the media about what is wrong with the way they lok? PS-if u didnt have beautiful tall statuesque strong women in the gene pool neither would u have strong tall beautiful men. Women like models carry the genes to produce david beckhams and antonio banderases. Im guessing the writer of this site is just another nerdy girly man who needs to degrade women that would never look twice at him and his weak genes. Just more garbage-women hate urselves-if ur fat or if ur a model. There is no winning in this screwed up patriarchal homophobic mysoginistic society. At least not if u have a vagina.

Im sure most men wood agree that Hedid is very unnattractive and would only appeal to homosexuals.

Ladies I know who ERIK is. Ive never talked to him but Ive seen him and a friend fo mine knows HIM and she says he is a creep. Obviously educated but also an intellectual crackpot nerd who has no reason to criticize womens feminity. Why dont u write about ur relisous views too ERIK?

Ladies I know who ERIK is. Ive never talked to him but Ive seen him and a friend fo mine knows HIM and she says he is a creep. Obviously educated but also an intellectual crackpot nerd who has no reason to criticize womens feminity. He reads a lot and watches porn. He is a fucking weirdo. Why dont u write about ur relisous views too ERIK?

oh and ERIK you should post YOUR picture so they can all have a laugh. That is when you are done with your day job and have looked at your daily alottment of porn you intellectual crackpot pervert. Sorry but a heard u had this site and never took the time to look at it and now that Ive seen it I cant stand you even more.

...oh and ERIK you should make an article about your views on race too. About how much you like Black people. That will give this site so much more cred.

...oh and write about how you feel about Jews too. Then they can take this dumbfuck site for what it is -the rambling of an obsessive racist intellectual crackpot with too much time on his hands-how you find the time I have no idea.

ERIK is a homophobe and a racist. Check out

Hey Bonzo.

Do you know Erik personally or know anything about him?

I have read through this and while a lot of the information is good in terms of why mainstream media is saturated with underweight women, the suppression of women with very feminine bodies and the politics that center around the fashion industry it is quite clear to me that Erik is homophobic. Also, from all the comments he has made I highly suspect he is a white supremacist. This is a shame because of all the other info on here that is useful. I hope someone else can make a similar site but that is run by a person that is not homophobic or racist.

If you can expound on more info on Erik it would be most helpful.

Bonzo: So you wish to know more about my religious, homophobic, racist and anti-Semitic views. Very well.

I see nirvana in bitch-slapping your bare bottom while watching porno showing jews and blacks having sex with each other and having your feet tickled by a homosexual with AIDS.

It's fun how people in different countries actually have a different perception of feminity. I am Spanish (Spanish, from Spain, in Europe, not from some Spanish-speaking country in Latin-America), I am very tall (for a Spaniard, at least - 1'78, what is like 5 feet 10 or 11 I think), I am thin but not bony and I have blond hair and blue eyes. I have never ever felt that was an advantage for me in Spain when trying to attract men's attention.

On the one hand, I always think: Ok, I am special, only 10% of the Spanish population are blond with blue eyes (a little bit more in Northern Spain perhaps, where I live) and that should make me more attractive, but it doesn't. I see my male friends really prefer much more average looking girls, more petite and small-framed, let's say with light skin, medium brown hair and brown eyes. As there are virtually no foreigners where I live, even immigrant girls are more likely to have success among men, for instance bi-racial Brazilians (men are crazy about, even if they don't look that good). I really don't know what the problem is with me! Ok, I am tall, but males are usually taller than me anyway and despite of having blond hair and blue eyes I am not aware of having the "German" features some Spaniards say they find unattractive in women (strong jaw, strong cheekbones, "thin" eyes), much the opposite. When I ask male friends, they just say that I am not very feminine. Do you think that petite women are necessarily more feminine? My measures are actually close to 90-60-90 (supposedly perfect), but is it possible that they don't work in a woman my height? Do you find woman with very light eyebrows or eyelashes less attractive? I have the feeling that women with my hair and eye color who are models usually have darker eyebrows than me (maybe dyed?).

And do you find light/pale blue eyes more attractive? I have noticed that my brown and black-haired girlfriends with blue eyes have darker shades of blue, more "intensive" ones, that "pop-up" more than mine. Is there an explanation for that, by the way, or is it just random? Has that anything to do with melanin? can you give me some advice? Should I try some of those transparent contacts for light eyes that just "enhance" the color with a ring around the iris or something like that?

Thank you very much in advance for your opinions :-)

Maria: Since the body and face, as they are, are being considered, it is incorrect to say that different countries have different perceptions of femininity; do not be misled by ignorant or off-topic discussions by people not affiliated with this site, which is everyone except me.

Hair and eye color will not necessarily trump overall looks when it comes to appealing to men. With blond hair and blue eyes, you will be at an advantage in southern Spain or southern Italy, even compared to more feminine women, but given that you live in Northern Spain, the coloring may not be an advantage that is strong enough to overcome not being feminine enough overall, assuming this is the case.

Your height should not be an issue, as you can read about here:

What may be an issue is that you are living in a country where prostitution is widely accessible to men, a scenario that is bad for women in general. In this scenario, a woman who is not so attractive and is unwilling to be lose with her sexuality is going to lose men to more easily available women whom they are aroused by, the minimum attractiveness requirements of which are much lower than the women men fantasize about—what is the point in courting a woman who is “Stuck up” and is not attractive enough to make up for the effort?

Most prostitutes in Spain are immigrants, which could partly account for your observation regarding immigrant women. Then, mixed ancestry people are presumably also disproportionately inclined toward promiscuity—a consequence of people with bipolar disorder II being more likely to develop a romantic relationship with and have a child with someone of a different geographic population; this mental illness is more often accompanied by abnormal sexuality and has genetic correlates—which could account for your observation that the unattractive mixed-ancestry women are more successful with men.

I would definitely advise you to darken your eyebrows and eyelashes to make your face more attractive and leave the scalp hair at its natural light color. Here are some relevant articles on why darkening the eye lining helps:

Regarding eye color, playing around with colored contacts is your choice. Contacts tend to redden the white of the eye and are not worth it if this happens.

Blue eyes tend to come in different shades. The lighter blue shades correspond to lesser amounts of melanin in the front of the iris, which is none in the extreme.


Thank you very much for your explanations. I didn't answer to this post until today because I wanted to try some of your advice (or the advice in your page) before. I went to a wedding yesterday and I thought it would be the perfect excuse for some decent changes: I asked my esthetician for some small brown lash extensions and ask her to dye my eyebrows a little bit darker (light brown). It really worked! At the wedding, I got compliments from old friends and some people I meet every week, but no one realized what I had done exactly. They all agreed thought that I looked "healthier" than usually (not so pale, I suppose) and that my eyes already looked more blue (so I definitely won't try the contact lenses). The right dress and flats did the rest!

I find your comment on prostitution very interesting. Prostitution has never been illegal in Spain, so I had never given it a second thought, but it is a fact than since about 2000 all prostitutes have become immigrants and that made the prices sink so much that it no longer payed out for locals, who were mostly drug-addicts that made this to buy drugs. The only locals who still work as prostitutes are some so called "high-class escorts" (if such a thing can possibly exist) who insert their adverts in newspapers highlighting that they are Spaniards and college students. In the place where I live (no big cities, not many immigrants) prostitution exists but is not a big issue. But I imagine that what you say much be more acute in big cities and more touristic regions.

I try not to overvalue the role of prostitution here. I suppose that the fact that it's not forbidden makes it less interesting somehow to young men. Most men talk about it like something that must exist because there are unattractive or old men that cannot find a woman who would sleep with them and they "need to pay". I would say Spaniards don't have a very high opinion of men who pay prostitutes ("puteros") and these are seen somehow as losers among young people (in the "old good times" paying a prostitute was tolerated because men wouldn't sleep with their fiancee until they were married - Spaniards used to be very catholic - and that was the only legal way an unmarried man could have sex). On the other hand, it's clear that there are always more young Latin-American or Rumanian girls here in Asturias who marry (usually older or not so attractive) Spanish men that they have barely met and I am sure in some cases that could be described as almost socially accepted prostitution.

Anyway, that was not the point of my post! I just wanted to thank you for the refreshing ideas on your site and I wish some other women focused on that too - almost everything you post could have a practical application for women who are willing to improve their feminity and I can already talk about my small success (a lot of compliments and the numbers of two attractive men who would like to date me ;-)).


Most racial groups do not lots of proof to have very much DNA variation to support these classifications of "races." Dogs vary much more on their looks among breeds than do people; because people are selecting for softer, cuter faces and pleasing dispositions (more juvenile traits), among many other things. Check out "the science of dogs" on netflix. There is no real truth here. If a little bit masculanized faces get women more success in the business world, wouldn't that be a favorable trait? I've heard that women with deeper voices are taken more seriously in business contexts, possibly leading to more power positions. Recently, it was found that an average of 35 - 50 brand new somatic mutations arise every generation in protein coding genes. That means that only about 40 out of the 22,000 or so human genes get mutated in a verified meaningful way with each little cute baby born. So, you can see, it would take many generations for all genes to be affected. Now, mutations in some genes will make the "looks" different through different developmental patterns. Other mutations will be lethal to the baby (usually even before birth) and still others will confer deleterious physiological consequences (like factor V, look it up). We're all making meaning out of hindsight. Evolution (or even if you want to say natural variation and a modest amount of variation within species) can select for certain traits. But, there are also many traits that nowadays may not have much of true survival advantage but are nonetheless selected for. If there were a gene for making lots of money (even more so if the males express it more strongly) than it would be selected for in modern Westernized civilizations (profit, capitalism, etc.). Wait, there is a gene, even a whole chromosome, the "Y." Yes, friends, you could say that the Y chromosome is the "sexiest" thing alive because many people want what comes with wealth and men are paid more, on average, for whatever reasons.

And, so if Medical Doctors, CEOs, or top Corporate Lawyers had a certain facial appearance and body type, those things would be expected to be very attractive to females.

Kind of a sad commentary on why money rules everything and Male dominance, and yes I'm a man. Such is life I suppose. But things can change, just we might not like all that comes with the change. This cite is interesting and I've learned lots of stuff. People should be more open-minded. My wife is Northern European and has a low waist-to-hip ratio despite smaller breasts. She may have some of the more "robust" facial features, yes, I suppose she's kind of like those runway models, visually striking. She is the best woman alive for me, (I've never considered men as sexually attractive in my life). She's the best person I ever dated, is more intelligent than I am, although she didn't finish college, and I love her!

Any doctors you'd like to recommend? I'm really considering some of these operations myself! After all, I'd rather be celebrated for adhering to this webmaster's standard of beauty instead of cast into a socially ostracized caste with all the other masculinized, disgusting, non-Nordic women.

Hi Erik.

I myself look "typically feminine" and I like that you are promoting my look (although I never had the feeling I was undesired).
However, I feel like it's cruel saying all of these women that not meet the feminine ideal on here, are ugly.
It's not like they can help how they were born: the structure of their faces, their hips and waist...
I think there are different kinds of beauty and the more variation there is, the better!

Except from the fact that I find the idea of making a site where you pick apart living,human beings deplorable and also I like how you have the nerve to tell people how they have to change themselves.Also,I understand that truly beauty ,as you said,is exclusive by it's nature but how do you dare call some of these women,men.Since pears and hourglasses make up only 30% of all women,there are no more women on earth .Also,many presentations were wrong f.e. when you compared that nordic woman with the latin.whatever girl because the girl was clearly adolescent.And also t5hink about5 the fact that it would not be very comofortable biologically because feminine women would have to pair with feminine men to produce other feminine women.Finally true beauty,is like art,it will always change it;s standards because beauty is not an anatomic analysis.
p.s I also it;s worth noting that even if i am not real looker,i fit most of your standards.

Your blog is STELLAR! I mean, Ive never been so entertained by anything in my life! Your vids are perfect for this. I mean, how did you manage to find something that matches your style of writing so well? Im really happy I started reading this today. Youve got a follower in me for sure! =-=

Remember that it comes down to confidence! Everyone knows a plain jane who attracts handsome men and beautiful girls who have low self esteem and cant seem to attract anyone. Also, women find other women beautiful that would normally be dismissed by men, and vice versa.Beauty is so subjective and can be easily compensated for. Just bathe, relax, smile,and be friendly.

If youre wondering what I look like, I am extremely thin and have a boyish figure; have large brown eyes, light brown hair, high cheekbones, a fine nose and olive skin. I am not conventionally attractive in the least, but as soon as my confidence went up, so did my choices in men. If it worked for me it can work for you too.

one more fact: People are attracted to people that they can feasibly mate with. in very rare instances you will see an "ugly" person with a "beautiful" person, but one usually sees couples that are equally attractive. Attraction is more than physical beauty as well. Other factors such as money, status, having "types", and a good old fashioned personality all come into play (cue images of Hugh Heffner, womanzing rockstars, and tech nerds with trophy wives), but i digress.
When you think someone is unattractive, you might just be looking at someone who's attraction level ( if you want to call it that)is not near yours.

Erik, do you find feminine men to be more beautiful as well? Because really a feminine woman will give birth to a more feminine man. It seems you wish you were more feminine. Maybe you wish you were a woman. If you have the best intentions in mind, maybe you should start cross-dressing and leave women alone.

L: I do not find that feminine men look better than normal or masculine men. In my estimation, masculine men look better in general. You may be interested in the following to understand what masculinization in men entails:

Erik I don't know why you even allow insulting, politically correct, brainwashed liberals whom have taken over the Western world and turned it into an asylum to comment on this website. Apologies for my harsh language but we already digest their madness in sufficient quantities in real life. Restrict and ban them please. Get rid of and block any troll who calls you Hitler, racist, cross-dresser, hypocrite, homophobic, transphobic, misogynist, woman hater, equality hater, regressive, human rights abuser, greedy and any other adjective or label that can be thought of. Delete their comments. They don't deserve your time.

Ex-liberal Caroline: Apparently you have acquired a deep dislike of liberals, and I do not think you will like me as I tend to have liberal attitudes on many counts, certainly regarding comments as you have observed.

When childish insults are mixed with valid arguments, the insults should be ignored. Whereas these insults are offensive, I am offending people, too, with this site even if I avoid similar language.

When a comment is full of insults and lacks valid points, then it is seen for what it is.

In all the years this site has been up, I can recall only one person who hurled so much abuse, posting as different people, that I had to remove two or three of her abusive comments and ask her to not post as different people. She behaved thereafter and finally left.

So the insults are overall not a problem. Ignore them and concern yourself with the arguments, if any.

Okay, I get the point. I know I'm completely worthless because I'm disgustingly hideous. I see how much work you've put into proving that a female is worthless if she doesn't look exactly the right way and I definitely get it.

But I need to know, is there any hope for us who are worthless because of the way we look? I've decided not to travel or pursue my dream of writing because I know that I need to use every single penny I can scrounge on cosmetic surgery. I've given up on the idea of being respected or successful, because I need to achieve the goal of simply being ACCEPTABLE before I can even think about excessive luxuries like respect. And I understand that if I don't look like Megan Fox, then I'm too worthless to even be allowed to exist.

I'm living the cheapest I can, putting every spare penny into my cosmetic surgery fund. I also wear a corset every day, as tight as it will go, so I can get the correct waist. It's very painful and I know it can damage my liver and kidneys, but there is no point in living as long as I'm worthless anyway, so it's something I have to do.

So I really, really promise that I'm doing everything it takes to look the way I'm supposed to. I really am, I swear. Please, please tell me, is it possible that if I devote my life to it, I can look the way I'm supposed to and finally be worthy enough to live? If I put all my money into cosmetic surgery and use all my free time to work on my looks, is it possible?

You are really spinning on that Hamster wheel aren't you? It never ceases to amaze me how women can get something so completely wrong. Why not actually read what the site is about before commenting. Then you won't have to write overly sarcastic "I'm worthless because I'm not perfect" comments.

Would you prefer to be compared with rail thin boyish models that no sane heterosexual male finds attractive? Let us know.

I'm not rail thin, so I would still be worthless if that was the case.

Apollyon: Your statement in reply to Molly, that no sane heterosexual male finds girls or women looking like rail-thin boys attractive, is factually incorrect.

“Sanity” pertains to mental health. An atypical preference does not necessarily result from mental illness. And just because a mental illness may be accompanied by a statistically atypical preference, it does not mean that the atypical preference necessarily results from mental illness.

You will find heterosexual men interested in boyish females, and whereas such men are statistically atypical, some presumably having narrowly escaped nonheterosexual development, there is no reason to believe that such a preference necessarily results from insanity.

One must also separate sexual interest from an evaluation of attractiveness not based on sexual appeal. Just as the typical person can find some children better looking than others without being sexually attracted to children, some boyish girls have faces that are a work of art... like some mannequins... adults and males would have a harder time achieving such faces because of the greater robusticity or ruggedness that accompany the conditions.

Molly is obviously disturbed by this site, and in such cases the woman should be left alone to recover.

Fair enough. I was being somewhat facetious in my use of the term 'sane'. I realize that sanity does not necessarily determine one's attraction to typical or atypical features/body structures or even age. Otherwise we not see people that are considered less physically appealing successfully marrying and raising children.

I was perhaps too sarcastic with Molly.

i just want to say the person who is owner of this website , is making people ignorant that what they are. you are bashing thin women. Many thin girls get bullied because of people like you. That's if i create website talking bad about curvy women , thick or fat whatever you call it. saying horrible things about them and comparing them to other body's. you are doing the same thing as media, puting other women down!

The person who made this site is closed-minded and cruel. Who ever you are, pleases stop bashing "model-like" girls. Many girls are not capable of looking like your idea of "feminine." If you can't see the beauty in different types of female shapes, you are pathetic and shortsighted. You promote the "feminine" shape as much as the fashion industry promotes the"boyish" shape. You are a hypocrite for having a self-esteem section on your site, because if you had it your way, all girls that looked" masculine" would be made to feel lesser in terms of beauty.

Why are all of your examples of "feminine" pretty girls from raunchy websites? In my opinion, that is not beautiful...its perverted.

"exalt feminine beauty rather than demote non-feminine beauty."
How does the phrase "some of these top-ranked "sexy" women could be easily mistaken for eunuchs, male transvestites or male-to-female transsexuals" not demote non-feminine beauty"

As an Asian guy, I have to say that Asian women are the least feminine. Both physically and psychologically. Their "youthful" looks are more infantile than objectively youthful and I don't appreciate tiny eyes and coarse lips on women. No race of women ages well, but when Asian "beauties" age, they end up looking like reptiles. Just look at Amy Chua.

Like Erik said, white males who mate with Asian women have lower mate value. It's always a nerdy, socially inept loser or old grandpa with an Asian girl. But the best Asian men will usually go for white women. Like Brian Tee and Mirelly Taylor, Phillip Rosler (full Viet adopted by German foster parents) and his wife and of course, Bruce Lee. Asian women know this, and they hate white women for it.

Psychologically, Asian women are the least feminine and nurturing. Really, if I could "Tiger mom" my future son into becoming a Navy SEAL when he has no desire to do it without giving him psychological problems, I'd do it. And their "submissiveness" is a complete facade. Behind the scenes, they're extremely controlling, and not in a kinky way, just plain manipulative.

Hey Emily, I think this Half Asian son of an Asian woman may have just proven everything on this site about white women. And I agree with him fully, to quote,"White females are not only infinitely more beautiful physically than Asian females, they also have much better hearts. All you have to do is look at a white female, and you’ll see the lie of WM/AF. No white man who had a chance with even the worst white female, would give it up for even the best Asian female." The link is here,

bookworm, asians have the best skin because they take real good care of their skin. They're much more fussed about their appearances than white girls. And I wouldn't call skin that looks reptilian after a certain age good.

A. Hiyane,
Relax. This site is just to show other woman that it is ok to have a curvy body. As far as evolution goes that type is preferable, but look around. Are they the only women getting married and having children? Absolutely not. Many of fashion models are masculine for a number of reasons. Lets just put it as straight men are not typically the ones who design clothes and choose models to wear them. Also, most fashion advertising is marketed towards women. Therefore they use more unattainable icons (very thin, straighter bodied, tall), doll them up, tricking women into thinking that is what men find sexy. None the less these models are still beautiful. Insinuating that because an individual is not "evolutionarily perfect", then they must be horrific looking is absurd. Personally, I am attracted to all different shaped and kinds of men. I do not really have a cookie cutter image of a sexy man. Do you truly think they can be that much different than us?

they are bashing thin women, just like they do to fat women and then they get bullied cause these websites make ignorant people.

Useful? To make women feel bad and cause more bullying! Erik is doing the same as the media bashing type of women , he is no better.

The truth is this Erik Holland person clearly has a hidden agenda. It's bad enough that he cherry-picks his data and claims that he is using "science," when in reality his approach is not much better than the most crude of phrenology employed by early anthropologists. But the really unsettling thing is that he is quite clearly racist. It is one thing to acknowledge differences and quite another to use these differences to create a fallacious ranking system. If you look at the attractive women section its absolutely absurd. Erik only posts pictures of white women. I really wonder if he has never ever EVER in his life seen an attractive African, Asian, Indian, etc... woman. Like him, I have my own preferences towards women, but to me, there are people of every ethnicity that are beautiful. I believe that if you ask anyone, they would very easily replace at the very least one woman in that gallery with a better-looking (to them) non-white woman. Personally, there are so many blacks, asians (whatever, you name it), that I would add to that gallery in a heartbeat. For goodness sake, he has TWELVE pages flaunting the perfection of his master race. I think with this large a collection, it is safe to say Erik thinks there are no non-whites that can match the beauty of his so-called "attractive women," many of which aren't even attractive. Even if you show him a picture of a truly attractive non-white woman, he will blow it off, citing how she is attractive because her features are shifted towards the European norm. Even if he admits that she is beautiful, he will not put her in the attractive women section, for obvious reasons.

Mr. Holland also has an unhealthy obsession with condemning homosexuals, even though "it isn't their fault for being depraved." He even wrote a book and maintains a website dedicated to his fascination with the species called "gay men." In a recent comment, he mentioned how the message he is trying to get across isn't as harmful as that of the fashion industry because. To quote him:

"You also mentioned that this site is very harmful to you, but in contrast to fashion imagery, does it give you the impression that you could puke your way to the looks being exalted here?"

Oh, that's fine and dandy. You should feel better because if you aren't Northern European, then you can't do anything to fix the fact that you're ugly, so why stress about something you can't change. Basically, in his eyes, if you are anything other than straight and white, you are inferior. Oh the irony if we one day discover that Erik is a closeted gay black man.

Oh, and don't even try arguing with him. He's the master of coming up with weak justifications for his behavior, and his most popular catchphrase is: Don't hide from the "facts," I am a beacon of truth and an upholder of "science."

Pointing out that most women do not look like supermodels is admirable. This site is not.

Regardless of whether you think you are or not, you ARE denigrating certain kinds of appearances. While it may very well be true that supermodels have, on average, more "masculine" features, that does not make them necessarily unattractive. I happen to think that several of the women you label "unattractive" are quite pretty, "masculine" or not--Gisele Bundchen, Marisa Miller, and Bridget Hall, to name a few. Besides, what gives you the right to ridicule ANY woman for her looks, whatever they may be? And you are ridiculing them--for instance, "she could easily be mistaken for a eunuch," and "it appears that Isabeli Fontana even has a moustache," and your sarcastic, "sexy physique, isn't it?"But I suppose my opinions don't count since I'm, you know, a woman, and your mission is patently sexist.

The real issue is that you feel the need to promote ANY standard of female beauty at the expense of others. When was the last time you saw a woman picking apart men like pieces of meat and labeling certain features "attractive/masculine" and others "unattractive/feminine"? Probably never, because men aren't held up to the rigorous standards of personal appearance--WHATEVER they may be based on--that women are. Like it or not, those supermodels ARE women, and there are women who naturally possess more "masculine" features. Everything about your site implies that these women are somehow less than women rather than normal variations on a curve (see "gross masculinization" for an example of how you treat their appearance as abnormal). Even these "masculine" women are feminine, BECAUSE THEY ARE WOMEN, and that is how some women look. What you're doing is no less revolting than the fashion industry making curvier girls feel ugly or ashamed of their appearance.

So, thanks but no thanks for your efforts to "elevate" a certain kind of appearance. Women don't NEED to be exalted for their looks, and certainly not by someone who feels he's qualified to pass judgment by virtue of the fact that he's a man. Here's a thought: maybe a woman's self-esteem shouldn't be dependent on the pronouncements of some male third party like you--maybe she should be able to realize for herself that the way she looks is normal and beautiful. And maybe if you devoted just a fraction of the thought you've put into this slicing and dicing of women's faces and physiques into pondering the fact that they're actually human beings with thoughts and feelings, you'd understand that.

Just found this gem as well: "Molly is obviously disturbed by this site, and in such cases the woman should be left alone to recover."

Because we know all women are overly emotional hysterics that those poor, rational men can't possibly reason with. That's why we can say "in such cases, the woman should be..." like we know what's true of all women, all the time.

Lily: The intention is not to denigrate certain looks, but you have identified language issues where denigration is suggested. The moustache observation is not one of these, but references to an eunuchoid appearance and sexiness can certainly be written in a more neutral manner, and I corrected these problems.

Gross in “gross masculinization” does not necessarily mean “inspiring disgust or distaste” as gross is also a reference to “glaringly noticeable,” the intended meaning, but the wording was a bad choice. There was an instance of it on a separate page that I corrected after being pointed to it some years ago, but this one escaped my attention, and I got rid of gross.

Nothing here implies that women’s self-esteem should be dependent on pronouncements by others. It is what it is, in some cases more dependent on feedback from others or less. Your assertion that “we know all women are overly emotional hysterics” has nothing to do with any argument of mine.

On whether women pick apart men’s looks, they are especially particular about height, much more so than men, and when they are not particular about looks, they compensate for it in the emphasis on financial health, social rank and other characteristics.

“You have an opinion and you will make up reasons to support that, in doing so you ignore any point that contradicts your
opinion and highlight anyone and anything that supports your preference. This is called delusion when you go too far. Emily is clearly highly cognitive dissonant.
I am sure that anyone who tells you that you are deluded and should come to your senses is not welcome here. Anyone who accuses you of being a bigot is not welcome here. Similarly I am sure you will welcome any racist so you can feed off your own hate and contempt”

Exactly what I was thinking.
“Then, mixed ancestry people are presumably also disproportionately inclined toward promiscuity—a consequence of people with bipolar disorder II being more likely to develop a romantic relationship with and have a child with someone of a different geographic population; this mental illness is more often accompanied by abnormal sexuality and has genetic correlates—which could account for your observation that the unattractive mixed-ancestry women are more successful with men”.
Absurd, just absurd. Erik Holland: one of the most racist people I’ve ever come across on the internet. Do you really think no one sees or notices it? As Nullpointer said: You have a hidden agenda.

forgotmypreviousname: If you think the passage you refer to is absurd or racist, here is the evidence, a literature review:

Rates of bipolar II disorder are indeed higher among those who marry foreign nationals (usually people from different cultures and often physically different also).

If you plan to omit words while quoting me, which you did in a different place, use ellipses.

Erik, you are not very good at science. Plenty of articles and reviews to found that contradict these findings. This is exactly what I mean by 'selective reviewing' and 'selective reasoning'. I do not think the passage is racist, I think YOU are racist.
By the way: I cannot even open the article, I can only read the abstract.

Again: did you really think people don't see what your purpose with this website is?
It is quite obvious that you are here to promote white, nordic pride. That you are here to convince white people from European descend that they are better looking, smarter, mentally healthier, and whatever than people that are not from European descend, and therefore should choose to 'mate' with their own race.

By the way 'the evidence'? Not such thing in science.


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